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Will advantage or frontline protect one animal?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26834points) May 13th, 2010
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I have a relative who is willing to watch one of my dogs while I’m away. The dog is… not everyone’s favorite, so the odds of finding someone else who will take her are pretty slim. Plus, this particular relative is someone that I trust not to lose her patience with my dog, when most other people would.
The thing is, I know that this relative frequently has a flea problem with her own pets. If I give my dog her usual flea treatment, will she be alright if there are fleas in that house? Is that similar to giving her a flea treatment before she goes outside?

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Should be OK for up to a month in the correct dosage.

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She will still be bitten, so if she has a flea allergy, she may have problems. And just in case, when you pick her up, you should give her a Capstar pill in addition to using Frontline or Advantage (this is what I do when my pets are in an infested location). While Frontline and Advantage are very good products, they do not necessarily kill instantly. A Capstar will kill every flea on her within 20 minutes (the downside is that it does not have a residual effect, which is why you will still need to use the additional products) and prevent the introduction of fleas in to your home. You may also want to have your vet deworm her for tapeworms when she gets home – they are transmitted by ingesting fleas.

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You might want to take a look at flea treats. When you give your dog these all natural vitamins, your dog will create a natural repellent that will keep fleas off. The only downside is that she would have to take them every day, otherwise it won’t work. If you think your relative would be okay with giving your dog the vitamins every day then I’d say these would do the job.

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maybe make a groomer’s appointment for her when you get back, and arrange it so you can pick her up and take her straight there. That way she gets a nice bath and flea dip or whatever else. Also, be sure to check her ears. People think of fleas going from pet to pet, but most people don’t think of ear mites. If there are fleas, there’s a good chance there are ear mites also. The groomer can check if you don’t know what to look for.

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I would also recommend continuing the Frontline for two months more after you bring her back home.

Three months continuous is the minimum time needed to kill not just the adult fleas but ALL of the life stages.

Adult fleas are continually laying eggs so you don’t want some of those intermediate stages hatching out after you get the dog back home.

That’s why you want to treat for two full months more.

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@syz and @kheredia wow, thanks, I’ve never heard of either of those!
@poofandmook a groomer’s appointment is a fantastic idea. Luckily I have never known her to have a bad reaction to flea bites, and I tend to check my dogs ears obsessively anyhow (owning a basset hound tends to get that in your head).. but I thought ear mites were really only an issue for cats? I could be wrong.
@Buttonstc I always treat my dogs monthly in the warmer weather, so that would definitely be part of the plan.

Thanks for all of the advice!

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(Dogs do get ear mites, although with the Basset you more likely had fungal issues.)

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@dpworkin thanks for answering that :)

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Frontline is truly great. it does not matter where your dog stays or how many fleas are there. the Frontline works from within your dog to kill biting fleas. the medicene goes into their bloodstream. we have used Frontline for many years on our border collie, with great success. it works.

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Yes, it will protect your dog.

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