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Who's made it to the lurve pinnacle, wunpointatta time?

Asked by Jeruba (55107points) April 24th, 2010
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Our good friend and former loon, wundayatta, that’s who! Congratulations to the very first flutherite to make it to 30,000.

Anybody know if there’s a mansion waiting? Or is he going to have to live in a cardboard box during construction? I think he should stay here with us, at least until he has company. @marinelife and @AstroChuck will be along any minute!

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CONGRATULATIONS, Wundayatta! Woooohoooo!
You are the absolute shit, my friend! =D

You just made Fluther history, yo. :)

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Wow! that’s amazing! 30k! wisdom and more wisdom upon wisdom :) Congrat wundayatta!

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HOLY COW!! that is crazy!!! Lurve Master!!!!! :-) You are the titan of fluther!

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Congrats! You have contributed so much to Fluther!

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Wow. Hard earned but well deserved.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Mansion.hell. This rates a palace. Congratulations O exalted one!

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Congrats to wundayatta! What a smartypants. :)

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So does he get his own island? How should we celebrate?

Way to go Wun!!!!

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (21points)
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CONGRATS @wundayatta !!

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You’re awesomeeeeee. YAY 30k <3 :D :D

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OMG Congratulations wundayatta!!! One of the first jellies I added a year ago. You’ve always had thoughtful and great questions and answers. I couldn’t imagine any other jelly deserving this more than you. We all here love you and hope you continue questioning life as we know it! whoooooooooooo

Also, I brought you all the cake you’d ever want and need! ENJOY!

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Where does Bill Gates live? I bet he’s moving there. Or maybe he gets his own island!
This is very impressive. I am so proud of you wundayatta! : )

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Congratulations!! That is an amazing score, which reflects an even greater contribution. Thanks so much for your thoughtful, well composed answers. Now its time to party without thought to tomorrow!

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Happy 30K Wundy!!!
(throws jelly confetti up in the air!)
For yer the jelly good fellow! fer yer the jelly good fellow! fer yer the jelly godd fellow!!!!!
That Nobody can deney!!!

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Mazel Tov™ Wundayatta!

Who would have ever thought obsessive ruminating would be so rewarding?

Serously though (I’m sure I can be serious sometimes), you have contributed much to Fluther with your detailed questions and especially the many compassionate answers to others. I’ve particularly enjoyed your subtle erotica on some of those long, boring work afternoons. I hope you find the answers to all your questions and musings, if not on Fluther, then somewhere else in life.

And now can we have your ass back?

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Congratulations Wundayatta! I am so fortunate to count you among my fluther friends. You bring something to this site that only you can bring, and I look forward to each of your posts. I have learned much from you, and continue learning. Your continued search for your answers makes me want to get out of my shell and ask more. Maybe someday I will.
Much lurve to you on your special 30K day!

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I did not know 30K was possible, but if anyone could do it, it would of course be you wundayatta! You know how I feel about you Mr., I feel a very special connection with you and I am very glad you are here. You have earned and deserve every one of those 30,000 points. Congratulations!!

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ucme (50047points)“Great Answer” (17points)
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Wow! Congratulations on the big 30K! It’s really no surprise to see that you are the first jelly to make it there, with as much as you bring to Fluther. :)

So, now you’ve moved form the 10K mansion to the 20K castle and finally, to the 30K island. Keep up the good work; 100K gets you your very own space station.

Also, Blackbeard has got to be the best award name yet.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Nice island! It’ll be packed by the time I get there.

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Holy shit! I mean, Mazel Tov™!

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Is it lurve or love? Maybe we will never know. Either one wouldn’t surprised me.

Congratulations, Wundayatta. I hear the island likes butterflies.

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@dpworkin You’ve got to wake up early on Saturday to out™ me.

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Good Lord! I didn’t know it could be done! Congratulations!!

syz (35804points)“Great Answer” (18points)
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Wow. I’m humbled. Congratulations. Can I touch the hem of your garment? I’m proud to know you!

