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Do you have a morning ritual? What is it?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) July 14th, 2010
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In the market for a good morning ritual. Please share yours if you have one!

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Make pot of coffee, read the paper, and get on the computer! Then, go from there!

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7am: Brush dog, walk dog, rain or shine, at least one mile. The only thing that varies is the route. We like to explore.

7pm: Brush dog, walk dog, rain or shine, at least one mile. The only thing that varies is the route. We like to explore.

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Run around like a mad man trying to get showered and dressed and out the door so that I’m less than 10 minutes late for work and I don’t forget anything.

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Give my kitty his morning tuna snack, and from there my rituals and routines are pretty much random, but they’ll usually involve (in no particular order) checking my emails, visiting fluther and other similar site to see any interesting updates and comments, find breakfast, brush teeth, shower/bath and wash hair, doing dishes, some office work (i work at home). Sometimes many of these listed things only happen later in the day, like after lunch time. Except the kitty tuna, because he asks so nicely for it first thing in the morning and i don’t like to make my kitties wait. :)

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i thought about this this morning… there tends to be a number of things to do in the morning: any leftover dishes that need to be cleaned or put away, cat litter, feeding the cats, making my bed, checking my internet sites… all of these things i would rather do AFTER having a cup of coffee but it tends to go like this: feed kitties, do dishes, do litter, make coffee, make bed, check sites, then shower & get dressed and vacuum at some point!!!

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I wake up, use the restroom, take a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, go down stairs, pack my lunch and laptop, drive off to work.

Occasionally there might be a take out trash, or get gas while going to work thrown in.

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Coffee (decaf) and the Washington Post.

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I don’t wake up in the mornings anymore (2nd shift) but when I did, I had a very rigid routine. I got up and put on some coffee. While the coffee was brewing, I’d take a shower. After I got dressed, I’d put some bread in the toaster. Once the toast popped up, some peanut butter would go onto it. I’d pour a cup of coffee and watch the news/weather crap thats on in the mornings. I’d probably have another cup of coffee and once I was done eating/drinking, I’d brush my teeth and leave.


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Wake up at 6:30 alarm or not. Do thirty pushups. Go to bathroom, take leak, take a shower (shave in the shower) go downstairs, take vitamins and have bowl of shredded mini wheats with banana and skim milk, go to Starbucks (where, since the ritual is so absolute that they know my name) All of this is true regardless of day of the week. The only variations occur AFTER Starbuck’s. Is it workday or not, Saturday, Sunday, holiday etc.

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I send the dog out to fetch the newspaper while I make oatmeal and coffee…from there it’s pure mayhem. ;)

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Grimace, feed the cats, go to the bathroom, make husband’s lunch, go back to bed for about an hour and a half, get up, go to the bathroom, brush teeth, curl hair, get dressed, gather breakfast and lunch foods, go to work. It’s not much to speak of, but it gets me out the door in a minimum amount of time.

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Feed, water dogs. Make instant cappucino. Turn on computer. Put in some laundry. Go to bathroom (dogs attack at that time, every time).
Make bowl cereal; hope I have blueberries. Let dogs out . Go back to pc. Let dogs in. Go to bathroom. Go back to computer.
Let dogs out. Have some cold tea. Let dogs in. Back to pc.
Get clothes from dryer. Dump on couch .Go back to computer for hours on end.
Such a great feeling of accomplishment.

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After doing bathroom stuff, feeding the cat and checking email, I like to lie back down in bed for 15 to 30 minutes with the bedroom window open, radio off, cat at my feet. Just sort of chilling out. It’s not meditation per se, but the result is the same.

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So . All of you go to bed without showering first??!? Egads.

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Not all! I shower before bed and in the morning again. :)

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Wake up around 6–6:30 all on my own.

1st thing turn on tea kettle and go straight out to garage landing with stampeding cats wanting ‘kitty food.’ Open cans and dump into paper Sesame Street bowls. lol

Trudge down to the goose corral and let my little friends out of their barn.

