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Does Fluffy need a friend?

Asked by fyoz (268points) July 6th, 2010
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I adopted my 3.5 year old cat from a local animal shelter back in February, she adjusted quickly almost like she was my cat her whole life. She’s very social, almost dog-like in that regard, and talkative. A lot of the time I find her meowing when I’m in the shower, or anytime I leave the front room for a bit. But when I leave the house (5 times a week for 8 hours a day) she seems fine, happy to see me, but obviously not in distress that I was gone. But through out the day she’ll go through “meowing episodes” (lasting for a few minutes) that can only be tamed with a kitty toy. She doesn’t necessarily seem depressed, but I can’t help but think she would like a friend. Am I jumping the gun or is Fluffy wanting more company?

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Cats don’t communicate particularly with sound. The meowing does not suggest a need to communicate with another cat. I think she is just hitting you up for attention.

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She is very attached to you and is soliciting your attention. She sounds happy. Just enjoy her and let her enjoy being with you when you can. I assume she has toys to play with?

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I have a dog & 2 cats. One of the cats does this – meows for me from another room as though he just feels a need to locate me. If I call him, he’ll stop – sometimes coming into the room I’m in & sometimes not.

Cats don’t talk to each other by meow – only us. :)

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Strange cats who have not been raised together usually do not get along.

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I agree with @marinelife. Unless they are raised together, cats don’t usually like other cats. Try hiding toys around the house so the cat can discover them.

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Maybe you already do this, but what it could be that she just wants to be petted when she is meowing.
If all other things are been taken care of (the litter box cleansed, the food and water bowls filled, the toys being awarded) sometimes that could be missing for her/him.
Naturally, petting should be first, not last in line.

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She probably likes some alone time. It’s her house now, you know.

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I have one pair of sister cats and other than them, none of my cats grew up together and they get along very well. You really need to know your cat and the cat you intend to adopt in order to try and make a good match. A good adoption center can help you with that.

But, your cat might not need or even benefit from a companion. My advice is to rid her of her habit of vocalizing. Do not respond to her when she is just complaining (That’s the way I see it. All their needs are met yet they still want more.). Give her love and attention when she is not howling at you.

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Thank you everyone.

I seem to ask myself this question at least once a month. Perhaps I’m just still getting adjusted to Fluffy as she is with me.

I’ll wait a little while longer before I ask this to myself again. :P

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We have 2 cats.We had the female for one year and then got the male.We were told by the breeder to get a male for the female rather than a male as they will get along better and they do get along:)

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I currently have a little half miniature pincher and half chihuahua and she actually adopted me and so my son gave her to me after she continued to escape in search for me. I also have a huge white“Drako”, and he got used to my mothers cat “Snow”. They all enjoy each other’s company very, each has their own personalities and I am amused everyday wathcing them interact with each other, Drako now will even curl up next to my little Dora when she is napping in her circular bed. Also, when I am away for a least a couple days Drako always comes up to me to greet me and meows as if to say to me that he missed me, I give him and Dora lots of love and Drako will always go into my bedroom and sleep by my feet and Dora is always following me. I bath her everyday and Drako gets combed and brushed and scratched and rubbed, well you get the idea, I love my pets! They do communicate with me in their own way. ;-)

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Our cats are different ages and my oldest cat always took to a new kitten within a couple days. He would snuggle the new kitten and groom him, and generally just love the kitten. I don’t know how he would have done if we’d introduced an adult cat tho. I’ve always heard cats do better when they have a sibling or two.

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I wanted to share this comic clip wtih you all, it is sooooooooooo cute! ;-)–11-03-Cat’s-Eye.gif

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Also, some cats are just naturally more vocal than others so some of this is genetic. Siamese and Abyssinians are two of the breeds with a reputation for “chattiness”.

With non purebred cats it’s difficult to know what breeds are mixed in their genetic makeup.

For years I had three cats, two of whom had the more placid type of dispositions and were barely known to utter a peep about anything (unless the food dish was empty) Total Silent Sams.

The third one made up for all of them put together. It took a little getting used to in the beginning as I kept wondering if something were wrong.

But that was just her personality. She just enjoyed talking to me all day long and liked it when I talked back with her. Go figure.

After her death, I realized how much I missed that. So your cat may just be genetically more inclined to be vocal like mine was.

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@SmoothEmeraldOasis The link does not work, regrettably.
@Buttonstc My Jaffa has some Siamese in her, and she’s always chatting, some say demanding. Mum’s late cat was a small Burmese and Ginger was non-stop. Some cats are simply talkers.

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Yup. And once you get used to it you really miss it.

My current cat is also pretty much the quiet type and I really miss that yakkety-yak type of energy.

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@Andreas try typing in eveything except the rest of the address after comics.

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@tinyfaery I used to have a cat rescue house, and I never had any trouble either. I thought it was a fluke, because I’ve been told so many times they have to be raised together.

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@SmoothEmeraldOasis Got it. Yes, that definitely explains cats to those who do not know!

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Fluffy is still young enough that she might enjoy a companion. Not the same as being raised together by a long shot, but her life has already changed abruptly 3 years ago, and from what?
What do you know of her past?

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