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How long does it take to recover from laser eye surgery?

Asked by Vexedbubble (12points) April 24th, 2010
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I’ve recently decided that I want to get it but I’m afraid of how long it will take to recover. Maybe it’s none at all.

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Ask the person doing the operation. They should know the details and they have experience.

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My son had it done some years ago. He couldn’t drive or anything the first day. He had to put drops in his eyes to prevent dryness for several days but was back at work a day or two after the surgery.

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1 day

Had my left done on Monday, right on Tuesday, at work on Wednesday.

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I was watching the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Kim went for the surgery…I think it took her one day or something because she had to appear on a Pussy Cat Dolls show.

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Friends that I know that have had the surgery were back at work within a day or two.

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Some people have it during their lunch hour. That should give some idea.

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