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What are the good and bad areas of Dallas, TX?

Asked by NinjaBiscuit (605points) August 18th, 2010
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We are looking to move to Dallas (or somewhere around the metroplex area) within a year and a half from Amarillo, TX. It’s a ways away still but I know hardly anything about the area. What are the ‘good’ parts (not a lot of crime, nice looking) and where are the parts to stay away from? (run down, known for lots of crime)

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I am not very familiar with Dallas, but a friend of mine has a restaurant, very good by the way I recommend it, in a very nice area I think the area is called Highland, but I might be remembering incorrectly. You can get an idea from the address where the area is. Actually here is the google page with a map

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Highland Park and University Park , if you can afford a million dollar house, is and always has been the best area. I have never lived there
Frisco is very popular and much newer than the above; homes are in the 300–450K+ dollar range.

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I lived in Dallas for many years, and agree that Highland and University Parks are lovely neighborhoods. But there are many, many others where you won’t have to spend a million dollars. Suggest you put a realtor on it. It’s a good time to be a homebuyer.

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Thanks guys, that helps some, but I kinda meant.. which is better.. Grapevine or Garland? Or Ft. Worth compared to Dallas? We’ll be moving into an apartment, so we aren’t looking at house prices right now. I just needed to know about crime and stuff. Like should we avoid Southeast Dallas? Or is North of Dallas a good area with little crime?”. Thank so much for the help so far, guys. =)

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think, NORTH Dallas. @Austinlad I am aware that you do not have to spend a M dollars to get a nice house in Dallas. The taxes alone in H Park are out of sight. I said Frisco was very popular and pretty, I’ve heard. I only lived in Dallas for three years and doubt Frisco existed then!
She could look at Arlington. White Rock Lake.

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Well far north dallas can be good. If your wealthy, Highland Park is the way to go. The lake highlands area (which is basically north-east dallas) has some good houses & neighborhoods, but there are also places in the “lake highlands” that wouldn’t be soo pleasant such as the specific high crime rate areas. Plano and Allen (suburbs of Dallas) always seem like pleasant areas to me. The richardson area…Let’s see. It’s okay.
I’m not too familiar with other parts of the D…but I know for a fact that south dallas can be sketchy sometimes like say south oak cliff. Downtown dallas can be cool if you choose to live in one of those modern/innovative apartments…west dallas is somewhat poverty-stricken and has very high crime rates.

Hope this could help.

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Oh I just read that you want an apartment….Let’s see. Garland is okayy. North dallas is overall good for apartment living, but some specific parts in north dallas have high crime rates. & i’m not too familiar with Grapevine.

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Do you have kids? That might affect your decision if you have to consider school districts.

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