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@Jeruba “wunpointatta time?” Grooooooaaaaannnnn.
@Vunessuh Thank you. “Absolute shit?!?” Oh where, oh where do these locutions arise from?
@shego Thanks! It’s always nice to know when people think something makes sense.
@Tenpinmaster Yowsa!
@augustlan Thanks, you. You taught me a lot, too.
@Lightlyseared I appreciate that.
@stranger_in_a_strange_land Mansion? Palace? Exaltation? Take a look in the mirror. You’re no slouch yourself. Thanks!
@py_sue Think my pants are smart? Then take a look at my…. oh never mind. Thank you!
@Dog An island now? Let’s celebrate with a pig pile—me on the bottom! Thank you.
@bvdshec17 Thanks.
@chels Let’s not get carried away now. Thank you!
@Axemusica You can be sure I will always be asking questions until my brain goes dim. Cake for breakfast? Yummeeeeeee! Thanks, man.
@Violet I’m not sure Bill Gates is my style, but thanks for your appreciation!
@FireMadeFlesh Party time! Yay! And thanks for the kind words!
@OneMoreMinute “Jelly good fellow?!?” Groooooaaaaaan number two! (Anything groan worthy gets extra lurve ;-)
@janbb You want my ass back? Whatever will newbies think? Well I’m glad obsessive ruminating (what am I, a cow?) is rewarding because otherwise I have no idea what excuse I’d offer for my existence. Anyway, thank you!
@chyna Thank you. I really appreciate having you at my back, too. And do ask your questions. Everyone’s always complaining about the quality of the questions here. So let them get a few of yours!
@sakura Thank you.
@SuperMouse 30K? All you have to do is be super obsessive. Is there anyone here more obsessive than I? No. Don’t answer that! Thank you!
@ucme Thanks.
@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Space station? Space station? Oh God! I hope I’m not here long enough for that! Thanks.
Thanks, @Steve_A I enjoyed that tune!
@dpworkin You trademarked Masel Tov? Now, that’s a trick! Thanks, man.
@liminal I always wanted to be that guy who looks like the lead singer. Well. Maybe not. But thanks for showing that to me. And for the congratulations.
@syz Really, it can’t be done. Just a figment of your imagination. Or maybe mine. Thank you!
@Trillian How do you know I’m wearing a garment? Thanks for the kudos.

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I wondered what tome you were composing there.

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Holy smokes! 30K is amazing but to me what is more amazing is your questions and comments as they are always well thought and really insightful and a joy to read! Congrats!

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

Wow!! Congratulations. :))

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I miss the ass.

Happy 30 million lurve.

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You just kinda blew everyone’s freaking mind right there.
Happy 30k!

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@Zen_Again You did your mathematicicals wrong. It’s 30 quadziptilillion.

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I think the island idea is a good one. How about a good portion of Robben Island, or do we need something that is completely isolated? I do think that the red tape necessary to construct a new community thing on an island would be dreadful.

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Wow!!! Congratulations!!!

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Does having a ‘blackbeard award’ mean you have to grow one?

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Congratulations to the first jelly who made me feel at home!

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Congratulations! 30k is quite the milestone.

Fred931's avatar

@gemiwing 30k is quite explosive as well.

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Congratulations Daloon Wundayatta!

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Hehehe. I miss the butt cheeks too.

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CONGRATS! 30k, that’s really amazing. I’m so glad you leave Fluther permanently!

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Wow wow wow wow!!!!!!!! How incredible! Congrats!

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Incredible! Outstanding! Remarkable! I told you those butt-implants would work!

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In order to honour you properly (you most of the time write lengthy answers), i am going to write my longest congratulations ever.

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !

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Wow! We both made the migration here at about the same time and you have just barreled through!!! Congratulations friend!!

