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What's in your personal ad?

Asked by Silhouette (8845points) June 2nd, 2010
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What would you say about yourself if you were writing a personal ad?

What would you say about the type of person you were looking for?

What kind of relationship would you say you were seeking, play, pen pal, friendship, romance, all of the above?

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I would say my name and age, my profession, what I like to do for fun, what I’m looking for and what I’m not looking for.

I actually just posted a person ad on Craigs List the other night for a friend/someone to chat with. I just wanted to see how the website works… Well… I don’t know what I did wrong, but I accidentally posted as a W4T… Woman for transvestite. Not cool. Straight men still found my ad, haha. That makes me wonder about them just a little.

So since I’m in a relationship, I would say I am looking for a male or female near my age who like some of the same things I do. Possibly someone to go to the gym with or the bar with some friends.. That sort of thing. =D

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Where is that special one? That muse, an alpha submissive, with the heart of a slave. Friendship is always important but a bonding connection is the goal. I am a Good Looking/Good Man. I am Eros. The creative urge of ever flowing nature, the firstborn light for the coming into being and ordering of all things in the cosmos. I am stern, but loving and secure. Don’t let that scare you, all you pain sluts.

If you are a tool, Lack a Realistic Life Plan, have a Parasitic Lifestyle or Changes life story readily. Move on. Been down this road a long time. I do not have time for delusional individuals.

Otherwise you will find all you are looking for. Just reach out and ask. I am creative and unique, it is my world and I run it as such. In an ideal situation, you will end up with that special partner in crime, a home and a safe life. Without the safe words.

We are here for a reason. Do I really need to spell it out? I will as a topic of conversation. I do not find it necessary to do it here. What I have to prove, I will prove to you.

So let’s unfurl our sails and head over the horizon. :-)

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@ChazMaz Nice! You know what you’re looking for. “alpha submissive” Those are getting harder to find everyday or so it seems.

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i’m a prude and very scared of girls!

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@BoBo1946 LOL I wonder what kind of responses you’ll get? I can see that ad attracting all kinds of people. Some will be toting bibles the others bullwhips. Good strategy.

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Wow, I’d hit on @ChazMaz !

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loll…touche @Silhouette !

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@chyna i wouldn’t!

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@BoBo1946 Yes you would. ;)

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@Silhouette wrong hair color!

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@BoBo1946 It all looks the same in the dark or so I’ve heard.

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@Silhouette loll…trust me, wrong plumbing!

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smart chick….big heart. vixen. no games allowed. must love hippies, animals and music.

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Hey don’t be messing with my BoBo. ;-) LOL

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@BoBo1946 You don’t know what you are missing.

Mine would say: Must have a sense of humor and understand my quirky sense of humor. Sweet, kind hearted, but take no crap woman willing to give her slightly beat up heart to the right person. I am cute, happy, love animals, looking for that one person who gives me butterflies in my stomach and makes me feel safe with him. Life is too short to sweat the small petty stuff, so prefer no silly arguments. Looking for someone to take the rest of my journey of my life with me, standing side by side looking forward to share the future, not to stand in front of me, looking within in me for their answer. If I am someone you think would fit into your life, lets try it.

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@chyna loll..well, i’ll take your word for it!

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