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Who is your all-time no-holds-barred absolute favorite movie director of all time?

Asked by efritz (3250points) September 1st, 2010
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Just curious. I have to pick one to write a paper about, so I’m kind of browsing for ideas. Right now I’m researching Soderbergh and Jonathan Demme, but if you have any better suggestions . . .

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Tim Burton.

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Orson Welles.

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The Coen brothers.

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Yikes. Don’t know if I can commit to an answer. I’m thinking Charlie Chaplin right now. That will probably change in a few minutes.

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Peter Jackson.

Lord of the Rings to Dead Alive, and everything in between.

Sam Raimi, George Romero, and Akira Kurosawa are also high on the list.

Oh! And Mel Brooks, and Martin Scorsese, and Clint Eastwood (of course!)

And Ridley Scott. I’m so bad at these “best ever” questions.

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Quentin Tarantino, although I never get the spelling right.

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Alfred Hitchcock

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I have not seen the movie, i admit, but i was urged to do so.
It came to mind when i read your question, so i will offer Alexander Sokurov.
His film, The Russian Ark, is filmed in The Hermitage, in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and it consists of one, 96 minute shot.
“The film shows, among other things, the spectacular presentation of operas and plays in the era of Catherine the Great; a formal court proceeding in which Tsar Nicholas I is offered a formal apology by the Shah of Iran for the death of Alexander Griboedov, an ambassador; the idyllic family life of Tsar Nicholas II’s children; the formal changing of the Palace Guard; the museum’s director whispering the need to make repairs during the rule of Joseph Stalin; and a desperate Leningrader making his own coffin during the 900-day siege of the city during World War II.” Wikipedia

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My personal top three
1. Kubrick
2. Hitchcock
3. Tarantino

As I stated in my first answer, Kubrick is my favourite, for his stunning body of work.

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Christopher Nolan

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:) I knew flutherers had good taste.

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Kubrick or more recently the Coen brothers, although I also love Kurosawa and he (Kurosawa) makes some really great, criticism-friendly movies. So if I had to pick something to write about it’d be something of Kurosawa’s.

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Probably Dario Argento.

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The Coen Brothers, Wes Anderson and Terry Gilliam.

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George Romero, until he started to suck.

I love Hitchcock, though.

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John Woo before Hard Target

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Don’t know if I have a favorite. Danny Boyle is one to consider. The Beach and Slumdog Millionaire were pretty cool.

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Howard Winchester Hawks
John Ford
Sam Peckinpah
John Huston
Budd Boetticher

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David Lean.

He made many famous films including “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Doctor Zhivago.”

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@hawaii_jake Bridge on the River Kwai my favourite Lean movie.

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Susanne Brier, Sam Mendes, Paul Thomas Anderson

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Stanley Kubrick
And I have a crush on M. Night Shyamalan.

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What a twist!

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Quentin Tarantino and Mel Brooks.

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Hard to pick one if I have to it would be Preston Sturges.

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Ridley Scott.

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Tim Burton

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I can’t pick a personal favorite. If I even tried to list a top five, I’d end up naming at least ten and writing something that neared novel-length. But if I had to write a paper, I’d probably pick James Whale. I’ve never gotten to write about him and he’s pretty fascinating.

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John Lasseter.

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Hitchcock, Speilberg, Woody Allen, Orson Welles, John Huston, and Chaplin were all terrific, but occasionally lost me.
Quentin Tarantino speaks my language in cinema! He is without peer.

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I would say someone like Brian dePalma, Clint Eastwood, or Ron Howard. . . but Stallone has taken over my thoughts after seeing The Expendables a couple weeks ago.

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Steven Speilberg, John Lasseter, Spike Lee and Mel Brooks.

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Coen Brothers and Woody Allen. I love them equally.

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I can only have one? Meanies. Clint Eastwood, Ridley Scott and Stanley Kubrick

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I have to add one.

Park Chan-Wook.

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Jonathan Demme won’t land on many lists, but I want his name mentioned if only for ‘The Silence of the Lambs’.

“First principles, Clarice. Simplicity. Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? What is its nature? What does he do, this man……”

“He kills women…”

“NO, that is incidental…..”

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@OneBadApple Johnathan Demme also directed The Best Rock And Roll Concert Film ever!

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That video really has some juice, doesn’t it ? I always thought that Talking Heads were a little ahead of their time.

I enjoyed every minute.
Thanks, man…

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