Come back in and turn on laptop on big ottoman in my living room. Make a cup of coffee, go wash my face with ice cold water. Check emails and fluther.

My work is mega flexable so lots of morning space most of the time.

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For my summer job at day camp: Wake up, hit snooze, get up at around 7:20, pee, brush teeth, wash face, get dressed, do hair, do makeup, gather needed items, leave at about 7:55.
(No use showering before camp, I just get filthy. Have to night shower in the summer)

@Coloma don’t use ice cold water! It closes up your pores so they don’t get cleaned out.

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@Aster enjoyed your description and think you need a dog door.

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But it helps with the morning puffy face. lol

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@Ron_C We HAVE a doggie door but never installed it because now we only have french doors leading to the backyard.
I’ve thought about it for years, though. Always hopping up and down is not fun. Don’t want to make any major mistakes. (-; If the gate is left open accidentally I’m screwed. The dogs would leave the yard and race full-speed, down the street. Then when they came back in 15 minutes, they would run just as fast towards our house and could (remotely possible) get hit by a car.
Plus , it ticks off the neighbors. I hate it when that happens.


Wake up
Wash up
Make coffee and breakfast
Wake my little girls up and get them ready for the day
Get dressed
Go to work

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Masturbation! usually!! :-/


@Scooby Yes, good one! Lol.

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stare into the early sun with my eyes closed. it helps me wake up and think clearer.

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About the morning ritual, is that when that really bright thing sends rays through my east window. ?
I drop one leg over the bed and scratch the “swarming” two dogs heads with my foot. Then I slide out of bed and take them out to the yard. Feed the porch kitty on the way back in. Put on the coffee. Potty. Get dogs in and put some dry food down. Turn on the computer. Check the weather. ( We are in Oklahoma so have to see which several seasons and in what order and with what intensity they are going to hit today.) Take coffee and a yogurt and /or dry Total bran flakes back to bed and read some more of a book. Listen to the dogs crunch their food. Add and subtract to my formidable list of to do’s. Watch my hubby get dressed and discuss the days “plans.” Get more coffee. Be alone for a bit. Check email (do not answer yet unless concerns scheduling) and Fluther. Leave computer on. Go to the barn and start on the horses under the chaos of the dogs “greeting” the barn cats and anyone human who shows up.

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@Aster “All of you go to bed without showering first??!?”

It wasn’t that long ago when people would pray every day and bathe once a week. Now we bathe every day and practically never pray.

I pray in the shower.

Now if I could only get a waterproof computer…

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies You are a real trip!!

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The three esses…
Shit, Shower and Shave

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Just getting the hell out of bed is ritual enough for me.

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Get out of the chair in which I sleep
Put on my glasses
Let younger dog out of her kennel
Let dogs outside, leashing younger dog
Let dogs back in.
Give each dog a oat or head rub
Give each dog a medium cookie, use it as a read for the younger dog to go back to her kennel
Go to toilet
Wash hands
Take morning medications
Get back in chair to sleep some more
Repeat in a few hours without kennelling younger dog
Take noon medications
Sit in my other chair
Play fetch with younger dog
Open up laptop and fluther while I drink tea.

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@Scooby Finally! I was shocked at how long this thread lasted before someone mentioned it. Thanks:)

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I take honey and water immediately after I get up,this helps to retain good skin.

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Yep! I milk the honey too!! :-/

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@Scooby good to see you again:)

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You too cutie ;-)

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I kill the alarm, smashing it into the table and curse like a drunken sailor for about half a minute before dragging myself outta bed to take a shower. And I must say, I do this with near – religious dedication…
I am yet to start a day otherwise :P

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@fremen_warrior that is kind of a mild morning start. Once, part of my job was to wake the sailors for their turn on watch. A number of them would wake up swinging and I quickly learned to stay out of range. Mostly, I would stand at the end of their bunk and shake their big toe. That way I could avoid all the swinging and kicking involved in waking a guy that was on the edge of sanity.

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