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When was the last time your S/O brought you flowers or did something else nice for no reason other than they could?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36683points) June 7th, 2010
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I was having a conversation with someone and I mentioned our farmers markets are getting started and each week I pick up some flowers for my g/f and take them to her office. When was the last time your S/O did this for you or you did this for your S/O? How did it feel?

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It always feels nice…about a week ago…perennials for me to plant, as he knows that I love them.

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We’d do thing like that for each other almost daily, even if only a handful of wildflowers.

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He’s always doing nice, little things that melt my heart. He brought home sunflowers last week.

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It’s been a while. I think the last time was Valentine’s Day. She hasn’t been very nice to me lately. I think she may be growing tired of me. I mean, I am pretty hard to be around.

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He hasn’t bought me flowers for years BUT he is always making other small gestures that make me feel loved.

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Unfortunately my guy isn’t the flowers type even though I love them and would like to receive them without hinting around. He does do a lot of other sweet things though so I try not to trip too hard.

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She surprised me with a candy I haven’t had since I was a kid and made me laugh out loud when she gave it to me!! ;)

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My SO brought me flowers a few weeks ago. I loved it.

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My SO bought me flowers last week – just because.
Took me to a garden centre to buy me a tree to replace the one which died last year. It took him half an hour to get it in the car!!
Small gestures like this mean so much to me.

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He’d never give me flowers ‘cause he knows how I feel about getting plants ripped out of the earth just for my benefit but I can not complain because he does amazingly sweet things for me all the damn time. Just recently (‘cause he knows I always write notes to myself in my cell phone) he took my cell phone and put in a note that said he loves me so that next time when I was obsessing about something I’ll forget, I saw his message.

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Last time I got flowers was Mother’s Day. I’m not a big flower person, so he only gets them every now and then. Right now, he does little things that he can. He gets online whenever he can to talk to me, sends me e-mails, and sends me letters. It’s hard for him to do things with where he is, but just being able to talk to him is enough for me.

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My hubby doesn’t buy me flowers, but I don’t expect him too! He does however, get me lovely presies for my birthday and Christmas and I have regularly spent any money he may have spent on flowers on clothes and shoes :) Thanks honey bunch mwah!

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Never happened. He never once gave me flowers, though I gave him roses a couple times.. I imagine it would feel really great, I’d probably cry.

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@Trillian Aw that is such a shame. Here is a bunch of roses for you!!

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Something I learned over the years with several different longterm live in partners is some people think up stuff while others don’t but all may be thinking really great things about you just the same. My current partner would probably do just about anything to make me feel happy, loved and appreciated if I’d speak up more often instead of waiting for him to come up with stuff on his own. Speak up peops, drop the hints and enjoy spoiling each other, it’s fun and not too many others will do for you.

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He saw a close-out on silk flowers and called me to ask if I wanted some. He doesn’t just outright buy things without knowing they are wanted first.

I mentioned last week how I wish I could have my own viewing screen when the boys are here so I don’t have to watch their shows all the time, and be able to take it into the playroom when we are in there (no TV), and he came home with a personal DVD player a couple of days later.

P.S. I tried watching shows on my laptop, but it has a glitch that keeps reloading any video, including YouTube, every few minutes and it’s impossible to watch anything.

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He went through a lot of hard work preparing a planting bed for me to plant the tomato and bell pepper plants we bought so I could have a little garden. It was so touching because he won’t touch tomatoes and I never asked him to do it.
Flowers?? 1986. Seriously.

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a month or so ago, but i am not big on flowers unless they are sunflowers. but if i ask him to give me a back rub, he’s on it in a heart beat and he doesn’t stop until i say SNUGGLETIME then we snuggle and play…...what a rough life.

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Last week, my husband took both kids downstairs and instead of waking me up to do the long morning feeding (breastfeeding) he gave our little guy a bottle..which I was grateful for, because I really needed a break for some consistent sleep. He didn’t ask or tell me, he just did it and I woke up feeling great. <3

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