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Am I the only one offended by this commercial?

Asked by IBERnineD (7314points) August 22nd, 2010
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For me I was disgusted, but mostly irked. It’s as if guy friends were going to watch a game and all the sudden the coffee table sprouted holes so they could have sex with it, how convenient.

However my friend found it clever and funny, what are your opinions?

Is it a blatant insult of women, or just an example of creative advertising?

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Hmmm. I’m probably going to get knocked for being too sensitive, but that was just crass. Yuck!

(wondering if this should be marked NSFW?)

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Okay, I guess I still had more to say on this than I realised. I’m no prude. I wouldn’t even consider myself a feminist by any stretch. But that is just degrading.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Absolutely agree. Totally degrading.

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As a guy I’m equally offended by this. Equating women with some kind of household appliance or object for physical gratification. Really crass.

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Degrading, crass, vulgar. Bums me out, cuz I like Guinness, and it’s so offensive to me that now I’m gonna have to not buy it for awhile.

Also, if the bottle is moving that little, you aren’t doing it right. So women are household object for shit sex? What an amazing commercial… /sarcasm

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Agreed, totally degrading.

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Guinness used to do some great adverts, Guinness is a half decent, relatively wholesome alcoholic beverage, but as a rule of thumb corporate advertising is a nasty assault on the psyche, for reasons of profit. Assuming the person is a girl, this advert is the epitome of all things unpleasant about laddish, drunken attitudes. Actually it would be quite erotic were it not for the association of beer with the fact that the supposed girl in general is both fuck toy and piece of bar furniture. Somebody go to Guinness marketing HQ and blow it up. As Bill Hicks rightly suggested to marketing dweebs:

kill yourselves, Aaah, no really, there’s no rationalisation for what you do and you are Satan’s little helpers. Okay – kill yourself – seriously. You are the ruiner of all things good, seriously. No this is not a joke, you’re going, “there’s going to be a joke coming,” there’s no fucking joke coming. You are Satan’s spawn filling the world with bile and garbage. You are fucked and you are fucking us. Kill yourself. It’s the only way to save your fucking soul, kill yourself.

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As a guy, I can say I find it pretty tasteless. It also upsets me that a marketing director somewhere thought ”Oh yeah, men out there will appreciate and relate to this”. We’re really not as shallow as we’re often portrayed to be (at least myself and most of the guys I know aren’t).

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I agree with the rest of you. That was tasteless.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities That’s nice to hear, because it often feels like men are.

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It worked.. You got me to click on it.

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@johnpowell That’s also true of 2 Girls 1 Cup, but no one then went out and bought tons of pudding.

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I lol’d. The outrageousness of it prevents me from taking it seriously, sorry.

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I thought it was peanut butter :(

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It was tasteless and pretty offensive, yeah. But I’m willing to bet that it worked to sell beers. I mean, you’re promoting it by putting it here…

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Are you fucking kidding me? hahaha. Whoever came up with that should be punched in the throat, and whoever let it get through all the stages to actually be made should be fired.

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That is probably the worst ad I’ve ever seen. It is disgusting, plays on stereotypes, and should never have gone to air. Whoever thought that up has a seriously disturbed mind.

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I am ashamed… I laughed. Truly. And then I thought… wow that’s pretty fucked up. But still kind of funny. So shoot me.

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That is honestly one of the worst ads I’ve ever seen. Not a single part of me thought that was funny and I’m truly offended.

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I had to go and watch the damn thing after all this jibber jabber. I think a) she has a pretty back and b) it’s actually a pretty solid ad. There’s nothing in it that just about any person of drinking age hasn’t seen already, and I think the music sets a tongue-in-cheek (ahem!) tone. My only curiousity is whether this has aired in Ireland or on TV at all for that matter. If it’s Internet only, that’s even better. All that said, I can understand how many would find it offensive, but visually it’s simply alluring and in a weird and powerfully concise way it distills the aesthetic of a leering but ultimately impotent pack of drinking buddies who spend their evening casting about the room and coming to consensus about which girls in the bar they’d definitely fuck.

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I think this commercial just got more offensive as it went on. First, it’s a woman supporting a beer with her back. Then it’s a guy fucking her. Then it’s two guys. Then it’s three.

Yeap, this was a shitty commercial.

Then again, maybe the ad exec who came up with this thought this ad would get out there because everybody would be talking about how awful it was…

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Agree with all who think it’s degrading to women and a black eye for Guinness.

