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My iPhone just totally blacked (well technically white) out on me?

Asked by tylerandcason (94points) July 27th, 2010
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Ok so I have had my iPhone for maybe a year now and maybe an hour ago it just blacked out. Well technically the color was white. Here is the story: So I went to the movies today and while i was there i turned my phone on virbrate and once i got out of the movies i got a phone call. I talked for like 5 minutes. But anyway, while I was in the car (not driving just so you know) I was trying to get into my phone (i have a passcode). And when I tried to type in the passcode it wouldnt let me type in the last digit. Well it did but my phone didnt open up. It just froze. And a couple minutes later I tried again but it didnt work and it was still in that same frozen position. Then I tried to turn it off but it wouldnt let me. Then all of a sudden the screen just turned white and it has been like that for about an hour now. Maybe even a little longer. It won’t let me turn the phone off or restart it either. And I hope you won’t say I have to get a new phone unless there is a way I can somehow transfer ALL of the information that is on my phone to the new one. So please help!

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The first thing to try is a hard reset. You hold down the top right button and the round indented one on the bottom SIMULTANEOUSLY until the apple logo appears on the screen.

Then give it a few minutes for it to cycle through and do it’s thing. When it finishes it and goes to black, hit the bottom button and slide and it should be back to normal.

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That’s the number one piece of advice. Number two, if it doesn’t work… Genius Bar SAP.

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Or if you don’t live near an Apple store, use another phone and call 800-MYIPHONE.

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@Buttonstc, you’re right, of course, but how could one survive not living near an Apple Store??? ;-)

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I know what you mean :)

But some of the folks on that phone line have provided me with a wealth of info on many things other than just the issue I originally called about.

That’s why I renewed the Applecare for an additional year as it is priceless. It’s great when you get an exceptionally experienced person on the line who’s also friendly and really loves their job. SO many great tips.

A phone call is so much easier than an hour drive and hassling with mall parking etc.

When I used to live in Philly it was much closer and easier.

But I can’t imagine moving anywhere where an Apple store is farther than an hour or more :(

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I don’t have a clue where the nearest Apple store is, but you can bet it is a couple of thousand kilometers. I am sad.

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Did you get an iPhone yet? I recall you mentioning it several months ago.

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@Buttonstc – nope I still have not succumbed. The major phone service provider here does not support them so it would only be of use in the major cities and in Australia they are few and far between

Today I received info on the new iMac with the 27” display 8 gig of ram, multi tets of memory, now that makes me drool a little, heheheh! Might soon be time to turn in the lappy for an iMac!

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How about an ipodtouch? You get access to all the cool apps and could use it to make skype calls if you wanted to.

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I thought about getting one and then never got around to it. But that is a good idea. I might just do that, thanks for suggesting it! You will have to tell me what are the best apps, seems as if there are millions to choose from.

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I’ll be happy to drop you a few hints on that one.

There are also several apps review sites and computer mags print up lists of recommended apps from time to time. It’s amazing what’s available for free.

There’s even one for locating Pho, which we’ve previously discussed :)

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hehheheh, okey dokey, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime I have found a great recipe for making my own pho and it is really good!

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