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If you had the power to transform any animal of your choice into the sexiest person you could imagine, would you have sex with him/her?

Asked by SmashTheState (14228points) May 28th, 2010
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The catch is that, while you have the ability to transform the animal into a perfect-looking, incredibly-sexy human in every physical respect, this person would still have the original mind of the animal. If you could do this, would you have sex with the (extremely sexy) person you’ve just created? And, if so, what animal would you use?

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Well, this is easy: No, definitely not.

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No. The sexiest lover is the one with a passionate human mind and a deep love for their partner.

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Why do I have the suspicion that people’s responses and their actions might be… somewhat removed from each other when faced with the temptation. There are great apes with a measurable IQ higher than that of some humans; yet the “blonde bimbo” stereotype certainly doesn’t seem to be a big turn-off for too many men (and women).

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Rabbit! Duh!!

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I guess if some of us would have sex with an inanimate object, what’s the difference? ~

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@SmashTheState Because you’re projecting your own thoughts onto other people, perhaps? “There are great apes with a measurable IQ higher than that of some humans”... Yeah, children, or mentally deficient people.

@eden2eve The difference is that a dildo, for instance, isn’t a living creature with a brain. You can’t force or coerce a plastic dick into sex.

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No and it has nothing to do with needing a particular level of intelligence. I can have sex with an inanimate (on it’s own) object just fine but the thought of being with a body charged by a mind I can’t even relate to, I’d be terrified.

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Well, dolphins are already known to engage in sexual activity solely for pleasure.

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@DrasticDreamer I’m asexual, actually. I don’t experience any sexual attraction whatsoever, to anyone. My understanding of the pervasiveness of human sexuality comes from the objectivity of being a sex-free outsider observing the vast obsession with sex which afflicts the rest of humanity. Most humans will hump anything that moves, given the right stimulus. As long as the physical stimulus is there (the physical form of a sexy human), there aren’t too many people who are going to care that their partner moos, baws, chitters, barks, or chirps.

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No. I’m married, and it would still be adultery. I’m not a religious person, but I follow the Ten Commandments, simply because they make sense and really do describe the groundwork of civilized life. “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

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Even without the brain of the animal clause, I would not. My wife would definitely see it as a betrayal of her, and I would as well. If I were single, I would do with my cat so long as it appealed to her to do it too, because despite our differences in mental outlook and understanding, we both dearly love each other.

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@SmashTheState You’re definitely projecting your own views, in some ways. Obsession with sex is an “affliction”, yes. But what about people with healthy and average attraction to sex? Would you still say they’re “afflicted”? And you also can’t say “most humans will hump anything that moves…”, unless you have some kind of statistic or scientific proof.

That said, I myself have little faith in humanity, but still. You made a pretty broad statement which needs to be supported by proof.

@ETpro Having “sex” with a cat, even in a human body, is the equivalent of raping a child.

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@Primobabe – Just for shits and giggles, what does “keep the Sabbath day holy” do for civilised life? and what about that “honour thy father and thy mother” thing? what if you have sucky parents? and that “have no other god before me” thing would get in the way of not being religious…

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I do know people who “keep the Sabbath day holy,” and it’s an extremely civilized practice. It takes real discipline and planning to put aside 1/7 of the week for rest, reflection, and renewal. Try to imagine an entire free of errands and chores, when all of one’s time is devoted to things such as family and social interactions and enjoying nature. A shomer shabbat gets a wonderful holiday every week. How incredibly sane and civilized.

“Honor thy mother and thy father, that thy days be prolonged on the land” isn’t literally referring to one’s parents. It’s a command to respect heritage and tradition. Because the past is the key to the future, revering the past helps to ensure that a culture will survive.

As for your 3rd item, my “god” is the Family of Man and All Living Creatures. I put nothing before that.

I think it’s very interesting that I, an avowed agnostic, am defending the bible!

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I don’t know. It would seem weird having sex with someone who looks like me.