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Guiness just took 2 of my favorite things and took them to such a tasteless and unimagineable level…I can only hope the cosequences of putting their name on such crap is commensuate to the stupidity of such a decision. I have enough stupid shit to try and explain away to my kids and name brands putting this crap gives the impression that it, ok to do this….

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That which has been seen.. cannot be unseen.. It’s not even 8 AM and I’ve already been squicked out for the day. Bleah.

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First and foremost I thought it was poor marketing of the product, who was watching the bottle anyhow? Secondly it was without a doubt tasteless and as @papayalily said above, must have been boring rocking chair sex, the kind you have to fight to stay awake for.

ucme's avatar Agree degrading & offensive to women, but Guinness has nothing to do with it. Apparently it cost the pussy (director) $320 to make. Of which most, $300, was paid to the girl. Cheap nasty piece of shit….that’s the “ad” & those responsible :¬) Edit: Okay appears link doesn’t work (damn) Although there are many examples showing that the ad is indeed a fake.Just google fake Guinness ad & you’re in :¬)

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I’m not offended, but I of course see why it is offensive. Although in a real situation, that woman would be a slut anyways so she’s degrading herself, not just the guys alone (that weren’t even hittin’ it right).

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I don’t see any problem. Why do some people consider it degrading? I think it is a clever light hearted commercial, much more refined than most music videos.

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Truly tasteless. Sound effects didn’t help it either.

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I never liked Guinness to begin with. Now I have another reason not to. yuck

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I’m pretty sure this is a fake ad. I mean, has anyone seen it on TV?

That said, I can see why people claim to be offended, but no one was injured, implied to be injured, or was made to act in any way against their will. I mean, it’s a product intended for people 21 and older (or 18 and older, if you’re not in the US). Who of that age hasn’t watched porn?

The worst part about this “commercial” is that it’s Guinness Draught, which sucks in comparison to Extra Stout.

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This commercial is very offensive weather real or fake, its what is implied. But mostly its an insult to women (IMO).

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I laughed.

It’s not really funny. It’s more kind of like, pathetic that they couldn’t find something more creative to do.

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@ucme Wow, you’re right, it is fake. Thank God, Guinness is one of my favorite beers!

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What is most bothersome is that there are women out there who will allow thmselves to be a part of such drivel. All this does is confirm the opinions of the men who objectify women in the first place. I can just hear their cheap rationalizations now; “Well, the grl in the commercial didn’t seem to mind!”
But I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m offended. Unsurprised and resaigned anew, but not offended. Life is too short.

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I am confused.
Why would you have sex in a room with people around? What a fucking showoff!

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So..sounds like I’m not going to like and will not be clicking on it then.

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@papayalily Yeah kind of obvious when it’s such piss poor quality & besides, Guinness wouldn’t touch crud like that with a bargepole.

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It’s so ridiculous I can’t even be offended.

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Perhaps, there is something wrong with me, as I didn’t find it offensive. Just dumb.

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@jjmah: Now that I know that Guinness didn’t actually make this, I also find it just dumb.

Edit to add: Let’s put it this way, if there weren’t such issues in this and many other country about women social rights and women being viewed as sexual objects, I would probably find this funny but, considering these issues, I do not find it funny.

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@KatawaGrey It does loose a lot of its offensiveness once it’s just a few d-bags posting a video on YouTube, not something Guinness approved at various stages.

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Offended? No.

But I found it unimaginative and lame.

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@Trillian – ga, lurve to you. Those are my feelings too, when are women going to cease being willing participants in such trivialness. (Is that a word?)

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Probably about the time that sex stops feeling good.

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@Seek_Kolinahr: I have hard time believing that there are many women who would enjoy having multiple holes in their body repeatedly rammed with any object.

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@rooeytoo When are men gonna stop creating it?

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The internet is full of multi-penetration porn. And there’s definitely a market for these

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I thought it was funny, but worry that kids would see it on TV. I enjoy tasteless humor tho.
The most tasteless part was the beer brand.

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@Seek_Kolinahr – I never figured that those who perform sexual acts for a camera were really feeling much of anything, least of all good. The women usually look like zombies, the vacant eye thing going on. As I said I agree with @Trillian and the fact that there are still women who don’t get it are making it much more difficult for those who are trying to gain recognition or seek satisfaction in other fields. Case in point are the strippers and more who always seem to cluster around military bases. How difficult is it for the women who are trying to serve honorably and have the respect of their male peers when someone is across the street taking their clothes off for a living.

