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What commercial is Ingrid Michaelson's "Be ok" in?

Asked by InspecterJones (1052points) June 10th, 2010
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Can’t for the life of me figure it out, been searching for like an hour online, I really need to figure this out (yes, I have OCD).

So far I’ve found the Mott’s commercial with the desperate housewife, the hallmark commercial that is on their website, and a European car commercial. It is not one of those and I am positive there is another that I’ve seen it in.

Please help!

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an old navy commercial?

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@deni Wrong song, but thank you.

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well 1. thank you for now getting the song stuck in my head as well as driving me crazy trying to remember what commercial it’s in :) and 2. i’m pretty sure its a bank or insurance commercial

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@hazel So far I’ve gone through Apple, Cars, Medicine…I guess I can try banks haha

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moderated by me

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@omfgTALIjustIMDu Did you read what I said at all? There should be a “Bad answer” button.

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Ingrid Michaelson: Dell Commercial Rips Off ‘Be OK’

Ingrid Michaelson isn’t happy with the music for an ad promoting the Studio One 19, Dell’s all-in-one consumer system that supports multi-touch in a variety of applications.

Is that what you’re looking for?

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@eden2eve saw that but couldn’t find the actual video cause dell pulled it so I don’t actually know if thats it sadly.

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@InspecterJones I did notice and remembered right after I pressed “answer!” , hence the edited statement “moderated by me” since I couldn’t delete the answer.

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@omfgTALIjustIMDu Sorry :D Guess I answered too quick haha.

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i don’t think that’s the commercial you were referring to that the song is in…i remember hearing it with the lyrics, but i have no idea what commercial it was

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The commercial is for Traveler’s Insurance where the dog is paranoid about his bone being safe.

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