Judi (40020points)“Great Answer” (12points)
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Wow. This is actually just… Wow! Amazing! Congratulations! And no one can dispute that you deserve it. Seriously. Thankyou for contributing so much to Fluther :)

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Arp (3516points)“Great Answer” (12points)
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I wish I could offer more than congratulations. What an amazing achievement, and so well earned too! Hum, I’ll just bow and squee with excitement.

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I’ll squee too.

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Wowza. First one in. Congrats.

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Holy crap. I go to sleep for once and I almost miss this.
Wun, Daloon… whatever your name is.
You really deserve 30k and the awesome new award! Your profile says you’re emerging into something beautiful, and while I believe it… I adored you and your posts/questions before the name change. You and your ass were already a beautiful person.
Your questions are always so thought out and they really make you think. Which is a really nice break from some of the more recent questions.
I feel like a creep, but I’ve definitely read all of your questions. I like how much they make me think about my own life and my own actions. You are very compassionate towards others, and it is very obvious within your answers.
I look forward to more of your brilliant questions and hopefully seeing you around chat more! Our Olympics talk was quite fun.
Congratulations to the most deserving jelly. ♥

Enjoy your personal island while it lasts! And save me some beach space. I’ll bring horses when I get there.

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Jumpin’ Jeebus!
Wow! 30K! Really?

Congratulations! I humbly kowtow to your greatness.

All Hail wunpointatta!

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Wow, Daloon/Wundayatta, I am very happy for you, though not surprised in the least! Your questions and answers are always well thought out, and they really make a person think! You are very wise my friend, and there is no doubt in my mind that you deserve this! You are an absolutely amazing member, and I don’t know what we’d do if you left again! Though I do miss your “map of the world” avatar, with your new username comes a new avatar! I wish you all the best to 40k and beyond. We lurve you for who you are, congratulations! ( :

AstroChuck's avatar

Ha! I wrote wunpointatta!
Well, you know who I meant, moon man.

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this is amazing. 30k. only in my dreams can i attain such greatness. CONGRATS!

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Holy shit, 30,000? Dude. Congrats man, keep it up. Reading your stuff is awesome; now let’s get drunk! Cheers!

OneMoreMinute's avatar

@Symbeline yeah! wun-pint-attatime!

I don’t know about everybody else, but my beer tastes more like seawater!

dalepetrie's avatar

Don’t know whether to be stunned or jealous…congrats.

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Dear Wundayatta,

You have been a great jelly and have won many people’s hearts. You have definitely won mine. Thanks for giving “us” advice and being sincere in everything(?) and whatnot! Without great jellies like you, fluther wouldn’t be that, err, great. You are one of the best (no doubt) and CONGRATULATIONS!!! Tell us how the new mansion looks like?


cyn (6913points)“Great Answer” (15points)
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YAY! What a great day this is!
I’m so happy that you are our first.
You deserve it.

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Holy shit. Get a life!

Fred931's avatar

@SeventhSense I get that a lot whilst playing Halo.

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Dude! 30K!


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Rats! I am late to the par-tay again! Congratulations, @wundayatta! Your unique voice has long added to the Collective. Your compassion is deep and broad. Your wisdom and deep thinking are extraordinary. You are a wonderful person even though you don’t seem to know it.

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Should that be “wunderful”?

Fred931's avatar

ohai @janbb! You didn’t get to interrupt my congorats™ because I DIDNT DO ONE! nanny nanny boo boo :PPPPPP

janbb's avatar

And I was gonna be good this time! I promise. (Like Lucy and Charlie Brown and the football.)

Cupcake's avatar

Wow! Congrats @wundayatta. You are one well respected and appreciated jelly.

Bluefreedom's avatar

30k lurve…..that’s just unreal! CONGRATULATIONS!!

