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My grandpa is in town and is about to leave how do I get over it?

Asked by Malleyg (16points) May 2nd, 2010
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My grandpa is in town for my moms wedding and is leaving, he is pretty old and has skin cancer idk if I’ll ever see him again….I really love him and don’t know how to get over it, any ideas

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Why not take him out to dinner?

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He lives in Iowa and I live in tx.

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How do you not get over it….? I’m sure you will move on just fine, eventually.

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@cheebdragon: If you thought you were seeing someone you loved your whole life for the last time, you’d be pretty upset. The asker sounds young, and is just looking for some ways to cope for now.

@Malleyg: Maybe you can call him whenever you miss him a lot?

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Call him when you miss him, make arrangements to go visit him sometime. Enjoy the time you have with him before he leaves. Whenever you get sad and miss him, give him a call or write him a letter.

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Sadly, not if, because he will, but when he dies, as @cheebdragon points out, you will probably never completely “get over” it. But while he is still alive, cherish him, spend time with him, it may be time on the phone or cards you send to him, or if he’s computer savvy, email and video calls. He’s not dead yet. And until he is you have the opportunity to have a relationship with him even if he doesn’t live close by. As I said, cherish that, cherish him, use the time you two have left together… make sure he knows how much you love him but try not to put him in his grave quite yet. People between the age of old and being dead find that kind of unsettling. :) You sound like a great grandchild. And remember, your grandfather loves you very much and would never want to be the cause of so much anxiety and sadness and anxiety in you. Give him a break. Enjoy the time you have together now. That’s all either of you have. Right now.

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take pictures and enjoy the moments

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Sweety there is no way to get over missing someone. But as already suggested, spend time with him while you can. He probaly knows how much you love him but it wouldn’t hurt to keep saying it. But thats actually more for your sake than his. Give him as a glimpse into your possible future. What you plan, what you dream and how you plan to make him proud by living well. He’s probably more concerned about you. I know when my father was dying he was more concerned about how I was handling it. I didn’t handle it well and I always felt he was disappointed because he wasn’t offered peace of mind. He wanted most of all to know that I would be fine. So try giving that to your grandpa. He needs to know he is loved and won’t be forgotten but that his death will not harm you or your future happiness.
As for yourself now. Remember that no one is promised tomorrow so enjoy today. Enjoy everyday you have with him.

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“Getting over it” is, more often than not, done on the fly. You’ll work something out.

In the meantime, hang out with him. Make sure that you have each others’ phone numbers when he does leave, and call him. Visit, when you can. Iowa’s not that far from Texas, in terms of long trips. Maybe you guys could all meet up in Kansas City, or something.

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I love what @lillycoyote and @Pandora have written for you.

A little additional note: my husband died a couple of years ago. While he was ill, I wanted him to have peace and ease; I resisted telling him how afraid I was. I suspect he knew it; he knew me very well. But I wish I’d said it out loud.
I think it would be okay to tell your grandpa
that you miss him when he’s not with you, and that you depend on his love, and that you don’t know quite what you would do without him. He’ll help you with this. He sounds great.
So are you.
Welcome to Fluther.

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Can you go visit grandpa? You’re so lucky. I never had a grandpa. Maybe write him?

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@susanc Thanks, I liked your answer as well. :D

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You simply tell him how much you love him, and that you will miss him. I always tell people i love them when they leave or when on the phone,Because you never no when it could be the last time. You will feel good knowing that you ave told them.

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Thanks guys I’m new to this site but I like ur support!

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Hug him and each time you do, whisper I love you SO much.”
Maybe not relevant, but he could have skin cancer like I had 30 years ago. Basal cell carcinoma. It is Not deadly , it doesn’t spread, it obviously never killed me. You are such a sweet grandchild.

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