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Has anyone seen the documentary "for the Bible tells me so?"

Asked by Riser (3485points) March 20th, 2008
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I am hoping traditional Christians have seen it. If so, could you give me your opinions, biblically, about the content of the documentary? Did it offend you or question your theology?

Thank you

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sorry I have not seen it

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I’m downloading it now… Should I put away the fine china? Will I want to break stuff?

38 minutes to go.

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LOL! Oh beware the fine china… :D

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John. Where are you downloading it? I couldn’t find it anywhere and no I think you will like it.

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Riser… Are you down with Bittorrent? You can’t click and download. You need a bittorrent client installed.

I am getting it from here.

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Please let me know what you think of it. I’ve never used bittorrent clients so I will have to hop on yahoo answers to get the skinny first but thank you so much for the link sir.

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not a christian, but what is the documentary about?

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I found this clip on youtube and found it interesting.

Growing up with an old fashioned background we were taught two things on this subject.
1. it’s a sin
2. Love the sinner, not the sin.

I personally am more of a “judge not” kind of person. I love people based on how they treat me and not what they do or don’t do. I am nowhere near being any type of Bible scholar, but I remember reading that we should remove the beam from our own eyes before plucking a speck of dust from another’s. I wasn’t offended by the glimpse I got of the documentary in that clip. And because of my convictions, it didn’t really change the way I feel about the matter either. So I won’t “cast the first stone” so to speak. I am far from perfect myself, so who am I to judge what another person does?

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I’m not sure a ‘god’ would approve of Bittorrent!

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Bittorent is not stealing, resist the propaganda. It is sharing.

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Needleinthehay: It’s about bridging the gap between modern Christianity and the gay community. it focuses on a handful of Christian families who have a gay child and their struggle to come to terms with this truth that they have easily been able to sweep under the rug before it hit home.

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Riser, Do you know if this is available main stream? I’m going to see if Netflix has it so I can watch it.

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Scamp, I haven’t been able to find it yet. You can purchase it off of the film’s website but I can’t find it locally (Los Angeles) which surprises because it was a Sundance contender and usually I can find anything Sundance at the LA DVD stores. We usually have everything in this town, when it comes to films.

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I just checked and Netflix has it. I put it on the top of my queue, so I should be able to see it withing the coming week.

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And here are some views on the oposite side. LOL!

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