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Yes, how dare those heathen trollops provide those gentlemen with a safe, legal outlet for their sexual frustration at a time they are spending months at a time away from their significant others. Put those whores in their place!

While you’re at it, get those army women back in the nurses’ station where they belong. Vagina-wielders on the front lines. Pah! We’re trying to win a war, here!

You can have individuality, or you can have anti-feminism. You can’t have both.

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@Seek_Kolinahr – wow, you are getting harsh and I think missing my point. I am all for the equality in all areas, women on the front line in all endeavors. I made no reference to “heathens” or morality. What I think is a shame is the fact that the women providing the “safe, legal outlet” for these sexually frustrated guys don’t have more pride and sense of self worth to find a less demeaning way to make a living. Instead of relegating themselves to being a receptacal for frustrations. And yes, I do think and probably most do, that being a mere “outlet” is demeaning. Nobody brags that their mother, sister, wife, aunt, granny is a safe legal outlet.

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In my opinion the (spoof?) ad is quite harmless. It does not show a sexual act or even give a realistic simulation of one. I have seen many more erotic and suggestive underwear ads. What is wrong with showing a naked body? For those whom believe in God, that is how he put us on Earth.

Why do so many feminists equate revealing a body with immorality? A lady need not be feminist or anti-feminist, there is always a balance. As regards “Heathen Trollops”, if a lady wishes to share her body, that is her choice, as it is a choice for a guy if he wants to pay for it. If the guy is cheating on his wife, in my mind that makes him the immoral one.

Also remember that morality is cultural, for example, in the UK sexual intercourse is illegal under the age of 16, in Spain 13, in many other countries 18, so paedophilia in one country is not necessarily in another. The same applies to covering the body, different cultures have vastly different levels of that which can be considered immoral..

My take on the ad is does it hurt anyone? No. Does it show anything to offend public decency? No. Is it harmless? In my opinion yes.

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@polinsteve I don’t think anyone who was offended by the “ad” got offended because the woman was naked. Completely not the point, at all.

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@DrasticDreamer Exactly right. Nudity had nothing to do with it. The offensive part was how her body was being used.

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@polinsteve I don’t object to that degree of nudity at all. Without wanting to put words in other people’s mouths, I don’t think anyone who replied found that part objectionable. I don’t object to people (male or female) engaging in group sex, if that is what they want to do. It is none of my business.

What I found objectionable is that we are shown. I am aware that this is a regular thing for some people, but I would appreciate it if it were kept out of the public arena. It also relies on unfair stereotypes, and in so doing perpetuates them.

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@polinsteve I have to agree with the three above me. I have no problem with nudity. I can appreciate a beautiful female body, and I’m female. It was how this women was being used. I was used (raped) by two male friends of mine when I was 15. I wonder how two 15 year old boys would get an idea to treat a girl like this. That they could just use a girl for their pleasure without her consent. Stupid crap like this doesn’t help.

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And the judges award @polinsteve perfect 10s across the board for his performance; he missed that point spectacularly!

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So she was having sex? ;-)

Her posture was so out of place for that.
More like someone was under her trying to fix her belly button.

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i think one could have made this edgy and satirical or stuck a psychic octopus into the equation and made it completely surreal, or do a spoof of a spoof and we could all get the joke, but if this is ‘sposed to be a joke it it will have the knack of humouring people of a certain attitude.

@Seek_Kolinahr i find your comments arouse parts of my anatomy, unfortunately not my brain or heart. The point is, women, in case you and the delightful Augustian haven’t noticed, don’t require any more objectifying, you know, is the woman in question scrubbing the floor as well? i mean where does it end? It isn’t a piece of satire or sardonic look at female objectification, it’s just a crude, mildly inventive, bad joke, like for example:

What’s the difference between a woman and a computer?

Ans: Nothing, you have to punch information into them both. :D

Some people will laugh, mainly the misogynist, some will groan, some will be offended and some will chuckle simply because it is so outrageous. Take your pick, but i can assure you grotesque female stereotypes, homophobic, racist and disability jokes are risky and will cause hurt.

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I understand what you’re saying.

And I understand why someone would find it offensive. However, in my eyes the worst part about this is the fact that it is a fake ad that makes no effort to let that be known. Thus, a huge percentage of the people that are “offended” are going to look poorly on the company as a result.

Everyone has the right to be offended, sure. However, I was trying to express how silly it appears to me to be offended about something that wasn’t hurting anyone.