MissAnthrope's avatar

Holy moly, dude! I’m so impressed! Congrats and thanks as always for helping make the collective what it is. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

wundayatta's avatar

@Cruiser Thank you so much! Those are very kind words. They mean a lot.
@lucillelucillelucille Thanks.
@Zen_Again You could start a recall campaign. Thanks.
@Fred931 If you’re as obsessed as I am, it makes it easier. Thank you.
@Likeradar Many thanks.
@casheroo Really? I always felt comfortable with you, too. Thanks.
@gemiwing…and miles to go before I sleep… Thank you.
@Tink1113 Where you been hiding yourself? Much appreciation.
@Trillian When will you people understand it’s a map of the world? I don’t know where you got the idea I would be so crass as to display butt cheeks online ;D
@toomuchcoffee911 Thanks and ????? I have no plans for departure at the moment.
@MissAusten Muchos Gracias. —You know, I never understood your avatar until today. It always looked kind of creepy—like a nasty clown or something. The butterfly is quite a surprise!
@filmfann Thanks, dude.
@rebbel Wow. I think that congratulations took me ten minutes to read. I am honored.
@Judi You’ve been here all the way with me, and yeah, it’s nice to have a friend when you go someplace new. Thank you.
@shrubbery Thanks. And you’re welcome. It’s a pleasure to be here.
@Arp No one is ever late to one of these parties. We’re just getting started!
@iphigeneia Yay! I like squees, too. (I think). ;D
@tinyfaery Thanks!
@rangerr Aw. Such kind words about the crazy me. Creep away. I love that people are interested enough in what I ask or say to actually follow me. Anyway, the beach space is yours. Do you want the red, black, or white sand beach?
@AstroChuck What? On your knees? How are you going to deliver the mail like that? Thanks, man.
@mangeons Y’all are making me mighty tempted to bring back the old avatar. It’s such fun. Thank you very much for all the nice things you said about me!
@deni Stick around. You’ll get there. Thanks.
@Symbeline Drunk? Now there’s a great idea! I’m ready to down some champagne, now! Thanks for buying this round!
@OneMoreMinute Beer now? Underwater beer? Swim on!
@dalepetrie You could be both. ;D Thanks, man.
@cyndihugs Mansion? There’s a mansion on this island? I gotta do some more exploring. I really appreciate your kind words. They mean a lot.
@wilma Many thanks.
@SeventhSense A life? What’s that?
@aprilsimnel Yeah. Whoa! Thanks.
@marinelife Like I say, no one’s ever late to this partay. It’s kind of interesting about the compassion bit. A lot of people have been mentioning that. Never thought of that before. Thanks!
@Cupcake That’s nice to know. Thanks.
@Bluefreedom You’re the man! Thanks dude.
@MissAnthrope You’re making me blush. Thanks.

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You always ask the questions that are in my head but that I can’t quite articulate. You truly deserve to be recognised for your contributions.

We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy! Bows down proffering tentacles before ye.

rangerr's avatar

@wundayatta Save me some white sand! ♥

OneMoreMinute's avatar

White sugar sand!!! soft and clean!

SeventhSense's avatar

Well you have a beautiful family and they’re lucky to have Dad at home.

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

@wundayatta Yikes! I meant to say “I’m so glad you didn’t leave Fluther permanently.

Jude's avatar

Way late to the party.

Wow.. unbelievable. =) Congrats, w! Fluther wouldn’t be the same place without you..

Jude (32190points)“Great Answer” (13points)
shadling21's avatar

Wow! I didn’t know that 30k was possible. You rock this world, Wundaloonyatta!

jeanmay's avatar

@shadling21 Wundaloonyatta! Awesome!

filmfann's avatar

Has anyone noticed the new tower on the mansion?

OneMoreMinute's avatar

@filmfann why does it say, Forbidden, you don’t have access to this page, when I clicked on ‘tower’?

filmfann's avatar

Alas, they deleted my link!

belakyre's avatar

thumbs up Congrats on making history @wundayatta! Oh don’t worry about being lonely, if you don’t answer a single question from today, I’ll catch up to you in about 5 years!

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

This is truly impressive work – you always put energy into your answers and it shows – you also always ask very interesting questions that make me pause and think about the world in ways I weren’t planning on – thank you and congratulations!

