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What's your favourite cartoon, and why?

Asked by zen_ (6281points) September 9th, 2010
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Why do you like it?

Does it say something about you?

Link us, please.

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Cow and Chicken. Reminds me of when I lived in my grandmothers house and cartoon network was always on. Although now I watch South Park daily it’s probably one of my favourite tv programmes ever. so fun

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Ren and Stimpy

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This changes all the time for me. There are so many that have stuck with my over the years… but The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show makes me want to write for children and I have a certain fondness for Daria as well. At the moment, it is between those two.

I especially liked Fractured Fairy Tales. That was the inspiration for my Wordpress blog.

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@muppetish I totally forgot about Daria, I might see if I can find a few eps online right now.

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Road Runner. I dig the Wile E. Coyote…and also dig meep meep!

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I have lived in a Dilbert cartoon for over 2 decades now. It is rather interesting how, during that time, I have progressed from identifying with Dilbert to identifying quite a bit more with Wally.

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I’m with @Ben_Dover

Coyote/Roadrunner. Too funny, and, because I live with Wile E. Coyotes all around me. lol

I could have my own reality cartoon over here, Coyote killing my hens and after the cat, Raccoons in the kitchen eating lemon cake at 3 a.m. frogs in my shower and squished in the door jams of my house.

Holy F—K! I live in a nature documentary! lol

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I Love To Singa, a 1936 Merrie Melodies cartoon produced by Warner Bros. and directed by the great Tex Avery. The whole thing’s a takeoff of the Al Jolson movie, The Jazz Singer, which was one of the first Hollywood movies with a music and dialogue soundtrack.

I love this picture. Little “Owl” Jolson, having been kicked out of the house by his jazz-hating father, picks himself up, dust himself off and continues on with what he wanted to do anyway, winning a Jack Benny-style radio contest in the process. Granted, there’s a close call when his parents show up to the radio station and he falls back into old habits, but he soon rebounds and takes the grand prize. And I didn’t even have to watch Jolson put on blackface, which put a real damper on my enjoyment of the film this cartoon spoofs.

I love the face Owl makes ( >:P ) when he has to sing the dreadful old tune: “Driiiink to me only wiiith thine eyes, and I-yi will pledddge with miiiiine.”

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The Far Side, because it means I’m not alone in having a warped and twisted sense of humor.

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force


Good stuff. Not really for children though.

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Old looney toons stuff. The whle gang included. And Spongebob Squarepants.

GA @aprilsimnel I Love to Singa is a classic. Totally endearing and great for putting a smile on anyones face.

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Regular cartoons? Daria, Ren and Stimpy, Metalocalypse, Rocko’s Modern Life, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

Can’t say I know too much about the cartoons airing right this second.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender is my all-time favorite cartoon. It’s funny, has a fantastic story line, and has great themes of loyalty, friendship, and being true to yourself. My daughter started watching it years ago, and my husband and I both got hooked. It is WAY better than the recent live-action movie based on the cartoon. The series finale, in particular, was awesome!

You pretty much have to watch the episodes in order because it is a continuing story. It’s available on Netflix as a “watch now” option, and reruns are always playing on Nickelodian.

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Batman: The Animated Series. Action packed, very good stories, and well, I just like Batman!

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@aprilsimnel I still sing that song today! Love that one. :D

As a kid, my favorite was Kimba the White Lion. I loved the drama combined with the cuteness. I was a pretty serious kid, but I was still a kid, after all. Suited me perfectly. Of course, I also loved Tom & Jerry, The Roadrunner, etc, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to make sure I didn’t miss one.

When my children were very young, I was a big fan of the ‘quiet’ cartoons. They were gentle and loving, just the things I wanted for them. Little Bear was just about perfect.

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I love TWEETY BIRD!! So cute.

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Batfink- I love the line “Your bullets cannot harm me. My wings are like a shield of steel.”

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I loved the Flintstones Tales in my childhood; although Episodes of Tom & Jerry series always brings great fun!

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Yabba dabba DOOOO! lol

Nothing beat 60’s TV

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I truely cannot choose just one favorite, but I think right now it’s either Adventure Time or Invader Zim. Just because.

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@xRIPxTHEREVx Adventure Time is one of those rare gems of a new cartoon that pop up every so often. Crazy awesome show.

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