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Can someone suggest a good restaurant in Dallas for dinner?

Asked by shilolo (18075points) May 26th, 2010
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Traveling for business to Dallas and would like a recommendation for a nice (can be fancy) restaurant that won’t break the bank. I’m not on a particular budget, but I need to submit receipts, so nothing too expensive.

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Whatever restaurant you decide on, if you like Hefeweizen, make sure you ask for Live Oak Hefe. If it is a good restaurant they should have it, and you will be quite pleased. I dare say.

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It is in Fort Worth but great. Joe T Garcia’s Sit outside by the pool and enjoy a margarita. It’s near the stockyards.

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A friend of ours owns Salum you can check the menu I think on the website. Food is very good, in a very nice area north of downtown (I think it is called Highland Park area). If you think you would like to go I will give you my name and you can drop it. He is a very old friend of my husband’s, we were there just a few months ago.

Oh, and for dessert the bread pudding is not to be believed if you like that sort of thing.

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I lived in Dallas for 4 years. The absolute best local chef is named Steven Pyles, and I believe he has a new restaurant under his name. Ask the concierge at whatever hotel you’re staying at or google it.

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Depends… what are you hungry for?

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Dr. Bells If you’re going to do Q in the big D, and believe me in D you want to do Q, then Dr. Bells is the Q for you. Trust me.

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Asked someone for you. They said Angelos, and another one that ends in o’s like that but is spanish…el ranchero’s i think…

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Update: We asked the people we were meeting with the day before for a recommendation, and one of them also said Stephan Pyles, so we went there. It was a fantastic experience. The next day while touring the city, we also ate some BBQ at Dickie’s. It was also a delicious meal. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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Excellent. Thanks for the update.

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