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If you could have named yourself, what would you choose?

Asked by jfos (7385points) July 16th, 2010
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I guess you can still change your name, but then you wouldn’t have grown up with it. Based on your knowledge now, what would you and name yourself if you could go back in time?

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Something simple and a name that is not odd or different like I have now.
Lisa, Joy, Ann, or Kelly.

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Even though I’m not of Russian or Scandinavian descent, I would love to be named Nikolai.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Nikolai is pretty awesome.

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Pippi Longstocking. :)


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Hello, I’m Rowan MacBean, and I did name myself. (Though my middle name, “Kenneth,” was given to me by friends.)

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A two-syllable name, like Rachel.

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This comment is no longer needed so I took it out because I’m just that kinda guy.

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(I did note that and edited just in time. Sorry to have been too quick-on-the-draw).)

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Silas…as a note, my youngest daughter and husband picks the first name and middle initial of their kids names and then the kid gets to pick their middle name. She has one rule they have to pick before they are 18 so she has some control.

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My SO thinks I look like a Vivica, but I like Liz.

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Gabriella or Sophia or something closer to my ethnicity

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Buck, & i’m here to fuck ;¬} Although I do like my name, kind of grew on me.

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Jacques Bouffe’ It’s got a nice ring to it and would sound real cool when they call you for your table at the restaurant…Table for Monsieur Bouffe’

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Worf, son of Moog.

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I really love my name! I’ve never thought about it.

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I have learned to live with my name and am less sure than ever if I would have wanted to change my middle name. I just don’t use it and don’t plan to disclose it.

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When I was about 6, I wanted to be named Jack Black. Cool and tough sounding, at 6. Now I’m happy with my given name, though I sometimes wish my ex wife didn’t know it.

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True story, worked a claim on a man named Harry Bush!

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@Cruiser: Check out a famous French movie from the early 1970’s: La Grande Bouffe

You do know what “bouffer” means, don’t you?

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i hate waiting in line . . .

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@BoBo1946 must have been a cousin to the Hiney twins Harry and Semour

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@BoBo1946 In this area Dick or Dyck is a common last name. I know a gentleman named Harry Dick.

I would maybe choose Bronwyn or Francesca.

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When I was young I wished for all sorts of names, one of which was “Cecily” and when I was a little older I wished I had used a diminutive of my middle name which would have been “Stevie” [for a nickname] but as I grew older I found that I liked own name very much.

@gailcalled yes, I wanted more syllables too. Instead I added an “e” to my first name in 4th grade and made my first name and last name have symmetry [4 letters, middle letters same]

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I really like my name, but my mother told me she wanted to name me Loganne if my father would have let her. Over time, Loganne grew on me. It’s not a typical female name, but I think it’s beautiful. I also really like Lanni.

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I like my name too…...

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I have several different names already, including the one I use here.

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Gabrielle, or Desdemona.

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@Symbeline Your real one is attractive also.

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Don Fernando and I would be the most interesting man in the world.

Maybe Rolland would be a good 2nd choice, seeing as I’m nothing like that guy in the commercials.

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@gailcalled…it’s pronounced Boo-fay….not boof! Of course I know what Bouffe means….it is the sound opponents in dodge ball make when you nail them good!!

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Matt Browne.

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I already like my current name Jamie so I wouldn’t change it.

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@Cruiser: Ah, that accent aigu. Bouffé ´´´´´´´´´´´´´´. (From my new book, “Why I Own a Mac.)

Talking Dog joke:

Owner (at bar with dog): What’s on top of a house?
Dog: Rooooof

Owner: Who is the Sultan of Swat?
Dog; Rooooth

Owner: Vocalization in Dodge Ball?
Dog: Booooof.

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Max Power! And I’d have the perfect Simpsons quote to go with it too xD

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