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What should you not give your mother for Mother's Day?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (35794points) May 9th, 2010
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We all know that flowers and cards and breakfast in bed and champagne brunches are wonderful things to give a mother on Mother’s Day, but are there things you can imagine would make inappropriate gifts?

Road kill, worms, gift-wrapped frogs?

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A certificate of reservation of grave.

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Speaking as a mother, the one thing I haven’t been given and am happy not to have been given (by my sons) is red roses from the grocery store. They don’t have any smell and they look kind of gloomy (to me). But roadkill wouldn’t be far behind as a no-no.

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Syphillis? Soon you’ll be gonna Rea.

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A gift certificate for hair removal (unless she specifically has shown an interest in this) or any type of appliance (unless specifically requested by her).

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Your dick in a box.

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Another child.

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“Taking her for a little ride” probably wouldn’t be very nice.

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A lifetime, paid in full, policy to the Sunny Brook Nursing Home. ouch!

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@VohuManah…. thats a good one, ans soooo true. I never even got told happy mothers day. I guess my little angels are too busey.

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@slick44 : Happy Mother’s Day!

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@hawaii_jake :) thank you.

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Hmm…..If your kid showed that they obviously thought Mother’s Day was stupid, or that they aren’t even thinking about you, on Mother’s Day, that would be worse than a bad gift.

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Her in-laws for the day.

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Sex toys.

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Your laundry.

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All mothers are different, but I can safely say mine would not appreciate thong underwear.

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Body shaping undergarments.

Clipped coupons to fast food places.

Brow- nostril- mustache trimmer thing.

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Lingerie. Which is why even if he says he’s just buy a robe for his mom, you know he’s cheating and you leave him.

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A bill for your electricity.

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a love letter from her Ex

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