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Is there a better tag name for the social tab?

Asked by liminal (7766points) May 6th, 2010
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“The Social Section of Fluther has relaxed guidelines for responding. Answerers are encouraged to express their opinions and flex their sense of humor. Social works best when you’re wanting to learn about people; hypothetical questions work well here.”

Is social really the best descriptor for what takes place in social land?

I keep thinking there is a better tag name, but I stink at coming up with names.

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How about calling the sections “New Fluther” and “Classic Fluther”? My tongue’s only halfway in my cheek (and that’s hard to do, Rocky.)

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AstroChuck World.

And the General (no nonsense) tab should be DalePetrie World

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Locker Room, Playground, The Commons, Breakroom, Watering Hole… Just to name a few.

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Or, if sticking with the jellyfish motif.. The Plank, Fishbowl, Tide Pool, Coral Reef, Fisherman’s Warf, Tackle Box, etc etc.

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Confusion? I can’t figure it out. What’s the difference between Social and Meta now? I suppose General is “Land of Censorship” now.

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I am asking this because I think some of the conversations that will take place under the guise of “social” are still sincere questions and nobody is truly expecting them to be taken lightly. I keep getting the impressions that some are seeing the distinction between the sections to mean “no goofing off” and “goofing off”. I don’t think that is the intent, but people are taking it that way. I am wondering if different tab names could make the intent clearer.

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How about this: make general the “tackle box” (to tackle complex questions, e.g. technical, how to…, major issues, etc.) and social the “watering hole” (to deal with simple to moderately difficult questions, to relax, vent, fill-up, etc.).

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@prolificus hmmmm, I like those ideas.

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Astrochuck World, as opposed to Yarnlady World.

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@YARNLADY that makes me laugh. It also stirs something in me that I am worried about. I am concerned that, somehow, people will think that certain people are not cut out for a given section instead of seeing they have something to offer both. It seems a matter of having different expectations about what people bring to questions in a given section, not eliminating things.

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Maybe censorship is not the right word. Apartheid?

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@liminal Or even “eliminalating” things?

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@liminal Yes, I can see where that might be a concern, but like AC, I also look in every section, and I actually enjoy some of the more “lighthearted” answers. However, the separation allows me to better allocate my time, first clear all the entries in the General section, and then spend my leisure time in the others.

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