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How do you fix a head gasket I'm a car?

Asked by pixievondust (8points) March 21st, 2008
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your a car

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I don’t think a car can fix it (you) LOL. It is to the driver. ???

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I meant how do you fix a head gasket in a car!

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I thought you were the new iCar me I take it to the shop that’s a big job

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vroom vroom!

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Im not sure how fix a human head gasket but being a mechainc I can fix them on cars. If you have little or no auto experence then the easiest way to do it is to take it to a mechanic because that’s a time consuming and labor intensive job

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btw is your name KITT?

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Thats so cool i always wanted to be a car. My brother is a car but not me I’m a motercycle!

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Since you’re a car, I’ll put this in terms you’ll understand:


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P.s. It’s motOrcycle!

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do I still get a great answer

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Oneye, you are the last person on earth who should be making fun of other’s typos. Even your retorts to this question have grammatical errors & typos.

Pixie- I don’t have a good answer except to say I took mine to the shop, and it ended up costing more because one of the engine bolts cracked as they predicted it might.

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I didn’t think all of you little kids would be up this early!

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huh-? Its 10:36 eastern right now.

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I would be pretty careful of the ‘Fix-a-Head-Gasket-With-Engine-Block-Sealer’ fix. That may work on a low compression engine, such as a lawnmower or an old 6 cylinder Ford or Chevy. Most of the modern engines are was too high compression for anything except a real head gasket job and it will be expensive.

@65 stang: Why aren’t you at work/school? Also I have a 84 GT 350

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well, I graduated hs in 05, I don’t have a job right now, but I am trying to get into the army national guard. What about you?

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What do you mean by “trying” to get in the national guard? Do you mean trying as in “I might go sign up after I pack another bong”? I’m pretty sure you just need to go sign up, and take a physical.

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I meant that I’m already talking to a recruiter, we’re waiting on what kind of waiver he needs. After that I go to meps. He needs a waiver because I’m prior service in the Air Force( I didn’t make it through boot camp). I went to the regular army, redid the physical, and the doctor stopped me, saying he needed proof of what happened, had me talk to a psychyatrist( or however you spell it). About a week later they said I was rejected. (did you catch all that(whew!))

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psychiatrist. (I’m on the touch, I can’t edit it.

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Best of luck Stang! Why didn’t you finish boot camp with the Air Force? If I would have joined any branch, I would’ve went Air Force. I considered it for a short while, after I graduated, but now I’m glad I didn’t.

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You take the engine apart, remove the old head gasket, put in the new one, and put the engine back together. This is not a trivial job.

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I kept getting recycled, failure to adapt, and got an entry level separation.

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