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How can I remove 4 stripped screws from computer panel without damaging computer, including threading?

Asked by anartist (14803points) June 9th, 2010
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I bought a Gateway Profile 5-in-one used from sale of large number of corporate computers. Memory is upgradeable and I need to do it to get the computer fast enough to do graphics work. When I was ready to do it I found all four screws had been stripped, possibly done by IT personnel to keep users out of computer. How can I get the damn things out? It is way too late to bitch about it to the seller. And what if they have not only been stripped but super-glued?

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Go to the hardware store and get a reverse-tap drill bit. It’ll work like a charm.

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@andrew Will the holes still take new screws? will there be threading left to hold them?

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I agree with @andrew about the reverse-tap drill. Since you don’t know what was done to/with the screws, you won’t know the answer to your second question until they are removed. It may be possible to replace them with slightly larger screws or…you may need that drop of glue.

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Lifehacker gave a great tip: put a rubber band over the head of the screw, then press the drill bit in. It will fill in the stripped parts and allow the screw to turn normally. As for superglue, I can provide no better advice than to recommend using a strong drill.

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Thank you all. I do love Fluther! :-)

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