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If a movie were ever to made in the near future about Barack Obama, what do you suggest as it's title?

Asked by ucme (50037points) August 30th, 2010
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“Great Question” (3points)

Yeah, nothing for or against the man in particular. Just that he is, like it or not, a world renowned figure. So get creative & pen what you think would be a fitting title for said potential future project.

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Pshh. Duh. ;-)

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Dirty Barry

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“How-to-guide to a One Term Presidency”

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Gadzooks, you could…............

Mr. Obama goes to Washington
The Day Change Came To America
They Day That Jim Crow Died.
One man’s Journey To The White House.
Yes We Can, And We Did!

Those could be a few.

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Yes, He Tried!

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If I may suggest my own offerings…why thank you, how very kind.
Barack to the Future
The Changeling

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“Every Pimp in a Feathered Cap is not Robin Hood”

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built like a “Barack”

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“MC Hammer: You can’t touch this!”

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I would think about using the title of one of his books for a title, like:

The Audacity of Hope

Another title I would use is Change Has Come

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“GOP Secret Agent”

a story of how one man brought down a party from the top down

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Uncle Barak’s Cabin

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Not a supporter, eh @Ltryptophan :-) ?

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@rebbel Actually, he’s helping more than any amount of Republican soap boxing ever could.

If I were a democrat, I’d be rather upset.

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‘The Audacity of Hype”.

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Ripped off again, welcome to politics in America!

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Thanks for clarifying.

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‘Black From The Future! The Tale of A Man Ahead Of His Time.’

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So much for respect for a guy trying to do the toughest job in America.

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@Austinlad is that the title you suggest?

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“The Man Who Failed to Please 300 Million People.”

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Oh, forgot this one:

GOP; Stuck Between Barack and a Hard Place.

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The Smart, Passionate, and ignored

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“If Obama is the Answer, what the heck was the Question?”

(I saw a bumper sticker similar to that)

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“Oh no you didn’t. snap

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Just another grubby politician. Race is not a promise of nobility.

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The man who didnt need spellchecker to name vegetables

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“Community Ogreizer”

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Oprah’s choice

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the man who knew too much who replaced the man who knew too little

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I Stole My Job From A Monkey.

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I Was a Muslim-Communist-Socialist-Racist-Fascist-Anarchist From Kenya! (according to Beck)

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Except of course when you sound racist.

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Incredible amount of ignorance in this thread.

Guys done more in 2 years than the last 2 presidents did in 16, accomplished a huge chunk of the Democratic agenda of the last 30 years, turned an economy that was days away from a second depression into a SLOWLY recovering (still best in the world) machine, saved the American auto industry, done more to end the war in Iraq which should’ve been over about 5 years ago, done more to do the job in Afghanistan (which should have been done about 7 years ago), believe it or not lowered taxes…. and all the while he’s had the far right calling him a socialist nazi Manchurian candidate, the far left crying that he’s turning his back on them by trying to make deals with the moderate right, and the center of the country growing more and more sick of it all and not sure who’s outrageous crap to believe.

Now that my run-on sentence is over…. I’d probably call it “The man people decided to hate before he did anything, and then twisted the things he has done into the narrative they had already made for him”

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@tedd Well that’s not a very catchy title at all. ~

Truthfully, I don’t really think this thread is about ignorance or even the job Obama has done. It’s about trying to be funny.

I do agree, however. He catches a lot of flak, but he will still go down as one of the best presidents in history just because he fixed half of Bush’s mistakes.

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More Than I Bargained For

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@dverhey Haw haw haw!! Great! I love it.

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Young, Gifted and Black I know, I know, not exactly original….

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Obama, What Went Wrong.

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Thanks, mostly fun & interesting twists on the subject matter.I shouldn’t be suprised that it threatened for a moment to break into a tedious pro/anti Obama sound off & i’m not, funnily enough.

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“You Lie!” The true Story of the life and times of Barack Hussein Obama

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@Cruiser He did? When? Where? Why? ;¬}

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@ucme Just watch the movie trailer to get a taste!

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Okey dokey.

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