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What happens on your day?

Asked by IBERnineD (7314points) July 8th, 2010
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Today is Jane Day!!! (Jane being me in case you didn’t know)

I have Jane Days where I go out and do things I like. For instance I will be out today, at the bookstore, wandering a stationary/paper store, going into DC for some art museums, getting some good cupcakes, and possibly getting lunch at my favorite place.

So, what happens on your day? What is it you like to or would like to do on a day entirely for you?

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Its off to the field to fly my helicopter and hang with like minded “childmen”. :-)

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I love to go exploring in the woods. At a local state or national park for example. Take a picnic.

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Nowadays every day is a dynamicduo day – it’s kind of a natural repercussion to no longer being a part of the rat-race 9-to-5 fancy city life. Half a year ago I abandoned that lifestyle in favour of moving out to the country and starting up a farm. When I say it’s a dynamicduo day though, what I really mean is it’s a day where I spend my free time tending my animals, watering my crops, cleaning out the barn, checking on the baby ducks, etc. When no one else is your boss, you have to be double hard on yourself!

This change of lifestyle has also made a big change in myself and the things I value in life. A year ago, if I were answering this question, I would say a dynamicduo day is a day similar to yours – spending time in a museum, having a new and interesting lunch, exploring a second hand bookstore for a treasure. Nowadays though my carefree day would consist of sitting outside in the shade, with a nice breeze and lemonade, spinning wool on my antique spinning wheel. Or taking my #1 awesome lamb, Peebs, to a 4H competition and winning him a ribbon or more accurately, having him win himself a ribbon. Or going to a poultry auction just to see all the different species and breeds of birds. Or having a nice cloudy day where I can spend all my time in the garden tending the plants. It’s such a drastic change, and also an unexpected one, but I really couldn’t imagine any better way to live one’s life.

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@ChazMaz You have a helicopter?
Jane day sounds fun.

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I have three of them.

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Real helicopters or remote controlled.

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Ummm…lately there have been no days for me…got too much to do! But, when that days comes, soon i hope, will play some golf!

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I wake up really late, I go eat here, where I also have more than a few Caipirinhas. Then I chill and stuff.

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@dynamicduo I’d love to have a dynamicduo day- sounds great. It’s good to see you back… where did you go? :)

On Hollyday, people would celebrate by getting married to whom they wished- no matter their genders, everyone could feel the Earth’s energy, everyone would swim in pools of melted chocolate, and there would be a parade honoring me. I’d be carried on a float taking a nap. Then I’d have a whole evening alone to go get some over-priced coffee drink and Thai food or maybe pizza, get a massage, then watch some trash TV or movie on the couch until midnight when my husband would come home after delivering supplies to my chosen charities and we’d make out like teenagers. The end.

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Jen-nay day

Waking up in the morning and holding my girl in my arms after a night of rumpling the sheets. Then, walking down to the beach with a cup of hot, freshly ground/brewed and watching the waves/breathing in the lake air.

Back to my girl’s place to make breakfast – breakfast potatoes (diced ‘taters, onions, cilantro, peppers, s & p, spicy seasoning), eggs over easy (on top of ‘taters), topped with shredded cheese. Play a little guitar with my girl. Shower together.

Off to Detroit to check out some art, antiques, have some adult beverages whilst checking out some live music. Driving home, feeling rather amorous (it’d be a quick drive home), maybe, doing a little puff-puff-give when we get home. Lying on the couch together. Feeling amorous. “Make cookies”..

I had a day like that last weekend. : )

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@ubersiren I took a break from the site to focus on my own life, and now that it’s back in line I felt it was a right time to come back and see how things have gone on. For the most part I am glad to see the changes in the site such as the distinct separation of chatty versus pointed questions. And I am glad to see the new and old faces alike :)
BTW you are more than welcome to come have one of my days, especially in this heat wave we’ve been having. The novelty of shoveling poop and feeding the animals wears off after a few days. Thankfully the desire to snuggle my lambs never wears off :D

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I don’t have me days but I have me hours and during me hours I watch crappy tv and eat crappy food and nap around.

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Damn @jjmah it sucks to be you. ~

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@dynamicduo good to see you back!

“I took a break from the site to focus on my own life”

I need to do that…

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@chyna it’s rough, huh?

