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Any tips on getting a job related to Accounting while I'm in school?

Asked by jfos (7380points) July 30th, 2010
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I think I’m ultimately going to be majoring in accounting. I’m wondering if there are ways to get experience and compensation for doing accounting-related work, prior to getting a degree.

This would undoubtedly be beneficial to an accounting career, and might pay better than the job I have now. Is it possible? Do you have any tips?

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My oldest daughter, who just turned 27 yesterday, tended bar for a couple years. She stared doing the books on the evenings she worked because of some errors that were affecting her pay. She gradually took over and ended up doing all the book keeping.
Is there a possibility of you kind of easing into it the same way where you are now?
I know her BD is immaterial to the point, I just love her and take every opportunity to blow her horn. Her BD is a big deal to her Mommie.

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@Trillian There is not a possibility of me doing that where I work. That’s a good idea though.

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@jfos In that case, how familiar are you with QuickBooks? My daughter has that program. and I’d saythat if you do and familiarize yourself you could just kind of freelance for people. You could also freelance if you’re good with excel. As long as the other person has it you can go in and set them up. Excel ROCKS!

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I’d suggest working at a bank as a front desk clerk/teller. Anything that tends to deal with money (besides being a fast-food cashier)—how about working as a bookie, lol jk.

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There are many account clerk jobs available. Most require a knowledge of a computer program, so you would want to be sure you are fluent in that.

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Look for an internship. And the best way may require you to drop the focus on the compensation aspect of it. I think there are many students out there that would be willing to do a job like that for free to get the experience while in college.

Just focus on getting out there (like when it’s time to get a real job) and apply at as many places as you are willing to work. In the end, most places have some sort of policy that requires them to pay some money for an internship anyway.

One great way (and the way I went) was volunteering to work for the University you are attending. I asked the HR dept at my university if I could volunteer for experience. They said no volunteers, but they did say that if I did the work-study program (scholarship money for work) they could stick me doing it in HR!

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