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Are you a big kid/what do you like to collect?

Asked by Jude (32198points) August 17th, 2010
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I love robots. I have one vintage metal robot, plus, a robot coaster and a coffee table book. I went online searching for robot stuff and I found this site. Artsy toys. :)

I want these.

Although, the black one with the red heart looks like a butt plug.

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Nice, funny people and sometimes grumpy old men..

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Coffee mugs. Any event or place I’ve liked or souvenir generating happening, I acquire a coffee mug. I even have one shaped like the head of a dog I once had. Cute, but damned inconvenient for drinking out of.

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I miss a certain grumpy old man.

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I have an annual pass to Disneyland. Need I say more?

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I’m the biggest kid going when it comes to, wait for it. .. ..a tent. Yup.

I just love the idea of different tents for different occasions, all of which represent a new adventure scenario I could be embarking on.

I usually end up on a holiday campsite though, probably sizing up everybody else’s tents.

It seems strange as an outdoor person that I feel the need to tell myself to get out more!

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I have a soft spot for legos. I have even thought about buying a set (I love the pirate theme ones, next to star wars, and that Indiana Jones wannabe).

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Airship and Zeppelin related stuff. (not the musical groups) Dirigibles
Buzzards, Condors and Vultures

Rather an eclectic mix. . .

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Horror movies. I have way too much. I just buy them on deals, used or whatever, and most of the time I don’t even check out what it says on the back.
Nevertheless, I can’t seem to have enough, and there’s always some I hear about that I just have to see.

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I collect vinyl records & shoes. I have quite a bit of action figures and comics in storage.

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I’m a sucker for collecting every kind of weapon or fighting paraphernalia known to man; firearms, swords, knives, spears, battle axes, helmets, shields, armor.

I’ve also accumulated a collection of old phonographs and recordings; 78s and Edison cylinders, mostly classical recordings. Several old tube-type radios are scattered through the house, all in working order.

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Vintage dishes, especially vintage mugs. I’m a big fan of the old Pyrex.

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gadgets for making food, yum! Also: pencils, methods for learning languages, books…stamps and coins (I guess they´re not really childish necessarily)

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I went through a period of collecting minature colored blown glass flying critters which I’d superglue to fishing line and them thumbtack from my celing but now I collect nothing.

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I had a lot of old 45 records….50’s and 60’s stuff! Rock and roll, blues, and some jazz. Think my ex has them. Also, have a lot of golf clubs…some really old ones! And, have a huge collection of books. About it…other than collecting dust in my office!

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@Michael_Huntington – I purchased 55 POUNDS of Lego on eBay for my godson (maybe 30 gallons). It was a great deal and is comprised almost entirely of smaller specialty sets, so is an amazing collection. I like to go over and visit and show them how it’s done. Highly recommended strategy to scratch that itch!

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These : link

And I love kitchenware from the 30’s-50’s….dishes, bread bins, enamelware, jadeite, aprons, anything.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus: I’d love to smuggle you my mother’s entire kitchen of bakelite, colored pyrex refrigerator dishes and old cafe ware.

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@Neizvestnaya…..Oh, I lurve you!!!!! A Jelly after my own heart! I’d take it I would! :)

You know, sometimes, I will watch old movies from the 30’s-40’s just to see the interiors of the houses, the furniture and the crockery in the kitchens. I am mad. There, I said it first! lol

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Oh…and I almost forgot….but by now, most Jellys know….BOOKS. I have too many books! (Can one really have_too many books? Noooooo…._Nevah! :)

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Man… I love Legos. I still buy and play with Legos, and I’ve got a massive collection of them from childhood. I also like/collect Young Adult novels and I have a thing for oldish, metal Tonka trucks (before they were all made from crappy plastic)

Oh! And I like Nerf and airsoft guns. I have a collection of both of these and my friends and I play with them regularly.

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Hurry up Fiddle…I keep bumping you as you write! :)

Which Young Adult novels? Any particular ones?

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Coke memborelia and kitchen magnets is what I collect.

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I collect magnets.

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I collect keys. Any kind really – rusty old barrel keys, old house keys, jewelry box keys… If you ever lose your handcuff keys, just call me.

My most recent awesome finds are an old hotel key, and a Key to the City of St. Petersburg, FL.

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GQ. I wish the question had included, “And why do you collect these particular items?” There has to be some interesting stories behind the desire.

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Well, @Pied_Pfeffer

When I was a little kid, my keys were “magic keys”. Each key opened an imaginary door to a different make-believe world.

Whenever I was in a bad mood, or got into a fight with my mom, or whatever, I could grab my leaf-shaped key, and instantly go to the secret forest village where everyone got along and I had many friends.

Now, it just makes me feel good to have the keys around me.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Thanks for sharing…I figured that you would have a lovely story, even under the bad circumstance.

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This isn’t very kid-like, but books, at least until recently. If I liked an author, I’d get everything s/he wrote, ever. My room as a child was filled with books I’d gotten cheaply at Goodwill, garage sales or jumble shops.

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@Michael_Huntington Legos! I collect those, too.

I used to play Magic The Gathering shut up and I have thousands of those cards.

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I played Magic, too, before they had ninety billion different cards you had to memorize. My Goblin deck kicked ass

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45 rpm’s.

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I collect books in pdf format. I must have over 10,000.

I also collect music, even by artists I know I’ll never listen to. For example, I like about two Rolling Stones songs “Sympathy for the devil” and “Start me up” are pretty cool, but I would never in a million years go see them in concert or consider myself a fan – yet it’s important to me from a historical perspective to own their entire catalog.

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I am like a magpie rather than a big kid. I collect “treasure” that I find and put it in my special box and that is not a euphamism!. I have random keys, foreign coins, attractive stones etc etc. I also collect/keep things that other people may consider rubbish like old train tickets, these also go in my box!

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Robots you say?... hmmm… the kind that take D batteries? Good question… pass the bong.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus, my favorites are Perks of Being a Wallflower and Looking for Alaska

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I’ve got “Perks” on my “Must read” list!

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@DarlingRhadamanthus it’s really cliche’ at times, but it’s still my favorite book. Pay attention to Charlie, the protagonist. I’ve been compared to him numerous times!

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