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I do things I like everyday…


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Everyday is me for me. As a work-at-homer, I get to choose when I wake up, when I go to sleep, which tasks I want to do, and when I do them. It’s a dream come true.

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I like this idea. I am adopting it. Tomorrow is Zen’s day. Excuse the third person.

First a huge breakfast – but at a fancy restaurant in a nice hotel – overlooking the beach. Between breakfast and sea-food brunch – lots of water sports – diving and kite-surfing. Then I’m famished and ready for the second of five meals that day. Siesta. Lunch. Champagne. Sleep. Surf and Turf and sun and sand. Not mixed. Tan and beach. Swim.

Dinner. Shopping for clothes and shoes (not really) and gadgets and office and school supplies (oh yes).

Movie. Genre: Blowing up things, or Space. I prefer them combined.

Can I get a date for the evening? Yes? Then that’s how the day will end.

And poof – back in my armchair fluthering about.

That was fun – thanks Jane.

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Take my boat out to the river, blast up to the sand bar, anchor and tie my foot to the back of the boat and float on my floaty with a cold one. No cell phones allowed!

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@Cruiser I’m so there. Sleeps… if you don’t mind my asking?

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@zenele I don’t mind at all! Are you asking if I sleep out there?

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How many does your yacht sleep? How many rooms/beds (every country has it’s own jargon). Or how many square feet (I’ll do the math to meters).

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@zenele I wish! I just have an 18’ Chaparral IO that I trailer in and out when I get the urge. It’s my little speed demon!

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Jane Day was a success! However very very very hot. DC was killing me slowly. Luckily sitting outside the Hirshhorn in the shade by the fountain, with an ice water, and talking to a friend was a great part of the day. Getting some sun. Visited the giant squid, got a new journal, two new books on sale. Tried the new cupcake shop in town, cupcake wasn’t amazing, but lord was the owner adorable :). Came home, made Pad Thai for the Pops. Now catching up on all that I missed online!

@zenele you’re welcome!
@dynamicduo How wonderful that you were able to get away from the daily grind! Your day sounds absolutely charming. If you ever need a farm hand for a few days, call me up! I’ve milked a cow!

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@IBERnineD Don’t volunteer unless you really mean it! I have tons of work and not nearly enough hands. But then you’d know my real life identity, not too sure how I feel bout that….. then again another pair of hands in the barn might just be worth the tradeoff.

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The sky grows black, the dead rise, the moon bleeds and cough erm.

Or I just rent a buncha horror movies and get drunk while watching em.

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@Cruiser Pics, or it didn’t happen.

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@zenele You’ve said that three times today already, what’s up with you? XD (I have big boobs. Lol?)

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@zenele my avatar at 50 mph!

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@Symbeline I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that for a second.

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@bob_ Yeah. I can easily bring about the Apocalypse, but I’m so flat the walls are jealous LOLZ :D

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Who said boobs – I’m tired and can’t read the little avatars and nicknames.

Big boobs??!! – pics or it never happened.

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People have boobs. Believe it. And I was lying, I just wanted to make you say pics or it never happened again.

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You know I got it from bob.

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I have massive boobage. Just sayin’.

I used to have these days every few months: First up, a massage. Leaving there, with no particular place to go and no set time to return home, I’d wander languidly. Visit antique shops, book stores, Home Depot or Lowes, the library, maybe visit a friend or get a new haircut. Bliss!

These days, not so much. But, my everydays are very flexible ,like @YARNLADY,‘s so I don’t need them so much. :)

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^ Oh,baby.

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@zenele He’s a bad influence. :D

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@Symbeline you are telling me! loll…

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On my day i’d go shopping for house things, like candles, fragrant thingies or mirrors or other ornaments or useful thingamajigs to use around the house. After a busy morning of shopping i need to have lunch at some cozy little coffee shop where i’ll probably have something savoury and something sweet afterwards.
And theeeennnn….i dunno! More shopping? Maybe some clothes this time. Although probably not the best idea to do this AFTER lunch. Before i go home i’ll do some grocery shopping. Shopping for food is fun too.
Of course i rarely get to do all this in one day. But i would like to.

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I wear my wet hair up in a ponytail and go without any makeup out to a few antique stores to check on new arrivals, a few consignment and pawn shops, maybe a mani/pedi and home to eat something with cheese.

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