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Where are you Fluthering from?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) September 2nd, 2010
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Home, work, school, etc. I’m just trying to get an idea of the who, what, where and why of Fluther.

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My suite at school.

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Work during the day, home during the night.

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I fluther at work when I don’t have anything to do, and I fluther on my phone when I’m bored somewhere.

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I’m in a basement putting off doing real work. <—Shameless plug for the map I made.

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Home,college,office,relative’s house,etc but most of the time I fluther at home.

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I always fluther from the same place. My computer room. I don’t own a laptop, and this is the only computer that we do own. So if I am on Fluther, I am right here in this chair. (Or standing over this chair, since the computer is in the center of the house I tend to stop to use it when I’m doing something else and walk by.)

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My laptop at home. I’ll be accessing the site from campus in less than a month. I am ticking the days off on my calendar.

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I would never Fluther from school. I don’t like peoples’ wandering eyes on my screen. Plus network administrators watching my every move.

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home! sometimes from school on my phone

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Right now, my sofa… when I first got home it was my kitchen while I made a nice cup of tea… I might go and dye my hair in a mo, in which case it will be from my bedroom… from my same and only laptop :-)

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@blah_blah Why are international entries encouraged?

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Didn’t get more then those 53 from half July, he @blah_blah?
Pity, i thought it a great idea still do.

He meant other than US entries.

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At the moment I’m on the couch in screened-in-porch at my parents house.

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My crappy home PC – it’s dark out, dark inside – and I’m relying on hunt and peck skills.

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@bob_ :: Most of the entries were in the US. I actually had to make stuff up to test how the map worked if people in other countries were added. I just wanted data to prove that people outside of San Francisco used the site.

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@blah_blah Ah, right. Gotcha.

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From my superbed at home in Alberta.

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Edited: Damnit – I have to shut the fuck up.

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I Fluther from Fluther. Woah, holy meta Batman!

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^Some of these Fluther people can be nerdy at times.^ :-)

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my office behind my house. Sadie, is instructing me what to write!

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My study or like currently from my x10 on the sofa in the north west of the uk.

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Work right now (a chemotherapy center) and later, from home.

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@work. I rarely waste time @ home :)

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@bippee waste??!!!

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@harple I happen to enjoy the company of my family (well, most days at least) so I’d rather do things with them than be fluthering or flickring. No offense meant!

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@bippee lol, only teasing ;-) non taken!

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99% of the time at work, 1% at home or on my iPod Touch.

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Mostly on my iPhone as I travel to and fro. Little drop-ins throughout the day.

Sometimes I Fluther from my computer at work if I’m having a slow (read: “lazy”) day, but that’s pretty rare.

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Mostly from home, but sometimes from my Droid when I’m on the go.

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Mostly while at work while on a laptop and some days at home alone while avoiding chores like a sink full of dishes, ironing clothes or driving across town in 100+ degree heat to get a pedicure and pick up some groceries.

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The toilet seat.

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Home. I never Fluther from anywhere else. Not allowed at work.

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Home…on my very old big chunky screened mish mashed together of parts computer…which (touch all the wood possible in the place) does a very fine job for me…

it did once break down a couple of years ago when I had just got into Fluther and I was morbidly distressed for days that I couldn’t log on!! I went to other people’s houses to check in…but swiftly discovered that I didn’t really want anyone else jumping on my fluther jelly waggon so I’m sincerely hoping that doesn’t happen again!

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Usually home
sometimes at school whenever I have a break (or maybe during a class….)

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Right now, home. Occasionally my phone. When I get my laptop in a month – everywhere!!!!

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Like @papayalily at home. Looking for a great laptop for travel and everywhere else.

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Always at home. I don’t have a job or a cool phone. Just this desktop computer that, according to a friend of ours who is a computer guru, is “slower than dinosaur poo.”

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On my laptop from my home in sunny Northern California, where the temp has been in the high 90’s all week. Sometimes I go out by my pool, in the shade of my patio umbrella, or just on my enclosed patio room, with a view of the pool and the fountain.

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From a van parked in front of your house.

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@lucillelucillelucille @chyna

Sall right, it’s a lousy connection!

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From “the server room” (the home office), looking out a window over Santa Monica, CA.

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I’m usually at work. I don’t have to do much at my job so I end up lurking on Fluther for most of my shift.

J0E (13172points)“Great Answer” (3points)
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Right now I’m at home, sat in bed!

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usually cross legged on my bed. in the spare room in the front of the house

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I’m always from home, by the way.

A LOT of people here are writing from non-home locations, though, and that was as I suspected. It give it a different tone.

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From what was probably intended to be the dining room in my house, using my desktop PC.

I asked a dupe of this question over two years later. ;-o

I was then Fluthering from a jury waiting room in Van Nuys, CA. It was way annoying because the only browser available was IE. Fluthermore, copy & paste wasn’t available.

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Austin, Texas, y’all.

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