MissAusten's avatar

@wundayatta You’re the third person who’s said my avatar was scary! I guess it does look creepy in the small photo when you don’t know what it is!

fireside's avatar

The loon has flown and that rancid smell has been taken away by the breeze.
All that’s left is to enjoy life wundayatta time.

Congrats to you!

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Buttonstc's avatar

30K? That is so incredibly awesome and it couldn’t happen to a nicer, more thoughtful Jelly.

Note to self:

I almost missed this thread. I have got to start developing the habit of looking at the Meta section more often now that it’s available on iPhone.

Cartman's avatar

Whoa! One of a kind! I bow before this mountain of Lurve and wisdom.

Aethelwine's avatar

I’ve said it before, Fluther would not be the same without you @wundayatta. Congrats!

I found the perfect pinata for this occasion. You get the first hit @wundayatta.

BoBo1946's avatar

Congrats Wundayatta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shhh…did she say, former loon?

Fred931's avatar

@jonsblond So we get to whack sticks at that?

lfino's avatar

Congrats on 30,000! That’s huge!

CyanoticWasp's avatar

I was fine with simply offering congratulations until I got to the part about… maybe having no garment.

Fish gotta swim. Birds gotta fly. @wundayatta gotta wear a garment. Please.

And congratulations.

Dr_C's avatar

Such an amazing accomplishment. Way to go @wundayatta!!! very well deserved and something to be very proud of!

Dr_C (14334points)“Great Answer” (10points)
OreetCocker's avatar

Truly awesome Wundayatta, great job :-)

erichw1504's avatar

Wow, I am very late, but I had to congratulate this amazing feat! You’re the first to 30k and very deserving of it. KEEP ON LURVIN’!!

ubersiren's avatar

Amazing! Through all your transformations and through good times and bad, you’ve arrived! An incredible feat, my friend. I hope you enjoy all your lurve for a truly astounding accomplishment. Can I get a what what!!

wundayatta's avatar

@jeanmay Everyone is worthy! Thanks, much!
@jjmah Better late than never! Much appreciation!
@shadling21 Rock on, fluther!
@belakyre I look forward to your arrival at this island. Thanks for the approval.
@Simone_De_Beauvoir Thank you. I’m glad you find stuff chew-worthy in my questions.
@fireside Wow! You remember rancid? Thanks for the congrats.
@Grisaille Whoa indeed!
@Buttonstc You’re very kind.
@Cartman Thank you.
@jonsblond Love that pinatta! LOL. Thanks so much.
@BoBo1946 Muchos gracias. From loon came butterfly. Don’t ask me how.
@lfino Thank you, hugely!
@CyanoticWasp If you can’t stand the cold, don’t go skinny dipping! Thanks for simplicity, though.
@Dr_C You’re making me blush. Thanks.
@OreetCocker Many thanks.
@erichw1504 Lurve on, man! Yes I will. And thanks.
@ubersiren What what??? I appreciate your kindness.

Facade's avatar

You have a lot of lurve here
I hope you stay around for a loooooong time! =D

forestGeek's avatar

Well done!! Congratulations and cheers!

BoBo1946's avatar

@wundayatta lmao…well, i’m the President of the “Loon Club!”

Strauss's avatar

This is really amazing! @wundayatta, Congo rats, pancakes for all

@jeruba, I haven’t been here for a couple days and didn’t see this thread before I posted that question!

erichw1504's avatar

The first to make it to the Blackbeard rank! Very nice @wundayatta!!!

Allie's avatar

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I took a break from Fluther and missed a 30 k party?!?! What the hell? Anyway, HUGEEEEE congrats @wundayatta!!! You’re going down in Flistory (Fluther history).

zephyr826's avatar

Hooray for you! I was oh-so-very-late to this one, but I’m truly happy for you. Your advice and opinions are always appreciated, and your questions make me think. Well done.

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