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On Tumblr, how do I allow for my theme to show notes? Could it be for the reason that I have Disqus that they're not showing or what?

Asked by ToiletPaper (4points) May 11th, 2010
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I don’t know why the notes aren’t showing on my Tumblr page. Is there a code for this or something? Oh, and I’m not the HTML know-it-all. I don’t even know much about HTML and CSS stuff.

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It depends on the theme actually, sometimes the creator of the theme didn’t include the notes html code. If the creator did, then he just blocked it. You can change this in the Customize page > Theme > Enable custom html(under the theme section thingy) and you’ll see the html codes. You have to search the html code where it says “notes”, you have to look good, sometimes it’s really hidden under all those codes. Like in my Tumblr it’s like this:

<div class=“post” id=“n”>

You can see mine says “post notes” so I can see my notes.

But sometimes when I go check the notes on my Tumblr blog thus the page that everyone else sees, I don’t see my notes but when I switch to another browser like firefox I can see it. So sometimes it can be the theme creator if he put the code in the html or not, Tumblr’s faulty or you have to check on another browser.

P.S the best way to check your notes is to go to your dashboard and on the right column click on the “x-amount posts” and you’d see all the things you’ve posted and all the notes that everyone else has posted on your post.

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Sorry for replying late, but thank you for this. (:

I tried to look for the notes on the HTML code and tried figuring out how to make it show on my page and I still couldn’t find the way. I was wondering if maybe you knew. I’m using Parti’s Polaroid theme. Here’s the link:

If you find a way, than it’ll mean so much. Thanks for you effort on trying to explain it to me either way, though.

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@ToiletPaper Sorry for not replying. I am busy with school I have a lot of midterms & projects going on so I haven’t been on the internet much. But I’ll do it when ll these midterms & whatnot finishes okay?

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@xTheDreamer Aw, thanks, man! :D Made me happy. XD
Awesome. Seriously, thanks. (X

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@ToiletPaper Have you figured it out yet?
Well I have, it seems like the problem is not in the HTML codes hah. I’ve been searching about 20 minutes in the HTML code and I couldn’t find the solution until I went to the Appearance option which is next to the Theme option and I saw the option where you can show caption under the photos.

So go to CostumizeAppearance then scroll down and you’d see the following options:
Hide Polaroid Frame
Show Portrait Photo
x Show Photo Caption
Show People I Follow
Show Likes
Show Search

Check mark Show Photo Caption

And voila! You can now see the text/caption/notes or whatever you like to call it, under your photo (:

I hope this helped!

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@shampoo77 Before you’ve added Disqus did it show the notes?
If not, you might check your HTML codes of your theme maybe it’s disabled.
If so, then it’s probably the Disqus’s blocking it.
I’m not sure how to check your coding via a Mac(I’m new to it) but can you send me your theme’s link just like what @ToiletPaper did?

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I hope its alright that I ask but im kind of stuck. Im trying to get my blog to show at least 0 notes but it won’t. can somebody help me?

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this is the theme im using >>

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I found this question the other day, and I must say this is the best I can find on this subject. However, I can’t figure out how to do this on my theme.

I’m using:

I wanted to see if I could make this theme show all the notes. Currently, it only shows the number, on the page the public sees. But you cannot click through and see all the notes. That’s what I want to do. Can anyone figure out how to do that?

I really, really appreciate any help :)

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