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Which film would you turn down money to never watch again?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) August 12th, 2010
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If someone offered you cash money to sit and watch this movie, what it would take for you to say no? Was it stupid, horrible, gross, unbearable?
This is hypothetical, so don’t worry about the sematics.

For me, it’s Feast 2. That poor, poor kitty cat. XP

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I would watch it, Put the cash in my pocket. Hell yeah!
No let me see Punch Drunk Love was not my cup of tea.

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I’m gonna get flack: Avatar. Don’t even try to throw in popcorn – I’m outta there.

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Off the top of my head, some movies that I could not be paid enough to watch again:

- Jackass
– The Waterboy
– Happy Gilmore
– RV
– Super Troopers
– Napoleon Dynamite
– Forrest Gump
– the Twilight movies
– Crash (the Cronenberg one)
– Feed
– the first Saw

…a whole bunch more horror flicks that sucked so much I can’t even remember their names… Horror is my favorite genre when it’s done right. But it so rarely is. :(

@zenele I could probably be convinced to watch Avatar again, if paid. Or if I could mute it and just watch instead of listen.

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GQ. I only have 3 regrets in life, and one of them was sitting through Dumb and Dumber at the theater. No amount of money will ever get me to watch it again. Even the only movie I’ve ever walked out on would get another chance.

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The DaVinci Code
I’d rather take a nap at home ;)

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Forest Gump, Titanic., American Beauty.

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Apocalypse Now, Jaws and Pulp Fiction. Only 3 movies I can watch over and over.

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Valkyrie, it’s like pulling teeth enduring that yawnfest.

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Planet of the Apes remake

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The movies I loved, and there are MANY, I watch again and again. The ones I hated, like Saw, the Planet of the Apes and the Psycho remakes, The Thing remake and so many more, I wish I’d never laid eyes on.

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@Cruiser, I agree with your choices of movies you’d watch again and again, but my friend, you need to let me suggest some others to add to your list.

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@Austinlad Suggest away!! I have others but the question did ask which “film” so I have already overstepped the boundaries of Fluther decorum with offering 3!! ;)

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The question is vague. As I understand it, you want to know what movie we would refuse to re-watch, even if we were paid.
I will often re-watch films I hate, if other people liked them, just to make sure it wasn’t me. A couple times I have found movies I hated the first time, only to love it on second viewing. I watched Chaplin’s “Modern Times” on a bad day, and didn’t like it. Now, it is a favorite.
I would turn down money to watch Requiem For A Dream again. Bad Lieutenant is another.

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superman 4

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@Cruiser, yeah, I figured that. I’ll send you some of my favorites offline. I’ll send along some popcorn, too.

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Talljaspermanm, right on! Superman 4 was awful!

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Clockwork Orange—hated it. I know it’s a classic and all. Too violent and horrible.

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The one that just was out about John Keats; I’m blanking on the name. It was painfully slow. Avatar would be a tough sell for me too. A Very Long Engagement was very long. Probably almost any bloody horror film; I end up twitching in bed at 3 a.m.

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The Lord of the Rings

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Nothing that i can think of. I want the easy money. :) It depends how much money we’re talking about here though.

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I hated Memento enough not to want to see it ever again.
I must echo @Frenchfry about Punch Drunk Love. Adam Sandler movies generally are not as funny as one expects, but this was horrendous.
I would add Grizzly Man to the list but I’m afraid that I will be compelled to watch it again through my own sick fascination with his psychosis. There is material there for several papers.

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I would never voluntarily rewatch Ishtar , The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes or the latest James Bond movie.

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Ishtar was a great movie. I don’t know why people did not like it? It was so “real”.

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Any film having Will Ferrell in the cast.

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If I’m being paid a decent amount of money I’d watch any horrible movie (not porn).