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I already have sex with the sexiest person I can imagine, far, far too often. It’s damn lonely. I wish my girlfriend were around more often, because I’m not talking about her…

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I was just at the Museum of Natural History with my boyfriend yesterday and remarked that wolves and foxes were dead sexy animals. I’ve seen some gorgeous dogs, too (not unlike wolves). I would not mind having sex with the personified versions of these animals, but they’d have animal brains? That’s fucked up. I’d have to pass.

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@DrasticDreamer For heaven’s sake, this is a totally hypothetical question, because it is quite impossible for the condition described to ever arise. Even so, I did say that I would only be interested if Spoony (my kitty) wanted to do it. Personally, I think that folks who look at other people’s motives and see the disease model of psychology all around them are picking up something in their own brains.

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@ETpro And I think people who say those who see the disease model of psychology all around them only say so to justify something abnormal. (And who said I see it “all around” me?)

I’m perfectly aware that it’s a hypothetical. But you’d still be okay with fucking something that was even less smart than a child. That is telling, in one way or another, regardless of whether or not you choose to see it that way.

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The only animal I know of guaranteed to hump anything is a dog. So if I turned a dog into a sexy manly man, then maybe. As long as he doesn’t start barking at me. Don’t ask me for specifics on what breed of dog. I haven’t quite figured that part out yet.

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@DrasticDreamer You are welcome to think what you wish. I reserve the right to do the same.

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Call me kinky but a hungry lion or panther, going after it’s prey is very sexy, if you ask me. The sinewy limbs, the hunger, the focus… And we’re talking about sex once the animal is turned into a person, right? Then I’d go for it. Like you said, it’s purely hypothetical, right? I’m game. And who knows what’s going on in their big cat brains? Animal sex, with a person. Very hot, very hot. ;-)

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They already do this in Wales, New Zealand too. Baa baa black sheep have you any orgasms.

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Oh I think I did that once when I was much younger. I dated an incredible looking man and now that you mention it, I’m fairly certain he was a pig. Good looking pig but a pig all he same. NO, I wouldn’t want to repeat that mistake.

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I can’t believe people just admitted to wanting to have sex with an animal. (Who cares he the external is human, still an animal.) I agree with DrasticDreamer. It’s like raping a child. Both animals and young kids have the inability to understand the situation. Absolutely disgusting.

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Oh, lighten up, @TooBlue Srsly.

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Oh yeah cos fucking a virtually brain dead human is sooo funny. I mean it’s all hypothetical right? ~

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Exactly. It’s all hypothetical. Now until you find a wizard capable of doing brain/body transplants for hour-long intervals, I think we can put the “Man-Beast Liberation Front” on hold for a while.

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You just don’t get the moral of the story (I’m sorry, I mean hypothetical, physically impossible situation). Oh well I tried…

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“I can’t believe people just admitted to wanting to have sex with an animal.” says the girl represented by a teddy bear avatar. LOL

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Ew, no way. That’s totally something a Furry would do though.

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@DrasticDreamer Funny, your moral outrage at this question got me thinking about our whole position on informed consent. Now I know it won’t make any difference to some, but I am not arguing for any change in existing law regarding human/animal relations. I haven’t the slightest interest in getting it on with any animal. But in truth, animals are just as capable of giving their own brand of informed consent with their own species as are humans. And what we call rape, forced sex without the consent of one partner, happens among animals just as it does among humans.

Certain animals that have been trained for sexual performances do appear to enjoy their work. It sure looks like consent. Of course, we outlaw sex with young children and humans of diminished mental capacity because even through they may enjoy the act and willingly participate, they can’t grasp all the implications such as pregnancy, moral opprobrium of their society and the risk of STDs.

But in the case of a man and a sheep, or a woman and a dog, are those risks in operation for the animal? There is zero risk of pregnancy. Society may disapprove, but the animal won’t know or care, so it won’t be hurt by such moral outrage. And there are scant few diseases that affect both species—so even the STD risk is quite small.

I am guessing our knee-jerk reaction to human inter-species sex comes from our tendency to anthropomorphize the animal involved and not from our having weighed the moral damage the act causes.

