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Where can I learn how to design web pages?

Asked by ryan9305 (297points) August 29th, 2010
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I grew up and went to school in a really small town. And when I say small town I mean like my graduating class consisted of 5 people. I know, wow!, right. But needless to say my school didn’t offer any kind of graphic design or computer programming classes or anything. I have always wanted to learn html code and css but cannot afford college or online classes. So i was wondering if anybody knows of any websites that I could learn at least the basics of it at. Thank you for any input.

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html will only get you so far, I highly recommend also learning PHP.

Also, this site is great:

I learned the basics of html, php and sql there in just a couple of days

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Sweet holy moly, try these for free basic HTML learning:
Try those out, lots of good stuff I think.

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The best website for beginer things is
try it

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Sorry that was a redundant answer. The best thing to do in my opinion is to go to and look up html tutorial. Once you’re done with those, do the same thing but with css and then do javascript. Then you will be able to make a functional website (i’m a web designer i learned some from school but a lot the way i’m telling you to) like one of mine : or You also need to learn about SEO ( search engine optimization) or no1 will ever see your page :p

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