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Guess what! It happened again, another beautiful jelly added to the 10,000 club!

Asked by wilma (16457points) April 26th, 2010
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Our very own Trillian is moving on up!
The party starts here!

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Congrats to Trillian, eleven times a zillion!

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also, you make a wonderful IM client…

J0E (13172points)“Great Answer” (17points)
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the very smart trillian I always read answers from trillian

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much lurve….....youre one in a trillian!!!!

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You are a witty, opinionated and intelligent member of the collective. It is never hard to figure out your point of view! I noticed your posts from the beginning and am delighted to call you a Fluther friend.

Mazel Tov™. You rock, girlie!

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Yay! Here’s a trillion congrats to you!

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Woooooot woooooot! Congrats Trillian :D
Now who wants some pancakes to celebrate?!

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Ahh, at long last!

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Always intelligent and well thought out responses, my friend! Congrats!!

Jude (32185points)“Great Answer” (15points)
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Tricia McMillan is a brilliant mathematician and astrophysicist whom Arthur Dent attempted to talk to at a party in Islington. And now she’s rocking the Fluther 10k club.

Woo hoo!

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Yay! Trillian! Congratulations!! :))

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Congratulations Trillian! So glad to see you in the mansion! Your room is in the smoke free wing. ;)

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Wow! It’s 10k week!


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Yeah! @Trillian, you are a rising Starfish in the fluther ocean!!!!! Hip Hip Horray!!!!!!!!!

Judi (39914points)“Great Answer” (17points)
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CONGRATS a millio…no make that a billi…hell let’s make it a Trillian times over!!! Yeah that’s little me peering through the window tentatively awaiting my imminent arrival, pah :¬}

ucme (50037points)“Great Answer” (16points)
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Congratulations, @Trillian! You moved up quickly and steadily on the basis of your wise posts.

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OMG Trillion!!!! How does it feel to be around here long enough to get 10K? You’re officially addicted now. Anyway, I love seeing your interesting answers. They push the envelope much of the time. Make me think.


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Congrats Trillion!

Okay…now that you’ve arrived….. hows about coming over and doing all my chores so us wussy little 5k’ers can keep playing! ;-)

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It isn’t my habit to participate in these threads (read:lurve parties), but I really enjoy your comments. Mazal Tov!

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Woo HOO Trillian! Nice job! You finally made it! Congrats and look forward to more great Q & A from you! :))

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Who? Just kidding. I know who you are. Congrats! You are a great part of the collective.

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One of my Top 10 Flutherites. (nr.2)~

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You’re next Rebbel! 5k looming!

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Congratulations Trillian! Welcome to the amazing 10k mansion! Keep on lurvin’!!!

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@Coloma Five, Schmive.

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Congratulations and well done!

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more like.. THRILLIAN! :D

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Let me trill my congrats for you, @Trillian!
La la la la la la laaaaaaa! Congraaaa-tu-laaaa-tions on 10K!

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With a rebel yell, he cries more, more, more!

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Congratulations =)

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Wow. I went and took a nap in a hovel and woke up in a mansion. (Rubs eyes, looks around) How did you guys arrange that? I’m not dressed for a party. (Backs up slowly, makes a break for the bathroom….emerges minutes later groomed, coiffed, draped)
Thank you everybody. Help yourselves to the food and drinks. I want to have a look around. Oh, @janbb? I am NOT opinionated! Ok, maybe I am.

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Way to go, girl. Welcome to the mansion. Dinner & dancing tonight. :-)

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@Trillian Way to go! Congrats! I WILL make it there one day!

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Maybe we should have a collective toast…11:51 am California time now, by the time I finish my chores it will be the cocktail hour! Might just have to pop the cork on some killer champagne! lol

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Congratulations, @Trillian, you never fail to make me smile! You’re moving up quickly, seems like just the other day when I was congratulating you on 5k! Congrats!! ( :

Not to mention I still haven’t made it there myself, haha :P

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@Trillian I spied that on my response your previous Q and thought I was gonna be the first DOH! Congrats and great work :-)

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Trillian, YOU ROCK!
ConGRatULatIOns! Welcome to the mansion.
Banana Macadamia pancakes coming your way. :)

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Congratulations, Trillian! :)

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Yay!! Of course, this has happened! You are becoming a dear treasure to me. I always enjoy reading you.

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Yea @Trillian My neighbor to the west. We’ll have to meet at Cheddars some day.
Congratulations! You really add to this collective and I’m happy you are here and reaching a milestone.

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@AstroChuck I’d pass on the pancakes, but I see that there is a big supply of fresh panties, so bring ‘em.
You people are too sweet to me. I’m trying to get a couple papers written, but I’ll take the time to address each individual when I finish. My deadline is Tuesday, midnight, EST.
Meantime, circulate, check out this amazing view, and if anyone sees @dog would you remind her that I wanted a Monet?

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Mega Congratulazioni!

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Congratulations to @Trillian,
Who’s on the way to a million!

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Congratulations @Trillian !!!

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congrattrillations xxx

oh…someone already did that…. :-( oh well!
Well done on the 10K Trillian xxx

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Yay @Trillian!

