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Do you know a adult version of this sight.

Asked by axlefoley (347points) March 21st, 2008
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This is the only fluther. What do you mean by an adult version of this sight?

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I have posted what I have felt harmless question’s. However they have been taken of, but I don’t think they were harsh questions or rude.

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read the rules

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One reason your questions may be removed, is too many errors. I looked at your profile, and noticed that you have only used a question mark in one of your questions. Most users take grammar very seriously on fluther. Proofread before you submit. I hope you have better luck getting your questions out there!

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site, not sight

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yes, www.flutheradult/org/
I don’t get the question. Fluther is the only site that I have been to where there’s no 11 year old kids being stupid.

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your questions were deleted, so you want an ‘adult’ version of the site?


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I have rushed some questions on here in the past, However I have a wife, and a life. I won’t bother anymore, people can be nasty.

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don’t get mad if you let what poeple say get you this upset it controls you so in away your their slave

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It’s the internet. It’s not that serious.

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The internetizsrsbzness.

Seriously, Fluther is primarily composed of adults and mature youth. We value well-spoken dialogue, discussion, and the occasional debate. Mostly we come to ask questions that need some sort of expertise – and if your question is properly asked and labeled, it will fall into the lap of those particular experts.

Frankly, I can see someone’s frustration when they ask a poorly formed question and they see lots of snide remarks. This community has a standard and they are just trying to guide you to the “accepted” way. The Internet is not a lawless place. It’s fun to help people – it’s not fun to try to decipher what they mean.

A “life”. So you are insinuating everyone who offers to help a stranger with a problem or question has no life? Heh.

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If you tried to participate in Barbelith, you’d get kicked out so hard you would have to have the boot surgically removed. This is child’s play.

On another note, should you decide to stay, we welcome you, and apologize if you were offended! :)

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Oh, I get it.

Axel wants to put as little effort as possible into his questions/comments.

And then he wants everyone here to do the “adult” thing, which to his way of thinking means that we’ll spend an inordinate amount of effort trying to figure out what he actually means.

And the motivation is that his “life” has more going on and hence his time is more important than anyone else’s.

That sum it up okay, @Axel?

If so, then I think your question might best be reworded to ask, “Do you know how on Fluther I can ask inane and pointless questions without getting beat up on whilst I continue on my merry way?”

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