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What is your clutch "feel good" article of clothing (details within)?

Asked by jfos (7380points) June 28th, 2010
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Today, I’m wearing a new pair of pants to work (brown dress pants). I have to admit: they feel great, they’re upping my mojo, and I feel swagged out.

What is your “feel good” article of clothing? Is it pants, shirt, shoes, hair, makeup, etc.?

In other words, what part of your physical presentation is crucial to you feeling good?

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I used to wear bland clothes like plain white T-shirts and I always wore polo shirts, but then I switched up my whole wardrobe and added some more stylish clothes that fit my slim body type and make me look clean cut and presentable. I like to wear button up shirts and some type of dress shoe, and during the winter I have a great peacoat that makes me look all sophisticated lol. “No one on the corner has swagga like us.”.

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My black hoodie. It doesn’t look particularly great, it’s a few years old, but it makes me feel good and comfortable. I hate it when it’s summer and I can’t wear it. During Fall and Winter I pretty much live in my hoodie.

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In the summer, I love cotton jersey-material fold over skirts. They are super comfy, but you can dress them up or rock ‘em with tees. I love stylish zip-up hoodies in the fall, winter, and chilly spring nights with the fold over skirt also!

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Sneakers, golf shirt, and shorts! Almost everyday!

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My Italian Oxford-gray suit.

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pajamas all the way

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I can’t pick out one article of clothing. I try to make sure I only buy things that i like and that fit me no, I lied. I’m pretty sure I feel good regardless.

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A little black dress. I am gorgeous in it. Every woman should feel that way in at least one outfit.

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Levi’s jeans, boots and a t-shirt but truth be told, if I have a nice pedicure & manicure and my hair is behaving then I will feel good in any of my clothes.

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@free_fallin Pics or it never happened.

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@bob_ Go make me a sandwich first.

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@Facade I didn’t mean it like that one red shirt or my favorite green socks, I meant it like As long as my shirt looks/feels nice, I’m good.

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@jfos Oh, gotcha =)

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I am wearing it now. A tee with a print of a squirrel on it. The squirrel has a blue feathered wing stuck on each shoulder and a plastic beak attached to his nose with an elastic string. He is holding up a sign that reads:

“Feed the Birds.”

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I found a skirt about 5 years ago that hooked me with 50s nostalgia and it looked great on me. After wearing it through 5 summers it has finally given up the ghost. I’ll miss it.

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I like long, flowy cardigans.

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I like to look nice. If I am wearing something that is old, stained, or ripped, even if I’m at home by myself and nobody can see me, it puts me in a bad mood. Shirts are the big thing for me. Tighter shirts make me feel better, though I don’t like sending the message that goes with most tight shirts. When I want to dress up I like peasant blouses – they just convey my personality the best.

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Just a t-shirt and skivvies to feel comfortable good, but to feel attractive and put together, I like to show a little cleavage and wear a bit of blush, mascara, and lip gloss.

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Either my old black Airwalks, which feel like slippers now….OR….my black boots.
They’re both airy & cover my feet!

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Any flowy skirt. It took me way too long how to wear a skirt without leg rubbing, but now that I’ve got it (with fluther’s help) I absolutely love skirts. They make me feel girly and pretty and flowy.

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Any and all of my dresses from

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@delirium Very cool site.

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Nothing crucial I do like to have long sleeves and for my outfit to look sharp I seldom dress down like teeshits and jeans etc way to frumpy for my taste. If I had it my way I would be in wet look leggings and unitards all the time.

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