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What's the highest terrestrial elevation that you've ever climbed, hiked, or otherwise been to?

Asked by Brian1946 (28700points) May 25th, 2010
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If the highest point on Earth that you’ve ever hiked or climbed to is lower than the highest that you’ve ever been to, then I’d like to know the elevation of that point too.

E.g., if you’ve hiked up to the summit of Mt. Whitney (14,495 feet) and driven up to the summit of the world’s highest road (about 18,000 feet as I recall), then I’d also like to read about your hike or climb up to the top of Whitney.

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A bar stool somewhere in the Colorado Rockies. I want to say it was Leadville, somewhere around 1978—the year, not the elevation.

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To be honest, I’m not exactly sure. One of the highest points I’ve hiked at is Genoa Peak, Nevada, which is along the Tahoe Rim Trail. That was about 8500 or so feet. I’ve been near Freel Peak, California, which was about the same. Don’t believe it was over 9000, unfortunately. I’ve been snowboarding at Heavenly, but I have no idea how high it was. It was probably about the same as well. I’ve also been to Whistler, British Columbia, but again, I don’t know the elevation of where I was specifically.

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Leadville, that’s excellent.
According to Wiki the elevation is 10,152 feet.
I think it’s the highest city in the US and maybe even in North America.

I think the highest US town that I’ve been to is Mammoth Lakes in the Sierra Nevada.

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As I recall it is the highest incorporated city but that was years ago.

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According to this, the summit of Heavenly is 10,067 feet.

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On top of Pamela Anderson….and then I woke up!

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Pike’s Peak 14,000 ft combination of driving and hiking.

10,863 ft cycling up wolf creek pass.

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I have driven Trail Ridge road (US 34) in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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@shego You took my idea. It was so beautiful.

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A pile of laundry in my basement.Why did I climb it??
Because it was there

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I hiked into the Stanley Mitchell Lodge in Yoho National Park with an elevation gain of 900 metres. At peak height I was approximately 2998 metres up (or 9835ft). Breathtaking views from those peaks.

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Wow my hiking sounds really lame compared to all these!

When I was younger I climbed Skiddaw (3054 ft), but only because my dad promised we could have fish and chips in the cafe when we got to the top. There is no cafe, I was most put out.

A few years ago I went hiking on the KrkonoŇ°e range in the Czech Republic, but I’m not sure where exactly. I imagine it would have been a bit higher than Skiddaw. There were two pubs on the mountain we hiked on, so I got to have hot soup and beer to warm me up at the top and half way down. In your face, dad!

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I was at the top of Mt. Haleakkala on Maui (~10,000 ft). I wish I could say I hiked, but I actually drove up. :-)

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