A trillion cupcakes for you.

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Yay! You’ve been a terrific addition to our ocean. Congratulations!

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Congrats a @Trillian times hip hip hooray! On 10k!

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Seems like that was crazy fast! Congratulations, @Trillian!

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The journey of 20,000 lurves begins with the first step.

Once beyond that, maybe some sort of intervention is in order. hahaha

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@Coloma Too true; I’m tryin’ to stay away.

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Way to gizzo!

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Great job @Trillian!!! Welcome to the mansion!

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I am so happy you are a part of Fluther! Congrats! WTG!

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Trillian! You are one of the best! Congrats!!

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Oh yea! This is such a great week on fluther!!! Congratulations Trillian for reaching 10K.

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Congrats Trillian! Very well deserved. :D

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Well done Trillian!! Everyone’s moving in at the moment, that house party must be amazing!

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Oh wonderful – I love your answers!

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Ahh, @Trillian, one of my favorite jellies. It’s so good to see you’ve made it to the mansion. Congratulations!

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Very good on the 10K Trillain!! A congratulations and cheers are in order.

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Wow, what a party! I feel so honored to see all the prestigious jellies and those I haven’t really met yet. I keep having to leave because I have Finals to tend to. Two papers! Dangit. I’m coming back in an hour and having a few drinks myself. See y’all in a bit, gotta write while genius burns!

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Party on! I am on my 2nd Pacifico….watching my studly gardener do his thing…oooh Cerveza! lolol

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Hello again people! (hic) I finished one paper and I’m breathing before I plunge into the tortured mind of Mr One. (hic, snort)
Ting ting ting! Charge your glasses everyone.

A toast to the jellies who congregate here.
The many who have written, and the few I hold dear.
I’d like to say “thank you”, so let’s make it clear;
I’m glad I’m a jellie, let’s knock back a few more!

Hah! You all thought I was going to keep rhyming, didn’t you? Rule number one; Do NOT talk about Fight Club. Rule number two; Never be too predictable!
Lurve to you all. Thanks!

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You can do it…clearly the vast majority of jellies have far more brain power than might be apparent at first glance. lol

You are TURBU jelly….vrooom, vrooom!

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I love your answers Trillian!

congrats 10K


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Yay! Another party!

Dear @Trillian, you always provide an interesting perspetive, and give me an urge to drink frothy coffee!

Big lurve and congratulations!

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Shhhh…trillain and I are writing a story now…poor thing, she is not doing her homework but writing about the werekitty and my decapitated sheep….the plot thickens…

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@Coloma Why are there two of you against that wall? I did so do my (hic) homework. Or at least one, of two. I can finish the smaller one tomorrow after I sleep it off. It’s just 4–5 pages of a psychologi hic cccal study, a continuuu hic! ation. So there! (swings, misses, falls flat on the floor)

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@Trillian Take it easy, you wouldn’t want to flunk! (Fluther+drunk=flunk).

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Yay!! Go Trillian :D

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Can somebody please pour me into bed? I’m feeling a little…(Falls down. Again.)

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Off to bed with you!

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Congrats @Trillian :D

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What a celebration for you, @Trillian! You have definitely made an impression hereabouts. Congratulations on your achievement.

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Well done, Trillain! Congrats!

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Well, it’s obvious I am not alone in my assessment of @Trillian ‘s fine contributions here at fluther….even our esteemed Chief of Medicine, @shilolo ,MD, felt compelled to break away from the lab and patients to recognize this very well deserved achievement. I’m a bit late to this party and behind on a couple of others, so with the magic of cut-and-paste, I share the PM I sent to @Trillian just a couple months ago:

“Greetings….just thought I’d pop in and introduce myself and welcome you to fluther. Of course with you at over 5K lurve, a welcome would appear to be long over due but you have done that very quickly and I’ve not been around here so much recently. And the very reason you have earned that much lurve, all well deserved, is because of the quality of your posts which I find often brilliant and nearly always (OK, maybe, always) right on! So hello, thanks for that, and keep on doing what you are doing! Sending you lots of lurve…..Gary aka wtf”

Yes, I think that sums it up pretty well. Congratulations @Trillian ! See ya…...Gary/wtf

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Wow. I’m preening, purring and actually writhing. Thank you again everyone. How surprising to read these posts. I was sure that I had alienated everyone here a few times with my inability to sugar coat things and my wildly differing from the mainstream opinions. Also, I know I have a tendency to grow impatient with drama and poor grammar. And I cuss sometimes. I think I mentioned early on that I was working on my people skills. Still working on that.
Thank you everyone for the kind words and the lovely PM’s.
I enjoyed the clever playing with my name, by the way.
Does anybody have some Tylenol? My head is splitting.

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Way to go! I know I have tylenol somewhere is this big purse of mine. If I’m not back in ten minutes call the cops

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Dear God- somebody call the cops! Or John65!

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Yay!! Congratulations!

syz (35788points)“Great Answer” (4points)
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This is so yotta, zetta, exa, peta, tera, giga, mega cool !!

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