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What do you think about Matt Smith, the new "Doctor" on Doctor Who?

Asked by jfos (7380points) April 23rd, 2010
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For those of you who watch/watched Doctor Who, the new series/season, which began in April 2010, features the new Doctor, Matt Smith.

If you have seen any of the episodes so far, what do you think of the Eleventh Doctor? Is his performance/portrayal comparable to the other Doctors?

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Still getting used to the new face of the Doctor. I think he has strange features and is not as handsome as David Tennant (not that I liked David in that way!). However, his acting skills seem up to if from what I’ve seen so far. He plays the role in the same manic way Tannant did, which seems like the right approach to take.

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Too soon to tell yet. It took me at least 5 or 10 episodes to get used to the 10th Doctor after I’d grown attached to the 9th. And we had 3 or 4 times as long to get to know the 10th, so I imagine it’s going to take a bit longer to get used to the 11th.

That being said, I liked the first episode of the new series. I’m very fond of the new companion, Amy Pond. I’m undecided yet on the renovated TARDIS. But I’ve definitely got a Season Pass for the show on my Tivo. I’m not likely to stop watching any time soon.

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I never warmed up to Ten and stopped regularly watching the show before his first season even finished and only watched a handful of episodes after that. I just couldn’t get over Nine, no matter how much I love David Tennant. I went into this season very skeptical and wound up kind of blown away. Matt Smith’s face annoys me a little for some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I love his performance. I’m like, “Nine? Who’s that? Eleven is my Doctor.” haha I had some issues with the Fluorescent Star Wars Victory of the Daleks episode, but I’m not worried. Especially since Amy is already far less annoying and more interesting than any of the other companions. Also, I love the new TARDIS but am not fond of the changes in the theme music.

(My two cents may have turned into three. Sorry. XD)

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The new Doctor seems to be up to the task of stepping into (the great) David Tennant’s shoes. He is energetic and a little crazy, a bit funny looking. It will take a bit longer to really judge his performance. The latest episode, Victory of the Daleks, was really bad though. I hope the next episode won’t be such a let-down.

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Here in the US, there’s only been one episode so far with the new Doctor.

I didn’t really like the trying out of different foods, but I did like the way they attempted to show him as just getting used to his new body and face since that is what the viewers were also doing.

His companion seems great and he will probably be just fine once I get used to him.

I definitely didn’t like the way he said Wibboly-Wobboly, but that’s okay.

It’s got to be hard to step into a role played by so many and so recently by a Shakespearean actor who did such a great job.

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I like him. As much as I liked DT’s Doctor, his nearly constant brooding and almost condescending “I’m so sorry” apologies was getting a bit old. I think it was time for a new face. And Amy is a great addition as well. Also nice to see the TARDIS reborn with the white window panes and St. John Ambulance logo just as it was in the early days of DW.

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@fireside I took the whole “what food do I like” thing as being intentionally exaggerated on his part. He was trying to freak out young Amelia, because she was far too calm about a crazy man in a box suddenly appearing in her yard. And when he realized how calm she was about this whole insane circumstance, he knew that the Crack in her wall must be pretty serious if it was frightening her.

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I’ve never been into Dr. Who. I’ve tried to watch it with @fireside, but been bored crazy. I have to say, though, that although I think he looks funny I really liked the new Dr.

Amy Pond is my new crush and the reason I just might watch this season with my hubby. :)

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I love him. DT will probably always be my doctor, yet Matt has blown me away so far. The Beast Below was great- when he gets angry? Awesome performance. I was with Matt from that great fanwank moment in TEH when he walks through the scan and simply says “I am the Doctor”. I may or may not have thrown my fist in the air and screamed YEAH!

I was iffy about Amy Pond’s character, not Karen Gillan’s acting, but she’s growing on me by leaps and bounds. I like her spunk and how she’s not Rose. I’m tired of every damn companion falling in love with the Doctor, save Donna for NuWho, and while they may end up being romantic later- I’d really like to enjoy a period of just friendship for now. Still raw after Donna leaving, I suppose.

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I don’t like him. I don’t like him at all.
Maybe I’m afraid of change, and maybe I’m a bit in love with Tennant…
I feel like he’s too young and funny looking too be The Doctor. He’s a tad crazy, too.

But I’m sure he’ll win me over in a few weeks.
Amy is pretty, but I’m a bit worried that they are getting too close to the teenage look with the characters.
I also dislike the new TARDIS. :(

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He’s growing on me, but David Tennant will always be my favorite…of course, I said that about Tom Baker, too…

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Well, this is fun to come back to, a year later. I figured out what it is about Matt Smith’s face that bothered me: HE HAS NO EYEBROWS.

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