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@ETpro No moral outrage here. I personally think it’s creepy and wrong. Having sex with something so much less smart than you is the equivalent to raping a child. I can’t fathom why anyone would be okay with it, and I do think it’s telling. Either that someone hasn’t thought through what they’re saying, or they don’t care. Whatever it is, it’s wrong – in my opinion.

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@DrasticDreamer I can totally understand outrage at sex with a child. In that case, there is a sorely injured party. Children so abused are often emotionally damaged for life. Some even end up as suicides or as abusers themselves.

But a vibrator is about as dumb as you can get and people have sex with them all the time. The vibrator doesn’t grow up to feel dirty and abused. Neither would the magically changed animal in this hypothetical case feel sullied and ruined. If anyone were emotionally damaged in this thought experiment, it would be the human participant, who might feel the sort of guilt you are attaching to the act.

Of course, if you feel all sex of any kind outside matrimony and baby making is a heinous sin, then you would feel that sex with your own hand or with a vibrator or with a phantasmagorical creature that looks human is all equally a moral outrage.

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@ETpro The fact is: Humans are still much smarter than animals. Regardless of whether or not an animal would “consent” doesn’t matter – they’re still being taken advantage of. There is no way around it. They can’t fathom what is happening, they aren’t in control. A human’s much higher intelligence automatically places them as the manipulator, the one in control, the one who knows, fully, what is going on.

Also, as I said above, a dildo is not a living creature. It can’t be taken advantage of. It doesn’t have a brain, it doesn’t feel, it doesn’t think.

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@DrasticDreamer How is the animal in this thought experiment damaged if they willingly participated—they wanted to engage in the act? I simply don’t see how they are harmed. If anything, just the opposite happens. They have an enjoyable experience.

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@ETpro It isn’t even about “harm”. It’s the fact that people are willing to take advantage of something that doesn’t have the same mental capacity to think something through. We’re not going to agree on this. :P

I’m not religious, I don’t believe that people have to wait to have sex until marriage. I do not feel masturbation is wrong, either. Comparing sex before marriage and masturbation to having sex with an animal is just as stupid as comparing pedophilia and bestiality to being gay. It’s an illogical argument.

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@DrasticDreamer You are clearly outraged by the sexual content of the thought experiment, and when the logic of that outrage is refuted, you transfer it to “taking advantage of” an animal that is less intelligent than a human. Should we jail all people who ride horses? They are clearly taking advantage of the animal. How about farmers who raise animals for slaughter, or for fur and leather? Here, the animal really is damaged. Even hen farms “steal” the eggs from their chickens. Are you morally outraged at all of these human.animal interactions? They all involve taking advantage of animals less intelligent than humans. Of course, many of today’s domesticated farm animals would soon fall into extinction if they weren’t being “exploited” but at least they could die out proud that they never were used by cruel humanity.

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@ETpro Did I ever once say that we should jail people who choose to have sex with an animal? Because you’re jumping to conclusions about my own, personal feelings, I think you’re more outraged than I am – because I don’t agree with you. I never indicated that anyone should be jailed. I said I think it’s wrong and creepy, and nothing will change my mind.

As you said above, you’re allowed your opinions – which I accepted and agree with. But you don’t seem to be okay with the fact that I, too, am allowed my opinions. You don’t think it’s wrong, I do. We won’t agree. End of story.

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@DrasticDreamer You just want to argue, not confront the issue you originally raised. You suggested that carrying through with this thought experiment would be akin to statutory rape, which is a felony offense we jail people for. No, you didn’t specifically say jail them. And no, that isn’t the issue we were trying to debate. This has spun from it’s wrong to it’s like sex with children to I didn’t say this or that. I’ve said all I have to say about the ethics involved. You are perfectly welcome to disagree. Let’s drop it, as we are going nowhere in communicating about the core issue involved.

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@ETpro I’m done, dude. Agree to disagree, as you said to do earlier, because I’m not going to respond anymore.

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