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Is it okay to write on my hand?

Asked by fortris (683points) March 12th, 2008
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Its with a regular ballpoint pen, and only respond with yes/no and why, not just yes or no.

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I would imagine if you did it excessively to the point of breaking the skin and then continue to do so you could risk a sort of infection caused by something in the ink itself, but other than that there is nothing medically dangerous about writing on your hand. The ink does absorb through the pores of your skin but it doesn’t reach your bloodstream, and even if it did, it wouldn’t matter.

Tattoo artists break the skin everyday and, with the exception of dirty needles, do not harm their clients.

So, yes.

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Glad you asked, because I wrote something on my hand, which I almost forgot! Haha.

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Yes, if you’re between the ages of eleven and fifteen.

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My son stabbed my daughter w. a ball point pen when she was 6 and he 11. She has a little permanent tattoo on her hand. Doc. said that the only concern was infection…

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No, not if your about to sit an exam.

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Medically there’s no reason not to, unless you break the skin, and then you risk infection.

Socially, it’s not the most attractive thing. If you need to do it a lot, why not get a pocket notebook or PDA?

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Or… an iPhone. It can make little notes and the keyboard’s not that hard to get used to.

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It’s ok with me.

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Yes, please do… and share with us via photo because now you’ve piqued my interest.

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Yes. There’s no medical risk.* And it helps you remember. And it’s fun.

*I have no actual medical knowledge. :)

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not if your using that pen that writes with acid. But they discontinued those long ago.

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Yes it is okay and it’s not bad for you or illegal it just makes you look unprofessional.

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Many find it immature, so… use light ink if you have to. Especially if you have a job interview!

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Kindof like the same idea of someone having to count their fingers and toes out loud in public.

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