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Name five concerts that are a must see for you?

Asked by Jude (32190points) July 3rd, 2010
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For me, number one would be Roger Waters The Water Tour.

2. Radiohead (again)

3. Fleet Foxes

4. Tori Amos

5. The White Stripes

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The only one left that is a must see is the Beatles. And, as the Eagles’ Don Henley said, that will happen “when hell freezes over.” (That was an excellent concert, by the way.)

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1. I would have loved to have seen Queen when Freddie Mercury was alive. 2. Also would love to have seen Pink Floyd in their prime.


3. Barbra Streisand

4. Adam Lambert

5. Leonard Cohen

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These are musicians and singers I would have loved to hear sing or play these songs-Sadly,I will never get that chance.
Luciano Pavorotti-Nessun Dorma
Howlin’ Wolf-How Many More Years
Pink Floyd -Breathe
Billie Holiday-Lover Man
Scott Joplin-The Entertainer

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@lucillelucillelucille How about now, though? Folks who are still around? Name five? :)

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Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago…..........

I think you get my point.

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1.) Elvis Presley
2.) Michael Jackson
3.) The Monkees
4.) If the cast of Rent had a concert.
5.) Straight No Chaser

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Must-sees (but until I get a job, will be “won’t sees”):

* 26 July: The Flaming Lips at Central Park Summerstage (I suppose I can sit outside the gates of the venue in the park and just listen.)

* 30 July: Seu Jorge at Terminal 5

* 4 and 5 August: Arcade Fire w/ Spoon at Madison Square Garden

* 4 and 5 September All Tomorrow’s Parties (it’s a festival)

* 27 October: Muse at Nassau Coliseum

I am going to Grizzly Bear on 12 August at Governor’s Island. It’s an early b-day present! Thank goodness for Oh My Rockness! They list all the free shows as well.

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Eric Clapton
Norah Jones—again—
Bad Company with the original members
Any good dixieland,blues or cajun band :))

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Are these we must see when they come to town or a dream list of some disbanded bands?

Bob Schneider
Liz Phair If I could get a personal guarantee that she’ll only play pre- self-titled album material
Counting Crows
Michael Franti

@rentluva5256 Lurve for the Monkees!

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Old (pre-80s): Pink Floyd, Funkadelic, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Led Zep

New (post-80s): Tool, Opeth, Rammstein, SoaD, Daft Punk

Best shows I have yet seen: RATM, Radiohead, Faith No More and yeah Metallica was pretty fucking good, though I’m not a fan of them, or their music, or their ridiculous facial hair.

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1. RAMMSTEIN! Oh, and also check out this video. Freakin’ awesome.

2. The Ting Tings.

3. Calle 13.

4. David Guetta.

5. Garbage (listed last because I’ve already seen them).

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Well, I’m going to go with current bands, just because older ones is too difficult.

1) Gotta be Radiohead

2) The Chemical Brothers. Like Daft Punk meets Pink Floyd lightshow.

3) Battles, just because of the pure talent practically oozing from all the members of that group.

4) The Dead Weather. Better than The White Stripes and The Kills, in my opinion.

5) Them Crooked Vultures. Dave Grohl + John Paul Jones + Josh Homme. No shit.

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I’m going to ignore older bands that are no longer touring, and bands that I have already seen live.

1. Tom Waits He isn’t touring too much any more, but every once in a while he does. I would drive many, many miles to see Tom.

2. My Morning Jacket Whom I’ve heard is absolutely amazing live.

3. Minus The Bear

4. Rodrigo y Gabriela

5. Pearl Jam

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I only have one. And that’s Tool.

Tool’s live shows literally move me to tears.

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There are two I can think of that are very real but very impossible for me to attend.

One is the Les Miserables 25th anniversary concert in London. The other is a-ha’s final tour.

The most I can look forward to at the moment is Kate Miller-Heidke returning to Australia, because the last time she was nearby I was underage.

The last two are not at all likely, but would cause me intense angst if I were unable to get to them, and they are Kate Bush and Julie Andrews back in her old form.

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@aprilsimnel : Grizzly Bear is going to be insaneeee, luckyyyyy!

I don’t know about MUST see, but I’d for sure like to see all of these guys:
1. Dave Matthews Band – 8002837498234 more times
2. Radiohead
3. Kings of Leon (hopefully this summer, with Slightly Stoopid, Phoenix, etc…)
4. Tool
5. Anthony Green

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I would love to have seen U2 back in about 1982 or 83, before they got too big for their britches. I still love the band but I would rather see a band in a small venue than in a stadium.

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STYX is coming to Wichita!

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Paul Simon
Crosby Stills Nash
Grateful Dead , now Further
Snoop Dogg

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Daft Punk
Chemical Brothers
Justice (ok so ive seen justice live before, but they were so fucking good its worth seein again)

@dverhey i almost saw battles. They were playing a venue near me a while back. I ended up not being able to go because it was 21+ for some retarded fuckin reason and it was like a month before my birthday. Needless to say i was pissed.

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I’ve already been lucky enough to have seen most of the big name bands that I would ever want to see, including many of the names mentioned above, but here are five that I either wish were still possible to see or have yet to see.

The Beatles
John McLaughlin & The Mahavishnu Orchestra
Pagan’s Mind

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heh everyone wants to see rammstein :P

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If I had a left nut to give?

I’d give it to see:
Billie Holiday in 1942.
Cab Calloway in 1934.
The Beatles in 1963.
Aretha Franklin in 1968.
Eleanor Powell in 1939 (I know, she’s a dancer, but man! Gave Astaire a run for his money!)

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Joe Cocker

David Bowie

Leonard Cohen

Nick Cave

Psychic TV

I’m lucky to have seen just about every other band I’ve wanted so far, at least those still around during my time.

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@Neizvestnaya I saw David Bowie when he did his Glass Spider Tour. And what a pleasant surprise to see Peter Frampton there.

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I listened to the Glass Spider Tour concert from an apt. balcony but it’s not the same :(
Excellent for you though!

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I’m pleased to say that have seen the majority of my “must sees”, these include Barbra Streisand, Meat Loaf, Dolly Parton, Judith Durham and The Seekers, Alicia Keys, Anasacia and Lady Gaga.

Must sees (but probably wont ever happen) that I haven’t already seen are: Dusty Springfield, Abba and Jennifer Rush (I hear she still tours Germany)

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