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Can you think of something you enjoy, but aren't necessarily very good at?

Asked by Vunessuh (16727points) July 2nd, 2010
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I think for the most part, many people prefer to do something they enjoy and are good at. Perhaps that’s part of why we enjoy something…simply because we’re good at it. (And vice versa, of course.) I think there’s actually a whole psychology behind it – sometimes we don’t engage in activities we know how to do, but aren’t very good at, because we’re afraid of embarrassment or that everyone around us will be better, instead of pondering whether or not this certain activity would be enjoyable for us despite our skill level and the skill level of others.

So what about the activities we aren’t as skilled in, yet still manage to really enjoy? Can you think of anything?

Now, I understand that whether or not you’re good at something can be very subjective and a lot of the time, the reason why we aren’t very good is because we’re still learning.

I know I have more, but for me, it would be bowling and chess. I love to play, but I’m terrible at each and despite getting my ass beat every time, I continue to play, simply because I have a good time.

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I love cycling, but have fallen of the bike many times. I still enjoy it though!

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Golf, swimming, being intellectual, and taking pictures.

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Dancing. I love it but I’m not too good at it. I can improvise pretty well but always struggled with picking up other people choreography.

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@ratboy Yeah, that too.

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Trying to speak French in France.

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Cooking. I love spending time in the kitchen, always trying my hand at some new recipe, but it usually ends in a disaster. One of these days, I’ll get the hang of it. Probably not.

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Running, swimming, also singing.

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House cleaning.

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Any physical kind of game, like volleyball or basketball. I have so much fun playing games like that, but am woefully lacking in skill.

Also, singing. I don’t enjoy singing in front of people because I know it pains their ears, but when no one is around I love to pretend I sound like a star.

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Drinking a beer. i enjoy drinking a Michelob Ultra beer. since i do not drink alcohol, one bottle of beer just about sends me to bed.

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Singing, I love to sing along to music all the time, and yet I am really not that great at it.

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Answer questions on Fluther.
Talk Greek.

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Swimming. Admittedly pathetic and possibly a nightmarish sight to behold, I do a mean adult doggy paddle.

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Playing the piano and composing music. Not that great at it, but that’s not going to stop me from doing it. :)

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Not so good at swimming. Not the most proficient sailor. But I love being in and on the water, so there it is.

Can hardly play bass worth a damn and the one I’ve got’s too big, but I enjoy it!

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Count me in with the singers. I sing constantly but could not carry a tune in a bucket with a lid!

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piano and cake decorating

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I love running but i cant run fast AT ALL.

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Tennis and drawing. I love to do them both but am not good at all.

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I like to play the harmonica and you can’t stop me ;)

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Put me under the “singing” group. Perhaps we should have a Fluther Choir? I bet all our horrible voices would meld together beautifully. ^_^

I also love Ultimate Frizbee, but I suck. Royally. It’s probably a good thing I don’t know anyone that plays anymore.

Hm… I love to go in the water, but I couldn’t swim to save my life (I mean that literally. I can’t float, so I’d be the first off the Titanic to pass out treading water and drown).

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Disc golf, singing, and life in general.

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differential equations

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Bowling. I really suck. Much worse than Obama, but it’s still fun because my kids get a chance to make fun of me and we laugh the whole time.

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Bingo! I love going to bingo, but I never win. What is up with that. My husband tell me to say, I have yet to win. Never say never. Yeah! Right:P

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Dancing. There was a time when I enjoyed it and was good at it. Then it stopped. Then I started enjoying it again, but I was no longer good at it. Alas!

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@dpworkin Ouch that is brutally baaad! My kids are pretty good and even my 10 yrd old is tossing 200’s punk showoff

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great question. I’m pretty good at a lot of things, but I wish I were better at fishing. I am a decent fisherman but I wish I had more knowledge and could catch more fish every outing!

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Fishing, martial arts….I need some more training.

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Target shooting. My eyesight is horrible and I’m no longer a hot shot but I still like to get out there and give it a go.

Singing. I’ll do it when no one will catch me because I warble.

Dancing. I’ve done a lot of it but never the kind with set steps. I’d love to be able to coordinate my left and right enough to get beyond “cage style” stuff.

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@ChazMaz You actually enjoy house cleaning?

I’ll go along with singing. I love to sing along with songs, but I can’t do it around other people because I sing off key and can’t carry a tune.

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Crafts. I love crocheting and creating my own jewelry, but I kinda suck at it.

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I enjoy lots of things but am really good at only a few. For the rest, I’d rate myself anywhere from above average to so-so. If I’m terrible at something (dancing, playing chess, horseback riding), I don’t do it at all.

Singing is a great first choice. I have always wished the good fairies had brought me Princess Aurora’s birthday present. I sing along with opera recordings alone in the car. Other nontalents or indifferent skills that I enjoy using from time to time include these:

playing piano
playing games—almost any

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I love a good game of football, but since I only weigh 55–60kg I cannot tackle bigger guys that well. I also have a mildly depressed sternum, so I get winded a little more easily in heavy tackles.

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Singing and dancing. I love these activities but I am so horrible at them.

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I have always enjoyed fishing, especially catch and release with barbless hooks but unlike my oldest son who is a masterful angler and has been a professional guide.

I am not that confident or skillful but I enjoy it.

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I relish every CSI and Bones et al episode, knowing all the while I’d never have the smarts, patience nor eyesight for any of it.

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Playing the gee-tar.

I’m learning

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Nearly anytime I enjoy some activity to the point I start doing it a lot and think I’m getting “good”, I meet the people that make me realize I’m average. I started to think of specifics, but then realized I can’t think of anything I couldn’t include. Nothing’s really good enough if you want to get better.

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Singing and photography . If I could only sing like Streisand I’d sing all day long. And my photos often have the heads chopped off or are too dark. Camera’s fault.

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Tennis. I haven’t played in years (too much pain), but a friend and I used to love going down to the tennis courts to ‘play’. In all actuality, what we were really doing was just seeing how long we could keep the ball going between us, without missing it or sending it sailing over the fence. We sucked. We sure had a great time doing it though!

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Win, lose or draw…it would have to be chess. Not as passionate about it as I was in my younger days (too many distractions), but I’ve always loved the game despite my inability to play consistently.

Yeah…that and sex.

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