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What are some funny comic strip sound effects you've seen?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37403points) August 11th, 2010
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Since it’s a written medium, comic strips have to make sound effects out of words like Bam! or Kablooie! or Pow! Those types of written effects have even been used in television shows.

What are some funny or unusual ones you’ve seen?

Can you make up some? Humor is appreciated.

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(sound of a ricochet)

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My favorite example of onomatopoeia, I think was from a Foxtrot comic & it was for when the dad threw something (not wood) into a wood chipper.


If I was to make up my own… I suppose it would be…


Would be used for when a character gets emotionally stepped-on by their love interest.

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PARP, PARP!! A wonderful sound made when squeezing breasts. Seen it in Viz comic, an adult publication in the U.K. Fun when done on the wife as well, kind of like a customised car horn.

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Don Martin of Mad Magazine used to do the best. I’ll never forget fa-GROOLna ( don’t remember what it was for).

Also, a large woman took off her bra and the sound effect was “plooba-doop”

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@cockswain Sounds like the left one is longer than the right.

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