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What should I ask for from Canada?

Asked by IBERnineD (7314points) July 7th, 2010
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I have a friend who is currently in qualifications for the Canadian armed forces. As a joke one night I said I could send him cupcakes. Well turns out he would love some cupcakes, so he asked if I could send them. He said he would send me stuff from Canada, if I wanted in exchange. I agreed to the deal, as long the stuff that he sent me was awesome. Well he asked me what I wanted…what should I ask for?

By the way it’s a lot of cupcakes I will be sending. And he is in a Scottish regime, so I’m tempted to ask for a kilt….

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The kilt, or, a bottle of Screech. how’s your stomach?

If he has some big bucks, a Hudson Bay Blanket.

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Oh. My. God. This. The Hudson Bay Point blanket.

I will have one of these one day.

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Thirds on the HBC point blankets. I think the 4-pointer (King size) is about $500 now. Maybe a case of Labatts Blue as second choice.

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Maple Syrup. I live in Canada and have exchange students come to stay for a while, they are always wanting to take home our Maple syrup.

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Holy Moly I love Canada. I’m gonna make you a list.
1. A bowl of Poutine!
2. Tylenol containing Codine. (I just noticed that Poutine and Codine could be part of the same family, prolly why it is sooooo good.)
3. Ice Wine. I can’t remember the name of the stuff I liek but they have some tasty ice wines.
4. Screech, two bottles, one to try and another to laugh at and talk about the time you tried it.
5. Yellow pea soup, dried of course.
6. Red Rose Tea.

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Ask for a Detroit Red Wings Jersey.

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Anything from the Unibroue brewery. My personal favourites are Don DeDieu and Ephemere. La Fin du Monde is also very, very good. So is Tres Pistoles.

Gods, I wish they weren’t so damned expensive down here.

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A mountie & a bottle of baby oil.

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Alder smoked Pacific salmon that comes in the beautiful wooden box with the native style designs on the cover.

Warning: These razor thin slices of mild tasting smoked salmon are ADDICTIVE!

The box alone is worth keeping.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Do you drink any other craft beer from Canada? My roommates are obsessed with some Ontario brewers, like Mill St.

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These are all great! I can’t wait to tell him :) And then get them!

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You going to send the whole list? ;-)

Those must be some cupcakes.

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@ChazMaz He can send me what he can, because my cupcakes are that good :)

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Maple syrop
A habs jersey, or if it’s too expensive (around 130$) a hat
Something from Roots
Montreal bagels
Canadian whisky
BC wine
Monteregey region (quebec) cider
Screech rum

You can see where my priorities lie

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@Dr_Lawrence you are from Canada? How do you feel about cardboard boxes?

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Pure, fresh, maple syrup, preferably a 2010 batch. It’s liquid gold. The Niagara area also produces some very fine ice wines.

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Unibroue is the only one I know of, and I have to special-order it most of the time – though magically a grocery store of all places started stocking small amounts of Ephemere and Tres Pistoles once in a while.

I’m always looking for something new and exciting, though. Mill St. you say?

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