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What are my options for keeping/organizing the cards I was given for my wedding?

Asked by Cupcake (15502points) September 1st, 2010
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I’ve kept them in the same basket that we collected them in a year ago and would really like to get some creative ways to keep them… other than in a basket or a box.

Are there “books” made to store cards?

I thought of cutting along the “spine” and putting the two halves (the front of one and the inside of the other) in a sticky photo album… but many messages are written on the back of the face of the card or across the entire inside. We could just put the card in a sticky photo album without cutting it (and only view the inside)... but the front of wedding cards are so pretty that I don’t want to do that either.

What did you do with your wedding cards?

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Here is a greeting card album made for this purpose.

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This is a GQ, I always feel guilty about trashing cards when I’m cleaning, but…..what do you do?? I never look back at them, really, unless I run across them in a drawer. For this reason I’ve stopped including a card unless it’s a really important event.

I think just a nice canvas box or the album suggested is your best bet.

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Hrmm, this is going to be difficult to explain, i am afraid.
You could make a harmonica of them.
You take two cards for the sake of explanation, put them standing on the table, one facing opened to you (the fold is at the back) and the other one facing its fold to you.
Now, the two backs of the cards are facing each other, right?
Put glue on the backs of the cards and press them together.
Shit, now i realize that you can only make a harmonica of two cards…..
Well, i will let the answer stand, maybe somebody else can do something extra with/to it.
I really thought i had a creative idea…., wrong again :-)

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If you don’t mind taking scissors to it, you could make and frame a collage from them… a mixture of your favourite fronts and messages from inside… You could do this over several A3 frames for example (erm, 12“x17”???) It’s a really pretty way of combining pretty fronts and messages in one space, and you can hang them whereever you like in the house (even the smallest room!)...

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If you have a table (like a coffee table or end table) or dresser with a flat top (or another piece of furniture), you can get a piece of glass cut to fit the top of the furniture. Lay out the cards on top of the furniture in way you like, then put the piece of glass over them. Then you can keep the cards without damaging them and you can always change what is under the glass.

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If you’re artistic, take an old book, and make an altered art book, and incorporate the cards into that, as well as your invitation, photos, and any other mementos from the wedding.

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Shoebox. Dry, dark space. Rainy day. Pretty much it.

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After some time has passed and you have looked at them over and over there are several options…....scan them inside and out to a CD, scrap book or there is acompany called Creative Custom Cardboxes, you share a little about yourself and they make you a keepsake box for your cards, one of a kind! Another idea if you are artistic, use the face of the cards to cover a picture frames to be used later in the baby’s room.

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