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Anybody have a problem with Gypsies?

The reason I ask is because generaly I don’t… Until now! I live in northern england and we have a local government built site for the gypsies to park their caravans and live. The site has shower blocks, toilets, and the local rubbish collection service.

There are other groups of gypsies/travellers who will arrive during the day or night and plonk their caravans on the first available patch of land, public or private, that they can squeeze on to.

I don’t really mind that either. But the biggest thing that annoys me is the amount of rubbish they leave behind. By rubbish I mean, a mound of car tyres (ok, could have been dumped by a local garage) soiled nappies strewn around, mattreses, empty tin food cans, and bags and bags of rubbish.

3 times in the last year they have setup camp at a local beauty spot, stayed for 2 weeks then moved on leaving a mountain of rubbish for the local authorities to clean up. which usually gets shifted about a month after the gypsies have left.

I have defended them in the past during debates with other people, but they just do not do themselves any favours with the local communities they descend on. They have no respect for the surroundings they leave trashed. Areas where local people like to walk there dogs or ride their bikes through.

Does anyone here, whatever part of the world you are from, have these kinds of problems?

Has anybody got any non-violent ideas, as to how to sort this problem out.

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