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Epic ways to propose to someone? (as in marriage)

Asked by That0neguy01 (209points) August 31st, 2010
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Lol I’m not planning on proposing any time soon but I always find it interesting sometimes what people’s ideas are for how they want to pop that question. (for girls, the question is how would you want to be proposed to) whether it’s jumping out of an airplane and skydiving, taking her/him on a trip to Disney world, or gathering a bunch of hot air balloons in the sky to spell “marry me”, what’s your idea?

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It has to be something truly personal to the person, not cliche. For example, right now I work at a hospital – coming to the hospital and getting my boss (at the hospital) to say over the intercom that there is a Code “M” for me in the lunch room and then being there with the proporal would be cute, for me.

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What about pretending being dead when she comes from work, she’ll find you in blood?
Then when she tries to talk to you and you don’t answer then you answer the second time, just when she’s really close to you, jump and hug her tight. Say you love her and propose, we’ll se how much she cares? :P

hope you don’t think it’s a ridiculous idea :/

Tell mw what you think.

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@Thesexier I would kill him.

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Try pulling a gun on her and telling her you have an offer she can’t refuse…

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I forget where I saw it, but having a champagne glass blown especially, so that the ring is around the stem… that would be special…

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Isn’t asking someone to marry you epic enough without having to go all Hollywood about it?

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My fiancé‘s proposal (or lack thereof) was perfectly suited for both of us. We are not very romantic in the traditional sense and are uncomfortable with pomp and circumstance directed at us. We both knew we were meant to be together, we both want to be married, and my only request was that he pick out the ring on his own. We were both nervous about his choice…he knows that I’m picky about certain things, and I know his preference is to choose the closest thing to the shop door and get out as quickly as possible.

On my birthday, he presented me with a beautiful eternity ring…typically used as an anniversary gift. His reasoning for his choice is that this is forever. There was no official proposal, and there didn’t need to be one.

I suppose my point is, some people don’t need a glamorous, publicly displayed proposal. If there needs to be a formal proposal, figure out what the other person wants in general and then build from there.

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Oh well in that case, try asking someone you don’t want to marry to marry you, invite the person you do want to marry to the wedding and then during the service when they get to the part about any reason why these two people should not be wed, turn around stare at your beloved and say “Oh, come on…!”. How’s that?

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At dinner, order the spaghetti for her, and have the cook spell out “Will You Marry Me?” with the pieces of spaghetti. Now that is epic.

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At breakfast give her Alpha-Bits cereal and spell out “Will You Marry Me?”!

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Ask her with a megaphone during drunk sex.

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Text her, “Will u mrry me?! LOLZZ!”.

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Mine proposed to me while we were on holiday at our favourite game reserve here in SA. We stopped at a beautiful look out point and there it happened. Nothing extra ordinary, but it was at one of our favourite holiday destinations and it was a beautiful view.

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On the twilight zone terror ride at Disney world. As the elevator falls . “Will yoou marry meeeee?”

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I got proposed to on Christmas Day. :) That was epic enough for me.

In my favorite season. On my favorite day. At a beautiful place right in front of a big lake when the sun was setting. :D

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Is there a spot you and your love both fondly remember from your first dating days that you could revisit with a bit more preparation in place? I know I’d love for my guy to take us to a mountain hotel we both love, take us to a gorgeous sunset dinner on the outside patio and propose to me over champagne and dessert. I like the idea of the ring being tied to a rose, dessert fork or coffee spoon.

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My proposal in the woods at our favorite retreat on Labor Day, 35 years ago:
Me “I like being married, how about you?”
Him “Yes, I like that idea.”
Me “OK, let’s do it.”
Him “OK”.
Me “How about right now”
Him “OK”
Me “So, we’re married”.
Him “Yes”

We did the paperwork later.

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Thanks guys, some of these were actually pretty good, and a few just made me laugh my head off lol. i for one have no clue what i wanna do for a proposal. something big or rly meaningful. idk. im 17. gotta lot of time for that ha

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@lucillelucillelucille where does the megaphone go??

My neice got proposed to on the Empire State building. That seems kinda epic.

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Find a movie theater that will allow this: about half way through a movie the theater has to stop the movie but asks everyone to remain seated. then they play a slide show (prepared by you) of things you and s/o have done together at the end (the last slide ) says (name) will you marry me? and you have the ring to give her

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@jazmina88 where no man has gone before? XD

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@mollydrew I think that would piss the hell out of the rest of the people there, expecting to watch the movie they payed $20 to see without interruption. So, to avoid that, you would have to pay for 20 – 30 people (actors) to sit in and pretend they are just there watching the movie like regular people.

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@mollydrew Either that ^^, or rent out the theater and be the only two there. Theaters often do this during off-times for parties.

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Pied Pfeffer that’s a great idea, I like it. ( I have to figure out how to respond I’m new still trying to figure this out)

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[An occasion when she’s wearing a dress. Take her out to a restaurant?]
Guy: I don’t like you wearing that dress.
Girl: Okay?
Guy: You’ll wear a very very long dress next time, understand?
Girl: What?
Guy: With a veil.
Girl: (Pissed)
Guy: Wearing this ring.
Girl: ...<3

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