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What color/type of pens do you prefer?

Asked by jfos (7380points) August 9th, 2010
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Blue? Black? Some other color?

Do you prefer certain colors for certain writing purposes?

What about the method of ink-baring? Do you prefer caps or clickers? Or even the elusive spinners?

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I know that ‘pens’ looks like ‘penis’. No need to make that point.

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I like pens that are thick and write thickly (kind of like…oh fine)

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I don’t like pens with the cushy grip.I have to have a hard pen ;)

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I always use pens, and I hate pencils. I like using black pens, and it has to write smoothly. But when I’m editing a paper I use red pens.

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My favourite type of pen has to have black ink and write very finely.

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Regarding the answers provided above, I’d just like to say THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

Thank you.

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LOL! I like my pen hard and think! I got that one:)

Well I’ve only tried blue, black, green, red pens. If there were orange or purple or something pens then I would say all pens are fine to me.

p.s I like them hard.

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Fountain pen. Black, permanent, waterproof ink. Old school.

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Like my coffee, black strong & always at hand.Well most of the time anyway.

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I love writing in green, but day to day black is my colour of choice. And it has to be a biro, my writing’s already too spidery to cope with free flowing ink!

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I like the black, fine-tip, clicky Sharpie. Ballpoints make me press to hard, and gels are too finicky.

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I’m very particular about my pens, but I’ll take any pen over a pencil…I hate writing in pencil for some reason. Always black pens. Fine-tip. Never gel. Click-tops are preferred, but I don’t mind a cap. I prefer two specific types of Zebra pens over all other pens.

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I did read this as penis. Imagine my disappointment when it said pens. Sigh.

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Blue, black, red and green.

Need the set handy.

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In retrospect… I should’ve just put ‘pen’...

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@jfos Well as someone once said the pen-is mightier than the sword.

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@jfos you like the turns this q took, admit it

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@jfos I just added you to my fluther so your points would be 6666.

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@chyna Thanks. I just added you to mine so you’d have 16383.

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@ucme I have to say, you’re write about that.

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I prefer black Gel ink. I’m partial to the Pilot Precise V5 RT at the moment. But I sure miss all the Parker pens I’ve lost. Recently.

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@jfos I had a feeling you’d be ink-lined to concur

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Tul makes great pens.

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Black ink Rollerballs…those little rolly balls make writing so much more fun and enjoyable! ;)

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I love writing with felt-tip or gel pens… but I also like the transluscent Bic pens… they seem to write so smoothly, moreso than the non-transluscent. Don’t know why.

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I use extremely fine point gel pens in a variety of colors. I prefer purple because it’s unusual, but I often switch colors to highlight particular words or sentences when I am writing.

Of course, I use black or blue in instances where it is requires—usually black.

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I like purple ink pens. I like any type of pen that has a colour different than blue and black. :) Also fine point pens are best.

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This is the only pen I roll with.

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I like black or blue ink pens with a fine tip.

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I only use blue pens with a fine tip. If it bleeds through the paper I usually get upset.

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i like any pen just as long as the color is blue, i also like pens that are sparkly!

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