Put aside the offense for a second. What does that commercial really show? a woman obviously consenting to a sexual act with two people, and a guy laying on the floor underneath her, perhaps knitting? (Considering that the geometry doesn’t favor the third guy’s position) She’s also supporting a beer on her back.

So, what is there to be offended about? A woman has multiple sex partners. Is that offensive? A woman is supporting a beer on her back? Is that offensive? How about the “share one with a friend… or two”, that shows up at the end of the “ad”? In poor taste, sure, but are we still so puritan as to be honestly offended by what is obviously a bad joke?

For that matter – who shares beer? Get your own damn beer!

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I must be very naive. If that women is consenting to or performing a sexual act then I would love to see how it was performed. So what points have I so spectacularly missed? A naked lady on a moving platform with a bottle of beer placed on her back. Good taste no, but offensive? Not in my opinion.

With regard to the comment about rape and being used, the lady has my deepest and sincere sympathy. Rape, and in fact any abuse, can never be justified. However, my understanding of rape, the causes and perpetrators of the offense, does not lead me to think that this mock ad would have any effect on a potential rapist.

The question was asking if people were offended. I gave my answer and reasons for the answer. I respect the opinions of others and thank those that respect my right to have my opinions. I try to judge on one question. Is the action hurting anyone? Taste, whether we consider it good or bad is personal, hence the wide selection of clothing much of which I think is in bad taste.

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Honestly, the offensive part to me was the woman being used as a coffee table, not the multiple sex partners. If the beer had been sitting on an actual table nearby, the ‘ad’ probably wouldn’t have offended me at all.

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@augustlan : Yes, it’s the coffee table thing. And the fact that the narration implies that the guys are sharing her. She’s not sharing with them—she is the THING being shared.

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@keobooks: You hit it on the head. It is in my opinion that when people are having sex, everyone is sharing is being shared with everyone else. The fact that this woman is being shared and is doing no sharing is what I find offensive.

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I think it is actually a pretty common fantasy by men and women to be ‘used’ – sexually -. The feeling of being ravaged like a piece of meat then tossed off to the side…..or to be the user….just sayin lol.

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@Blackberry: There is nothing wrong with these fantasies being carried out with willing parties involved but in our society, women are so heavily forced into the sexual objects role that it strikes a nerve with me and it seems, others on this thread to see a woman like this.

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@KatawaGrey Indeed, but it sure is funnnn : )

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@polinsteve Yeah, I agree with @KatawaGrey @augustlan and @keobooks – it’s that she’s portrayed as an object that’s being used and shared, not a person who’s sharing as well.

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@keobooks Yes, definitely. Multiple sex partners should be sharing each other, not a group of guys sharing a girl/coffee table.

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@augustlan Ok, the way you phrased that – girl/coffee table – I got this image in my mind of a coffee table with one end having the top part of a blow-up doll coming out of it, and the other end having the bottom half. Perhaps Urban Outfitters latest furniture creation.

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@Blackberry are you one of those guys that tells women to loosen up, if they get all uncomfortable and uppity at sexism or am i mis-reading you? do you get a bit nervous when someone makes a racist crack, or do you feel compelled to laugh it off, so as not to offend the offender?

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@mammal For the first question: I am aware that sexism is real so I handle those situations with care, but regarding racist cracks: I laugh them off because usually the person does not mean it. If I ever find myself around an actual malicious racist, I would probably just get the hell out of the area lol.

Regarding sexism and the commercial: Yes, I feel it is simply not that serious. If it was a situation regarding a woman in the workplace, then I would be more serious.

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@Blackberry mammal appreciates your good nature, but still, sometimes, lines have to be drawn.

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@mammal Lol…...I agree lines must be drawn, but not where a trivial commercial (that doesn’t even represent the majority of society) offends people.

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I will draw my lines wherever and whenever I feel it appropriate to do so.

You have the right to do the same, I will not criticize.

Perhaps it is one of those cases where you have to walk in anothers’ shoes before you fully appreciate the problem.

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@rooeytoo Indeed. I have not participated in any woman degrading and I have not been banged by three women in such a degrading manner so I guess I am not fully aware of the problems.

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That’s what I’m saying mate, you got it!

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I just thought it was funny, sorry, in this day & age there’s a lot more to get upset about!

BTW I love the Drink & here’s a real add to appreciate…..

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@KatawaGrey @augustlan I agree. It violates my whole conception of sex. It’s supposed to be loving and sharing, not using someone as a piece of furniture.

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I dislike commercials in general, but this one is particularly tasteless.

Made for the way men refuse to admit to each other that they are not.

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