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Do you think it is unpatriotic?

Asked by KhiaKarma (4331points) July 2nd, 2010
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…to hang the American flag upside down for 4th of July?

We are in distress!!!

and I don’t know how patriotic I feel anyways

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I sure wouldn’t. I would proudly hang it rightly oriented and with all due care and ceremony.

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The issue of unpatriotic is a complicated one: if someone is unhappy with something about the country, we have a few ways to communicate it, but it doesn’t mean one loves the country less. It just means there are concerns, they are important, and they want to communicate this to everyone who sees their home. Patriotic is a love of the country and a wish to help improve it. While it would not be the way I would chose to express my feelings, when others do it, I don’t think they are unpatriotic—I think they are angry. The hope is they are doing something constructive to help fix their concerns.

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I think I do something constructive everyday to fix the concerns that I can control I am just not sure that I believe that the country is really based on democracy, it feels more like it’s based on consumerism. Although, then, the Star Spangled Banner rings through my ears and I feel that tinge of sadness that what I thought was, isn’t. I am so thankful for the freedom we have, and do not take that for granted, I think we may have gone overboard in our greed.

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Is it more unpatriotic…that I don’t even have a flag to fly (in any orientation), while you have one to fly- any way you wish.

@rebbel, nifty

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@rpmpseudonym I dunno, I actually have to buy one. This is my first National Holiday with a flag pole…
@rebbel cool! You gotta tell me how you did that!

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I found it in this thread.

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No. But even if it is, what does it matter? Un-patriotism isn’t evil.

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“Unpatriotic” is often a brush used to tar people with valid points that those who disagree would seek to discredit – the classic ad hominem attack.

Is flying a flag in and of itself patriotic? I suggest that it is not.

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Do you really feel that much lack of love for your country? If you do, where would you want to live that would make you feel patriotic?


Any American who deliberately hangs the U.S. flag upside down is deliberately being obnoxious, and trying to make some kind of negative statement about the flag and America. In my opinion, showing such disrespect is unpatriotic, for the very fact that it is done with negative intention. If it’s done as a joke, it is certainly in poor taste, with a lack of class and stupidity to add. People who do that should be reminded they are living in a country where they can do that. Try doing that as a native in a different country, say Communist China. My how we are privileged!

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If u dun liek it, u kin git out, mirite?

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So, it is unpatriotic to fly the flag of a country that is (supposedly) based on freedom upside down, an act which in itself is a representation of said freedom? Boggles the mind.

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Hmm. I wouldn’t. I’m far from pleased with our government or the current state of affairs. There are plenty of political situations that make me feel downright embarrassed of our government. But I support our troops, I’m proud of the Constitution, I’m proud to be an American. I would be offended if I saw that. Honestly.

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The Mayflower minority might make an appearance in this thread…

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Hanging the flag upside down is suppose to be a distress signal (not used just because we don’t like the way things are going, but an actual distress signal to alert people that something is wrong in that exact area). A lot of people use it these days as a form of protesting the war or whatever else they are upset about. I think that by using it as a form of protest, people have taken away from the true meaning of hanging it upside down.

I personally will never hand a flag upside down. I don’t like seeing them upside down in protest of the war either. If people want to protest the war, that’s fine, but I just feel like it’s disrespectful to use our flag, which holds a lot of significance to our soldiers, as a protesting tool.

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You think we are in distress now? I’ve seen worse. Go read about 1968. Shit went down.

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GD computer! I just had the perfect response written and poof it went away. In short, cause I don’t want to type anymore:

@Seaofclouds it would be a signal of distress for the particuar area in which I live.

@AmWiser I love my country, but what’s love got to do with it? I never want to be blindly patriotic.

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@Ivan urrite. If you are ashamed to stand by your colors, you had better seek another flag. -Author Unknown

@KhiaKarma ‘I don’t know how patriotic I feel anyways’.
Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong. – James Bryce.

So in other words, maybe the flag should be left out of this.

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Well, whoever the author is, he doesn’t much know what he’s talking about. The reason is captured in your second quotation. If you don’t approve of your country, you should try to improve it, not desert it.

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If that action is intended as part of an intention protest against some action or inaction on the part of the government, then it is a legitimate protest and may be way more patriotic that widespread apathy and mindless kowtowing to the status quo.

Patriotism takes many valid forms and many mindless ones as well.

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Freedom of speech allows us to be unpatriotic and to be hateful and oppressive towards someone that is exercising that right is downright unconstitutional.

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Most people would rather complain than actually do something. Hanging your flag upside down without following up by getting involved is cowardice, not unpatriotic.

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I think many on this thread are confusing patriotism with nationalism.

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