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Any recipes for rhubarb cobbler?

Asked by Jill_E (885points) April 26th, 2010
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Rhubarb. Is. One. Of. The. World’s. Best. Things.

Bring it!

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I don’t know one specifically. My specialty used to be strawberry-rhubarb pie. But I would say blanch the rhubarb, use only the red part because of the oxalic acid, and substitute it for the peaches in a peach cobbler recipe, with extra sugar to taste..

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I use this mix for rubarb pie and cobbler.
2 eggs beaten
1 C sugar
1 T flour
4 T water
2 ½ C chopped rubarb
Use any cobbler dough or deep pie shell
Bake at 375° for pie until it sets up and 350° for cobbler until top is golden.
Also this mix (minus the water and minus ½ C sugar) does well in dump cake.

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Sorry no, BUT…I do make a killer blackberry apple pie!

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isnt it better with strawberries????

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No strawberries in mine. I should add, many recipes I use, are from Amish neighbors and they are incredible bakers.

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