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What if your normal body temperature is around 94.6? would that mean that the fever temperatures would be measured differently too?

Asked by skycry (6points) April 21st, 2010
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I’ve recently been getting a lower and lower average B.T. of around 94.6 F. And it’s harder to tell if I’m sick or not because When I feel the symptoms, and have to take my temperature it’s only around 97 or 98, so does that mean I don’t have a fever? Or would it imply that the way to measure it is now different?

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It may be that a lower body temperature is itself a symptom of something.

That said, fevers are marked by your body temperature exceeding normal levels. If you are reliably around 95 degrees, then 98 is very likely a fever. Especially if you’re exhibiting other symptoms.
I expect that this means that you have a greater range between normal and dangerous temperatures.

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If that really is your normal body temp, I would say 98 would definitely be a fever for you. I have a similar problem, but my normal body temp is 100, so if I get a fever I don’t notice until it’s around 103–104. But only you can know what’s normal for your body. Remember, that 98.6 average was determined by a sample size of doctors who were more than likely in better health than average Joe. So it may not apply to everyone.

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I think it also depends on whether we’re talking about a child or an adult. I always considered a fever to be about 2 degrees F above what was normal for that child.

I went by what my pediatrician said with my children. I watched closely, but didn’t necessarily treat fevers until it reached at least 100F.

The exception to that was one of my children who had a scary habit of running high fevers very, very quickly.

Is that taken under the arm or by mouth? Digital thermometer or bulb?

I know an armpit reading is usually a degree lower than one taken by mouth.

I know normal is supposed to be 98.6F, but I believe it can be as much as 2 deg above or below for some people and still be considered normal.

But 94.6 is 4 degrees… that would concern me.

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I have always had a lower temp as well. Maybe it means we are extra mellow like reptiles. lol

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@skycry @Coloma Out of curiousity, do either of you have thyroid issues that you know of?

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94.6 is very low. I think @netgrrl is right to ask if that is with a digital thermometer? Low body temp can be associated with some condiions like hypothyroid, not sure what else. An inability to maintain body temp outside of other medical conditions probably has some sort of scientific name.

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No. had all that checked not long ago. Just runs low for whatever reason.

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Although, not so low that I think there is necessarily something wrong. I think 94–100 is considered normal, but not sure. And, about the original question, I would guess that yes, your “fever” relative to your normal temperature does matter.

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Diabetics with autonomic neuropathy often have low core temperatures with fluctuating skin temperatures. I have always had a body (core) temperature four degrees lower than normal and am experiencing fever when I measure normal.

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Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, You’re as Cold As Ice – You’re willing to sacrifice our love!

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I have a normal temp of 97 F.. I know its strange but when I get sick my temp will register lower around 93–94 and when I look in the mirror my eyes will change color.
I would say I am as abnormal as the come ..but it may be something else…I don’t do doctors

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