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Help me figuring out which violent comic this is?

Asked by Haroot (2123points) September 8th, 2010
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So I saw a few pages of some comic book online, but I didn’t catch the name nor saved a pic. I can only describe what I saw.

So there is a boy, the hero, with super strength. His opponent in this bout is an old man, the villain, who has gray hair, balding, a corny mustache but is build like a brick wall. Both are wearing rather flamboyant “super” outfits. So as the battle goes the boy ends up removing one of the old mans forearms. Ouch. He then proceeds to try to strangle him to death, but in the process the old man uses his other hand to practically skewer the boy, right through him. The boy fights off death until the old man dies off and then lays in a pile of his own guts as some of his super friends come over to assist.

Graphic indeed. Anyone know what it is?

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Nothing from DC or Marvel, as far as I know.

Is the comic American or Japanese?

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I’m pretty sure it was an American comic. Or at least the characters were drawn in a western style. I don’t know if it feel under either Marvel or D.C. but I wouldn’t rule it out. If it was it was one of those offside series not really associated with the main universe such as Watchmen.

Another thing I can say about the style is that it’s newer.

Scratch that. I just figured it out. The comic is called “Invincible.” The battle I saw was in one of the latest issues between the main character Invincible and an an enemy called conquest.

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