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Whats the problem? (computer geeks welcome)

Asked by okc405 (255points) March 22nd, 2008
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Well I have a 32” inch lcd flatscreen, I’m typin on the tv right now, and I hooked my computer to it through a vga cable i bought from radioshack i have a headphone to rca cable that i got hooked up but the sound is small and tinny, sounds like my speakers are fittin’ to bust. i turn it back to regular television and the sound is normal.

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Make sure that you don’t have the volume on the computer jacked right up and the TV on quiet, this will distort the quality of the sound. So instead turn the computer sound on low and the TV up and this should remove distortion and bad sound quality.

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make sure you’re not plugging the headphone end of that cable into a headphone jack-some computers have two output ports-one for headphones that is an amplified signal, the other for connecting to non-amplified line level equipment such as powered computer speakers and TVs. If there is only one jack for audio out on the computer then set the output low on the computer (mid way up) and then turn the TV up gradually. The response joeys gave above is accurate, just wanted to add a bit of detail to it.

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There actually should be a headphone jack alrdy on the back of your TV… I’m using my Samsung 32’ TV with a VGA cable and i have a 3.5mm plug going from my TV to my PC. On my PC, i have a Y-Splitter so i can also have speakers connected to my PC, and my TV, and sound comes out both. What kind of TV is it?

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