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The Saw movies. Actually, any horror movies.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I must say that Dumb and Dumber wasn’t one of my least favourite films, I actually rather enjoyed it. Low brow, screwball early Jim Carrey – pass the beer – I can even remember some stupid lines from it. :-)

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Terms of Endearment (ChickFlickZilla)
The English Patient (will you just fucking DIE already?)
My Dinner With Andre (fell asleep halfway through the soup)
The Man Who Wasn’t There (Billy Bob Thornton)
Born on the Fourth of July (pompous ass Oliver Stone meets silly ass Tom Cruise)
Batman & Robin (Alicia Silverstone was cute in Clueless, but…)

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I’m pretty open to movies, but I’d have to say no to any horror film. I’m terrified of them.

(Unless it’s the funny kind of scary, like Prom Night or something.)

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Transformers 2
Ghost Ship
Starship Troopers (I can watch most of it, except the brain-sucking scene)
practically any horror movie
practically anything described as a “romantic comedy”

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Anything recent by M. Night Shyamalonadingdong.

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I liked Dumb and Dumber.
Planet of the Apes
Fried Green Tomatoes
Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The DaVinci Code

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@Aster Is that the Planet of the Apes remake or original?

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@wilhel1812 I hated the original but I’m not sure if I saw the remake. If it came on tv I Know I turned it off.

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Ok, well i love the originals, but if you hated them, you would definitely not want to see the remake!
Actually no one should experience the suffering caused by watching the remake

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If somebody would pay to not go to movies, I would never go to a theater again for the rest of my life, and it would only cost $10 a day, the price of a movie and popcorn.

Now, if they would pay me never to eat popcorn again, that would be a hard choice.

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@IchtheosaurusRex Awww, didn’t like them in rubber? Not even nipple Robin?

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Bruno. Holy crap, what an awful film. Never, never, never again.

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I mean, how much cash? Given enough money, I’ll do a lot. For $5, I would not see Twilight: New Moon or Jaws 4, but for $1000 I would.

what are you talking about, Bruno was fucking hilarious!

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The Sound of Music. My mother took me to see it five times when I was a kid, and I can still feel the nausea.

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@Harold Rains drop on Roses made you sick. That is a classic. Oh! Thanks you made me laugh.

Harold's avatar

It was more “Do, a deer, a female deer….............”

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@Harold Silly…it’s “Doe”, a deer, a female deer… By the way, my SO feels the same way you do. His older sister watched it over and over again.

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@zenele , it wasn’t just the rubber. I mean, Silverstone wasn’t bad to look at, but consider that they were on actor #3 for the Caped Crusader at the time – George Clooney? Give me a fucking break. He’s not a bad Thespian, but the only thing worse than his miscasting in that film was Arnold’s. Maybe that was the defining moment when Arnie realized his acting career was over and he’d have a better shot at politics.

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@Pied_Pfeffer – Yes, silly me! I guess that shows my level of interest in the movie!!

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@Pied_Pfeffer Wait a minute, I think Do is the correct spelling, because it stands for do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti do. – Or do you go with Doe and Tea until you get to the scales?

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You know what really kills me about that song? When they say “Fa…a long long way to run.” That is total bullshit.

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The song uses homonyms in the first verse to make the solfeggio understandable.

“Doe, a deer, a female deer
Ray, a drop of golden sun
Me, a name I call myself
Far, a long, long way to run
Sew, a needle pulling thread
La, a note to follow Sew
Tea, a drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to Do (oh-oh-oh)”

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Yeah, and “La, a note to follow Sew.” What a copout.

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Think of the royalties Rodgers and Hammerstein earned with their copouts.

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@gailcalled What? Tea a drink with jam and bread – not Jan and Fred?

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@YARNLADY: Now try it in Swedish.

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@gailcalled Too true. And there were a lot of them.
@YARNLADY I always thought it was, “Tea, a drink with German bread.”

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@Pied_Pfeffer: On my first skiing trip, during winter break my sophomore year in college, we stayed at the Trapp family lodge in Stowe, Vt. It was an unpretentious but comfortable inn. The family introduced me to sugar on snow…warm maple syrup poured over fresh and clean snow. I was always a lousy skier, however.

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Somebody invite me for tea? I’m a comin’.

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A Perfect Storm

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