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What's the hairstyle name of this kind of bangs?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) April 24th, 2010
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I’ve been wanting to cut my bangs like this for a while now but I want to cut it myself so I wanted to look up a tutorial video on this kind of bangs.
So I need the name of this style of bangs so that I can find a video tutorial of it. If I just search for bangs they give me normal straight bangs.

So what is the name of this style of bangs:

Thanks beforehand.

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Kind of looks like a variation of the flapper bob style, just with longer sides and back.

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I would say those are just regular bangs, with the ends angled to better blend with the sides (which are also angled).

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I don’t know – angled bangs would seem to describe them.

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They look like blunt,angled bangs to me.

artemis5200's avatar I found this for shaggy bangs and looking at the photos under shaggy bangs it looks like it might be what you are after. Long shaggy bangs is what I googled also this pic looked rather like what you want. the only difference I think is how much thickness and body she has in her hair as opposed to the photo you have up. that lady has very straight fine hair I would imagine.

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They are called “Blunt Bangs”
In my opinion, although they seem to be all the rage, women with beautiful foreheads should NEVER go with this style.

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blunt bangs. i cut mine myself and its really easy. although, warning: if you’re anything like me, you’ll be sick of the hair in your face after day 2. but when done right they can look really good. it just gets so annoying.

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@davidk What constitutes a beautiful forehead?

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